Family Holidays: How Tradies Can Take A Break

When was the last time that you went away
with your family on holidays? And how was it? Did you have the phone stuck on your head? Were you sitting at a table on a laptop doing
your work all the time? And when you did actually come home, did you
come back to an absolute shit storm? Hi I’m Andy and this is Ange from Lifestyle
Tradie. I remember my life was exactly like that for
many years and in fact, any time we were away with the kids, we would be in the waves playing
at the beach whilst Andy would be sitting up on a towel with the phone attached to his
head the entire time. But when we turned it around, and managed
to actually start having family holidays away and Andy came back and it wasn’t chaotic and
we’d honestly made profit inside the business. A lot of tradies started saying to us “hey Andy,
how did you actually do that?” And what I find really interesting is the fact that
a lot of tradies, and I say this respectfully, are all control freaks and you think that
you are the only ones that can do the jobs that you have to do. Which in actual fact, if you trained your
guys the right way, it’s not the truth. You can get the best out of your guys. So if that’s the case, how do you clone yourself? Because that’s really what you’re asking for. Yeah it really comes down to structure and
procedures and having a system for everything you do. I think it’s really important that your team
knows exactly what to do and everyone does it the same way. Because the only times things go wrong in
our business these days, is when someone doesn’t follow our systems. So get your structure right, get your procedures
right, get all your systems right, and I guarantee next time you go away you’ll have an awesome
family holiday and you’ll come back refreshed the exact way you wanted to be when you very
first started your business.

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