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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to, – [All Three] The YouTube Family! – Today we’re going to build a huge blanket fort. We know how sad you guys were that we tore down the box fort, which we are moving. We’re going to move it to a new location and build it again. It’ll be all brand new, really cool, and we’re taking all your ideas, and we’re going to put some
of those into the box fort. So, we have Dad and Audrey and Jake downstairs working on the blanket fort. Ty, Jordan, and I are going to go make some dinner so we can
eat in our blanket fort. – Yes. – We are going to make
some Hello Fresh dinner, and we want to thank them
for sponsoring this video. As you guys know, we use
Hello Fresh every single week. We have it delivered to our house. It helps us so that I
don’t have to plan meals, or go shopping for them, because I don’t have time. – It’s super easy, cause it actually arrives right to your door. – Yeah, it–
– Which I really like. – Comes to our door all
nicely cold and packaged, and then it comes in individual packages, which I’ll show you, that you can just pop into your fridge until you’re ready to make that meal. Today, we’re going to
make pineapple pork chops. It arrives in this already-packaged
container for that meal. After, it will end up looking like this. This is the recipe card. It tells you exactly how to make the meal. Now what’s really cool about this is that my teen girls can easily make Hello Fresh. They’ve made it several times this year, and actually Audrey is
probably going to use this when she heads off to college, because you can get a really
healthy and balanced meal for less than 10 dollars. It stops you from eating out. You don’t have to go to the grocery store. Like I said, we don’t have time. We are very busy, so
we don’t have to plan, and it’s actually so fun.
– Yes. – We get to schedule our delivery day of when it shows up to our door. We do it on Wednesdays. That’s just our delivery day. We get so excited on Wednesdays because we have all brand new recipes that we get for the
week and we get to try. Brand new things that
we haven’t tried before. – Yes, it’s super fun. We actually got this one, I think it was a sweet honey
chicken with rice and peas. It’s my new favorite meal. We got that meal a while back ago, and we tried it, and I love it so much. I really want to make it again. – Yeah, it’s so easy and convenient, and if you love a meal, then it’s easy to do that meal again because you have the recipe for it. – Yep.
– Okay, so we’re going to open this up and have Ty
start washing the veggies. (water running) While he’s rinsing that, I’m going to show you the other meals that we get to have this week. We’re also going to be having tex mex tilapia.
– Ooh. – And then, creamy dill chicken. – [Female] (sighing) Yes. – Yummy. Then our pineapple pork chops, which is what we’re making right now. I had eight meals to
choose from this week, so if I didn’t like something, or my kids didn’t like
something that was in a meal, I would just switch it
out for a different meal. I can plan those meals out in advance, so I don’t have to think
about it every single week. I can just go on once in a while, and then plan ’em out, and then they show up
at my door every week, which is awesome. Okay, why don’t you go downstairs and help Dad and Audrey
and Jake on the fort, and Jordan and I will finish up up here? There’s actually three meal plans that you can choose from. You have classic and veggie and family. The meal plan that I chose for
our family was the classic. In the classic, you get a
variety of meats and produce. In the veggie, you get vegetarian meals, and seasonal produce,
and plant based proteins. In the family meals, you
get quick easy meals, that the entire family would love. – All right guys, let’s get cookin’! Okay you guys, I’m starting
out with cooking the rice. You get two packets of rice here. I’m gonna dump it in. – She’s actually dumping in two packets because I did the meal plan
that’s for four people. This meal plan works great for our family, cause what I do is, I actually divide all those four servings in half, and then I serve the family. Everybody gets a half
serving of everything– – It’s plenty.
– And usually that is way enough for us for food, but if someone’s hungry, they can go back and get the remaining two half servings, or we have that for leftovers the next day for lunch.
– Yep. – For us, we find that along with sides, if they’re rice or veggies, there’s plenty for our family. A four person serving works
for our family of six. – Yep. – That’s why we are actually doubling up everything on this recipe. – We also need two cups of water, so here’s the first cup. – [Dad] Okay, so Audrey
and Jacob are gonna help me put together the walls here for our blanket fort. As you can see, we’ve got some of it already kind of put together. We’ve thrown up some of the blankets just to see how sturdy it is. It’s starting to come together. Real quick here, here’s one room. We’re gonna call this one the orange room. Should we call this one
the orange room in here? – [Audrey] Oh yeah, definitely. – Definitely the orange room? – [Audrey] That’s a great color choice. I think it’s green. – The kids always make fun of me because they see I can’t see colors right, and so when I say that
this is the orange room– – He can’t see between–
– Obviously, it’s the green room. – He can’t see between purple and blue. – I can, it’s called violet. Anyhow, so we’re gonna come out here, and I’ve got all the rest
of the walls put together except for one little section. I want to see how good
Audrey and Jacob are at putting these together. This is really easy to put together, just so you guys know, I went down to the hardware store and bought some PVC pipe, which is what this is. This is the PVC pipe. Then, I bought all these
different types of elbows, and then I just cut it up into pieces that I wanted it for a certain size, and voila, here we go. Audrey’s puttin’ together the corner here. Oh.
