What’s up everyone and welcome to FAQ 119 First and foremost of all I just want to say thank you so much to all the uplifting comments that I received in the latest FAQ video where I explained my situation with getting a new office. I just wanted to say thank you so much I received so many comments regarding this and that you’re supporting what I’m doing and… It really makes me happy as hell. I can feel the love. Thank you so much. I just wanted to say that. Thank you. This week… Ola the Pluggerer making people unsubscribe because I’m plugging my own shit way too much Anyway… I’m gonna plug my shit. So, this past week we released three new GC type guitars The GC 1.6 trans blood red TBR This one, the TAW And also this GC2.6 blue And first time ever it has a blue inlay It’s the first time I try that out, so it’s matching the body and the back of the neck and all that. Pretty cool, huh? I must say. But… there it is, my butt’s right here. Butt. Why does it sound like I have some sort of like Boston accent when I say ‘But’? So, this white GC 1.6 introduces a new feature for us which are the Duncans Solar active pickups. You heard it right, active pickups You know me, I’m a big fan of passive pickups because I like how… You know, dynamic they are. I mean, if you really want to dig in there you can make it chug And if you want to slow things down and just like really tappity tap tap those strings… It will come through just super awesome. Well, now we’re doing Duncan Solar actives I mean, sometimes you just want to go balls out on metal And an active pickup gives an extra push. So it’s very well suited for metal and it sounds like this Thank you. That’s a great demo right there. Ola Englund plugging himself every day. Waltteri Santala: “Hejsan Ola! Hur mår du?” Oh, he’s so nice. He’s asking how I’m doing in Swedish. “As a Finn I need to ask you, do you have any favourite Finnish bands? “Have you ever listened to bands that sing in Finnish? “If not, please try some Mokoma or Stam1na. Really great stuff. Good Jul.” Thank you so much. I do have a couple of favourite bands in Finland One of them being Insomnium I’ve toured with Insomnium once, excellent guys It’s probably my favorite Finnish band of all time. Also Stratovarius, like the old Stratovarius Good shit But I haven’t heard any metal with Finnish singing and to be honest… I don’t have high expectations at all. Okay, let’s check it out, Stam1na. Whoo, double hands keyboard it actually helps that the song kicks ass Dude, I really like this song. I wonder… Like, would it help if it was in English? I mean, Finnish in such a consonant-filled language I m- Wow, shit Wow, that’s nice Okay, that’s a sick ass song man Dude, I’m pleasantly surprised, that was a really kick-ass song Thank you so much for giving me that tip That leads me to the question: would it have helped if they were singing in English? It would probably have made them more approachable to an international audience. But in that sense, I mean now they’re singing in Finnish, it’s sort of like their own thing and… It’s hard to say. Great band though. Shit, I have to check out more of this. Thank you so much, Waltteri. Meagain Okay: “Ola, I really found your comments direspectful of Dave Mustaine. “90% of the time you’re talking shit and 10% of the time complimenting him and Megadeth. “Megadeth have released 15 studio albums alone, so yeah “It’s going to sound different at different points in his life. “I find that people that talk shit about something usually think they are better than those people. “So do you really think you’re better than Dave Mustaine? I’ll answer that for you. “You are nowhere near in his league. “If you critique something in the future, try finding nice things to say about the music “instead of ripping it to shreds. “You could always say something like ‘It’s not my taste’ and be cool about it instead of being an asshole about it. “I don’t like you or your channel anymore. So I’m unsubscribing. See you never again.” Right, when I released my Ola Reacts to Megadeth video, it sparked a lot of comments like this where people thought I was very disrespectful of the band And to some degree I understand what they’re saying But my reaction was an honest reaction to you know, hearing these Megadeth songs I also saw a lot of people that are like ‘Oh, Ola is just lying to get views.’ ‘How could he not have listened to Megadeth back in the day?’ You know what? I started my, you know, whole music listening life around 1994 And that’s when I got really interested and into music overall and you know… I didn’t start with metal, I started listening to grunge And then I started listening to Pantera and you know, Bolt Thrower and death metal And you know, I just went on that path and people are asking me ‘How did you not listen to Megadeth?’ I heard a song here and there, it just wasn’t for me. I was so focused into death metal and this, you know, new modern screaming type of metal I just didn’t come across listening to Megadeth. That’s just how it is. I’m very sorry if that hurts your feelings. You know, when I film these two hour-long segments… And you know, I listen to a lot of songs and I say This is cool. I mean, this is cool. This is awesome. This is awesome. This is cool. This is awesome… I say it like 100 times, but for the sake of the video I have to cut everything down to 20 minutes And I think it would not have been an interesting video if I said… This is awesome, this is cool. This is awesome. This is cool. This is awesome for 20 minutes. I’d rather cut it into something that is more honest and you know, shares both sides or… My views of an outsider listener to that band The end result might have seemed like it was way douchier than my whole experience of 2 hours. And that’s just unfortunate like that. That’s just how it is, I’m sorry. But you know what? I read these comments about the videos I think from reading these comments I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to change the formula a little bit For now I’ve been… …kind of like just going through the discography, listening through a couple of songs here and there And people see that their favorite songs are being left out or whatever, I just listen to the shit songs, or… …whatever. But I think that from now on I will probably ask like real fans for a list of all the songs I need to hear. Because you know, listening through the discography like this that I’m doing… It takes like 2 hours for me to go through a discography of Megadeth like I did here. And I had to cut that down into 20 minutes And with that I’m just taking out the bits and pieces where I’m talking, you know, about the music and I’m not sure we’re watching the same video, because I think I said a lot of good things about Megadeth And at the end of the day the conclusion is I like Megadeth a lot more after I’ve done this reaction video. Because now, you know, I’ve kind of grown accustomed to his singing… I hear the quality and the music writing, no doubt about it I understand most definitely their importance, you know, in the metal industry And yes, I am nowhere near Dave Mustaine And no, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else in this world. I just wanted to bring this up, I think it’s an important message and comment from this guy or girl or whatever it is. I think it’s important for you guys to also see that… Not all my comments are, you know, bed of roses or anything like that I do get critical comments like this and you know, I read them I try to kind of figure out what they’re thinking And I try to apply it to myself and maybe I can become better, ok? Brandon Delatte “I see you’ve been playing six string a lot more than seven strings? Stay sick, man.” Thank you. Yeah… Yeah, I- You know, it’s just a lot more fun on six strings for me. I think that I’m a better player playing six string than seven string. It’s just more fun. Not sure if it’s because I’m getting old or not. Probably. Arnaldo Cruz “Dude, which pedal or effect are using for that reverb tone? “Also, I have a Solar V 1.7 guitar and I love it. Just more than perfect.” Thank you for helping me plug my shit I’m gonna plug myself in my plugin I’m gonna load up this plugin to plug in my ass, but yes the plugin… The plugin thing that I’m using is… for Reverb… Is this out of tune? Motherf***. Jen, I got a text from Jen. You know what I said about support? This is from Jen. Jen… I think your decision to take an office base to separate family from work is the absolute right thing to do. I support, it’s tough when you’re literally working non-stop, you’ll figure it out. And I believe you made the right move. Jen Majura, people. Number one stalker. Thank you so much, I love you. Ok, so the effect I’m using for the reverb that I showed in the latest video is a UAD RealVerb And that is available when you buy any UAD audio interface, you get a stockpile of plugins And what I was using there… It’s the RealVerb plugin and also a Precision Delay, which is also stock UAD And it’s pretty dreamy, you can play one note and it sounds awesome Ahnapen Echnahob Aha- Ahapen… Ahapen Npahob Ahapen Nbahob “Hello, mister Ola, I have suggestion for ‘Ola Checks Out’ “Try to overcome your prejudice towards Iron Maiden. “Their post-2000 stuff is pretty good in my opinion.” Yes, this is a plan of mine. Some of you might know that I have a problem with listening to Iron Maiden because there was this guy during after-class activities when I was growing up that always played Iron Maiden on the stereo and he didn’t let anyone else play anything on that stereo except Iron Maiden. So after that I always had a sour taste for Iron Maiden. But I’m definitely gonna check them out in an Ola Checks Out video. When? I don’t know. jbabob “Hey Ola, I’ve had my Solar A1.6 for a few weeks now. I’m loving it so far. “My question is about the 5-way siwtch wiring. “I’m assuming the middle position is both pickups at the same time. But are they in single or humbucker mode? “Keep up the good work.” Thank you. Federico Rostagno: “Hi Ola, I’m considering buying a Solar A2.7 TBR “But I’m pretty confused about the 5-way switch. “What are the configurations for each position? Thank you and love you.” I love you too, buddy. Thank you. Let me get an A guitar. Oh, there’s one over here. Ola, planning ahead. Most of the solar guitars have five way switches, right? So… In this position, it’s the bridge pickup in humbucker mode, ok? In the middle position it’s both humbuckers. Ok? In the neck position here it’s only this humbucker. Great, so in the two middle ones, so you have… Position 2 and position 4, these humbuckers are split So in position number 2 you get this coil and this coil and it sounds like this And position 4 you get this coil and this coil Or is it this and this… I don’t remember, Ola! the English Rocker: “So, what does this news mean for your channel? “And are we going to seeing less of you dude?” This was also a concern for a lot of people that would they would see less content from me when I’m moving to this new office Well, I think that now while I’m moving there might be a slight decrease of videos because of me moving and you know setting everything up It will take a while for me to kind of get going again, but I think that after that… I will probably have a