– This what you do? – [Dad] How well we doin’ it there? Jake’s doin’ this side here. Is it pretty easy to put together? – [Jake] Yeah. – [Dad] Look at you guys. You guys figured it out fast. – A little work and
this one comes back in. – [Dad] Wow, look at that. They’re geniuses. – [Jake] No, that goes on the tip. – [Dad] Then you put that last elbow on. It’s complete. – Now let’s–
– Awesome. Okay, so there’s gonna be
that one room down there, then this’ll be a room right here, and then this little hallway, and then I took two rooms here and put ’em together. I was gonna have the hammock
hangin’ in the middle, but it looks like I’m probably gonna have to take the hammock out. – Why?
– Because it hits right there in our support piece. So I thought, okay, I’ll just
take the support piece out, but then there’s not enough
support and it starts to sag, if you put blankets on it. It looks like the hammock is comin’ down. – Okay, so I’m just getting
all the veggie stuff ready. It’s easy to hurry and prep everything, and that’s kind of what
the recipe has you do, is just prep everything. Then when you cook, the cooking
seriously takes minutes. I’m just prepping the veggies, and then we’ll start on the rest. When Dad and I, you know we
just did our trip to New York, and we just barely got back. Audrey, she filmed most of the week, on her channel. She showed that the kids stayed home alone without parents, cause Audrey’s 18 and
she’s able to take care of everybody now with the help of Jordan. Actually, three of the meals that she used while were gone were Hello Fresh. We ordered pizza for her another night, but it was so nice that we didn’t really have to plan for our trip of what are the kids gonna
eat while we’re gone. I just knew that a Hello
Fresh box was coming, and they could just eat those meals, and Audrey is actually a novice cook, but she’s learning to cook
thanks to Hello Fresh. The recipes are very easy
for a beginner to use, and so she has made dinner, and volunteered to make dinner
several times this year. I knew that she was fine
making dinner on her own, while we were gone, and that Jordan could be
there to help as well. It’s good to know that she can make something more than toast or eggs, and especially heading off into college. She’ll have the best meals out
of all her college friends. They’ll all want to eat at her place. – Okay, so we’re puttin’ the blankets up. This is gonna be fun. We figured on our back wall, we would put the blanket up that we used at CVX, where we had all of you guys sign it. – [Mom] Oh, I like it. – Look, I signed it too. – [Mom] That’s awesome. – [Dad] Even Audrey signed it. – Even I signed it. – [Mom] Everybody that
came to our CVX booth signed our humongous tablecloth blanket. What’s the plan here? What’s this fort supposed to be like? – When it’s all said and done, we’re gonna have some lights in here, maybe every room will
be themed a little bit. – [Mom] It looks good guys. We’ll leave you getting at finishing this, while Jordan and I go
up and finish up dinner. – Okay, have fun. – [Mom] Check back in. – Nose plug, nose plug.
– Oh boy. These two are gonna get into it, and then it’s gonna be
forever before they get done. Get back to work! – I get to make the salsa. It says in a medium bowl,
toss together pineapple. We got it right here. Okay, here’s one teaspoon, and then, it seems like two teaspoons. Ha (laughing). Half of the cilantro. (humming) And, the juice from one lime half. I have to say, one cool feature that I like about Hello Fresh is that they include the amount of time it takes to make each meal, and each of them are
around 30 minutes to make. That’s pretty quick. – [Mom] Which is what we need, because our evenings are crazy. – Yeah, we’re constantly going. – [Mom] Thirty minutes
is about all we have. – Yep.
(Mom laughing) – [Mom] So yeah, it’s nice. I love that they’re fast, and we just don’t have to plan it out. Everything’s there, in the package. The only thing you might have to grab is a little oil, and some salt and pepper. – Yep, and that’s about it. Oh, season with salt
and pepper, too-da-loo. I got the salt and pepper. Here’s some pepper, and then you guys know, you can’t just dump in
salt anymore normally, you gotta do it the salt meme way. – [Mom] That didn’t go on the
counter or the floor, again. – Seems about right. What’s the next step? Oh man, we’re getting this messy because I stuck it next to the rice. Okay, now it’s time for the pork. Let’s do it.
– Okay, I’ll do that one. – All right, so we’ve been
working on this blanket fort for quite some time now. I think we’ve got it all decorated. Everybody’s got their themed rooms, the ones that they really enjoy. I’m gonna take you on a quick tour. Mom’s upstairs gettin’
dinner all dished up. She’s gonna bring it down. We’re actually gonna eat down
here in the blanket fort, and we got some fun
activities planned as well. Let me walk you through this. As we come in here, this first room, whoa,
we got Mr. Jack Sparrow, so this must be– – The game room! – [Dad] The game room. Jake’s playin’ a game. Oh, we’ve got Tyler over here. What are you doin’ Ty? – Playing a game. – [Dad] We’re gonna go
past Mr. Jack Sparrow here. Mr. Sparrow, hello. We’re gonna go down the hallway. We’ve opened up the door, but sometimes we can
have this door closed. We’ve got the door open, and in here we have got our idea room. We’ll come back to this
one in just a minute, but I’ll show you the title here. New fort ideas. We come down the hallway here, and it gets so bright and light. – Hello. – [Dad] Jordan, what is goin’ on? – There’s a lot of things going on. I’m doing some last minute touch ups, but this is basically
the girl hang out room. We decorated it for us. Here’s the bright, fun, colorful area. – [Dad] Holy cow. – We’ve got lots of
these little face things that you could put like,
oh, I’ve got a mustache, and take a picture. We’ve got a vase of them over here. – [Dad] Nice, come around the corner here. – In this area, there’s
some nice fairy lights, and we’ve got some little
masks that you could wear. This is just a fun place to chill. – [Dad] Yeah, it is. Dinner’s ready? Oh, Mom’s got dinner. – Where should we picnic at? – [Dad] Let’s picnic here
in the hall of ideas. – Awesome. – [Dad] All right Mom, what do you got? – Alrighty, so we got our pineapple pork. – [Dad] Yum. – Yummy, and I made ’em half, except for you get the full, but there’s plenty more upstairs, so if we’re hungry we can
still go grab some more. We love Hello Fresh. We know you guys would too, so you can go to, and you can get 30 dollars
off your first deliveries by entering YTFamily30. Uh oh, Logan wants some too. – [Dad] Uh oh, we gotta
get Logan out of here. – [Mom] Alrighty, so dinner’s ready. We’re going to brainstorm and eat, and Audrey actually had to dash off to a friend’s birthday party, so she doesn’t get to join us for dinner. – More food for us. – It is. So far, what have for our
fort ideas is ball pit, like a ball pit fort
that you could dive in. That would be cool. What if it was filled all the way to the top with balls? How cool would that be? And then maybe we’d have to
go in and find treasures? – Ooh.
– That’s a lot of balls. – [Mom] I don’t know, we’ll see. We’ll see if that happens. We thought about going to
a sporting goods store, and maybe making a fort in a tent, or whatever they happen to have. We’ll just start building stuff, kind of like how we did here, where we brought in items. We’ll bring in store items, and make a little home inside the store. How about a snow fort, because it just snowed.
– We just got a lot of snow. – [Mom] That one we might
be able to do tomorrow. – I think there’s supposed
to be more snow coming. – No.
– Oh no. – Hey, good for the fort though. – [Mom] We thought we
were done with the snow. – Yeah, it was turning spring. What do you guys think of the dinner? Did we do good? – I think it tasted really good. – It always does. We’ve never had a bad Hello Fresh meal. That’s crazy to never have
a bad Hello Fresh meal, because sometimes when I cook, I get bad meals where we just don’t eat. We end up, it’s a cereal night. We seriously have never
had a bad Hello Fresh meal. You can’t go wrong. – I think we should do a
fort in a relative’s house. (Mom gasping) Let’s do a fort at Grandma
and Grandpas house. – [Mom] Should we try to do it secret? (gasping) So, the secret spy
fort at Nana and Grandpa’s. We’re also working on our big
box fort again, to rebuild, so that’s still going to happen. These are just other, smaller
forts, different forts. – How about a tree house fort? – [Mom] Yeah, okay, tree house. Those are some ideas we can work on. If you guys have other ideas, let us know. – Down below. – [Mom] We’re going to finish up dinner, and then I think we’ll play a game. What game we got Dad? – Apples to Apples, cause everybody’s been requesting us to
pay Apples to Apples. – Okay guys, now we’re
gonna play Apples to Apples. If you don’t know how this works, one person’s going to
draw out a green card, and place it down, and there’s going to be a characteristic or a
trait on that green card, such as charming or lovely or something– – [Dad] Strange. – Strange like that. Everybody else has five red cards with different things on them, and you have to choose your
best card and lay it down, and then the person that
places the green card has to pick which best
fits that characteristic. – [Mom] Okay, so Dad laid down strange. Everybody pick somethin’ strange that would match it. – What you think I would pick as strange. We have eyes, giant robots,
pigs, or a magic mirror. I think eyes have got the strangest. – Eyes!
Your eyes are normal. – Not this sized eyes–
– Jake got the strange. – He’s got four. – What, okay so Jake won that round. Now it’s Ty’s turn. Choose out a green card. – Interesting. – [Jordan] Card is interesting. – We got eating, magic
wands, dessert, and UFOs. – Which one’s interesting? – Yeah buddy!
– UFOs? Dad won! The green card is smelly. Ooh, okay. First card is wolves. I guess they could be pretty smelly cause they’re in the wild. Bacon, what, that smells good. – [Jake] That’s yummy. – [Jordan] A chef. He could be, cause if he’s
around garlic and stuff. A giant squid. Ooh, that could also be smelly. – Like the Kraken? – I’m gonna say wolves, because I don’t know. They’re in the wild. Same with the giant squid.
– It’s mine. – But I don’t know why wolves. – It’s mine.
– All right Ty. You get the green card. You won! – The next card is short. – [Jake] I wonder where I got tape on me. – The library.
– That is not short. – Cinderella.
– Have short stories. – [Mom] I don’t know if
Cinderella’s short or not. Aladdin, I don’t know if he’s short. – [Jordan] Well, he had to
go on a magic carpet ride. – A barbecue. I’m goin’ with the barbecue. I know, it’s weird. It makes no sense, but but barbecues can be short, I guess. What?
– What? What if Aladdin was short? – [Jake] I don’t know. – I don’t think Aladdin
or Cinderella’s short. – [Mom] Jake, you’re up. – [Jordan] Jake won that round. Last round,
– Oh man. – Jake’s goin’. – [Jordan] What’s the green card? – [Jake] Famous. – [Mom] All right, what is
Jake going to pick for famous? – Donald Duck, superheroes,
Dumbo, dinosaurs. – [Dad] Wow. – [Mom] Which is famous? – [Jake] The Incredibles. – [Mom] Alrighty, so
that was pretty awesome. Who has the most cards? – I got zero. – Two.
– Two. – One. – It looks like we have
to play one more round. – We tied. – [Mom] Dad and Jake tied.
(Jordan yelling) Jordan and I lost. Ty was next runner up, good job guys. – I had these two interesting cards. – [Mom] Okay, that’s all we’re going to play of that for today. Let’s do some mail time. Okay, so this first letter
comes from Melanie in Texas. This is the first fan
mail she has ever sent, and she made us some awesome
coloring pages for everybody. Thank you so much Melanie. – This next letter is from
Melissa in California. She’s a big fan and she would like us to do 24 hours in a tent. Hmm, we might have to
do something like that. Thank you for the pencils. – [Mom] How about in a blanket fort? – This package is from
Mae in Massachusetts. They wrote us some sweet letters, and they made all of our
names in a 3D art pen. They also sent all of this amazing stuff. This is to Logan. Look Logan! You got a toy. That’s so sweet. Are you excited? (gasping) Slime! She sent us some amazing slime. Thank you so much Mae. – This is from Brianna in Michigan. Cool. – [Jordan] Whoa, that’s a lot of stuff! – [Mom] Wow. – [Jordan] Oh my gosh. – [Jake] This is cool. – [Mom] Lots of cool pictures
I see, and some notes, and lots of toys. – Slime!
– And slime. – Oh my God, it’s iceberg slime almost. This is so cool. – Thank you so much Brianna. – This last letter is from Bailey, who lives in Australia. Bailey sent us a whole bunch
of cute little pictures here, and she says she’s currently watching our Night Guard at the Museum. – [Jordan] Oh, that’s a fun one. – And, one last piece here says, loves Gertie and Therma. She says, “Gertie, I hope you
still rock the tic-tac-toe.” – Oh.
– Oh, she does. – [Mom] Gertie’s rockin’ the tic-tac-toe. – She loves rockin’ the tic-tac-toe. – Yeah–
– Thank you Bailey. – that’s awesome. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you guys so much for sending us all of these letters and packages. You guys are amazing and thank
you for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure
to give a big thumbs up. Subscribe, turn it from red to gray, and– – Hit the bell! – We’ll see you all next time! – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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