bigger output I don’t know. I’ve never had my own office before, so I don’t know. You know, maybe I’ll sit and play video games all day. We just have to see but I think it’s gonna be good I think it’s gonna make me output more videos at least, so that’s good. Dime Baggins: “RIP Dime. “Dime is my hero and my guitar inspiration (in addition to you by the way). Nice save. “In memory of Dime and Mayhem…” Mayhem? “Maybe you could do the Floods outro as your Riff of the Day.” This is a great great Riff of the Day. Thank you so much. Can you guys see me by the way? I have to turn this… okay. The Floods outro is a segment of this shape. So it starts on 4 on the A string 6 on the D string and 8 on the G string This guitar is tuned to standard D by the way. This is the pattern you use and then you just move it around. So it’s… Yeah, so it goes basically like that over and over. Really beautiful, let’s just do the first one slow. Great, thank you so much. That’s an excellent tribute to Dimebag. Dave’s Seeds: “Hey Ola, haven’t heard you talk about Yngiwe. “Did he inspire you as a kid? What about coffee with the Shred King? “I’m sure he would absolutely love to play a Solar guitar.” Thank you so much. I highly doubt that Yngwie would like to play a Solar guitar. But thank you so much, thank you so much for that trust. For me Yngiwe has never really been a thing. You know, when I started playing guitar and started listening to music as I said before, I listened a lot to death metal You know Pantera, 90s metal, you know, Machine Head… Sepultura, Slayer, stuff like that And I never really paid that much attention to Yngwie Malmsteen until later He’s the guy that we’re sort of proud of here in Sweden So I knew about him before, I just never listened to him. But then when I started progressing as a guitar player and started playing leads and stuff like that I actually looked into Yngwie Malmsteen and some of his work. I had the Fire & Ice album… And also Rising Force, which is an excellent album. And Rising Force is basically… I think it’s a milestone somewhat I mean, he did so much for the, you know, symphonic metal No, he basically created symphonic metal in a way, didn’t he? He was way important for metal back in the day. It’s just that I missed it because I was basically zero years old. So I promised I would only do Ola Tasting Shit when I have something new to taste And since I was in New York the past week I bought myself some chocolate from the US of A I bought this, it’s a million dollar bar And I also bought this Milk chocolate. So one thing that I have a lot of problems with in the US Ok, this is not me bashing the US of A. It’s a great country. I love the US, I love being there. But your chocolate sucks, seriously. But I’m gonna try this million dollar bar right here. Ok, let’s try… Alright, that was actually not that bad. Alright, let’s try the… man with a face milk chocolate. Ok, let’s try… Actually… This was not as bad. I think these are ok, but there’s something… I think it’s the sugar maybe. Chocolate liqueur. How would there be chocolate liqueur? But now I want to show a casual but really good chocolate, this is my favorite chocolate right here It’s called Fazer, it’s a Finnish chocolate And you know I’m a big fan of Nordic chocolate, because I think… I mean, I think we’re the best chocolate makers in the world. Switzerland, also really really good, but it’s way too high-end man, it’s way too expensive. You know, this is a casual chocolate and it’s just really good. This… This chocolate almost makes me want to jerk off for like the perfect ending of this session But these were actually ok, a lot better than I remember American chocolate And you don’t make… and don’t make this a political thing, I’m not making this a political thing. This was the only chocolate they had at the airport. So, there you go. Fucking hell. I think I just made it a political thing, damn it. thehoppo: “Thoughts on the new Sylosis track and comeback? Can we have an Ola reacts?” No, I don’t have to react to everything in the world. But with that said the new Sylosis track is indeed excellent I listened a fair bit to Sylosis and the previous albums They’re absolutely amazing. There’s no doubt about that. Josh Middleton is an incredible guitar player, incredible songwriter as well. The thing with Sylosis is that they have insane insane riffs I’m most excited to hear the full album And so far it sounds great. It sounds like Sylosis, which is cool. MarCisota “Ola, I just ordered a shirt with your giant ass log on it. “I am concerned about appearing too cool while wearing it. “Is this a problem others have had?” Yes, it’s a very common problem that you get laid a lot in my merch I’m just saying the risk of getting laid might go up at least 200% while wearing my merch teespring.com F***, down there. I don’t know. Leks: “Hey Ola, do you ever listen to synthwave such as Perburtator…” Ugh, can’t say it… Perturbator and Carpenter Brut. “They mix heavy guitars with synths in their songs.” Ok, synthwave is something that has kind of grown on me lately. I’ve actually listened to both Perturbator and Carpenter Brut Also, Carpenter Brut, Solar Guitars by the way, guitar player plays Solar Guitars live. It’s amazing. I’m getting more and more into it because you know… It’s obviously a throwback to some of the video game moments I had when I was playing Amiga and C64 And it’s just… it feels really nostalgic while listening to it. And I think that’s what I like about it, there’s a familiarity when I listen to synthwave now I don’t go around listening to it on a regular basis or anything like that But I enjoy it when I do listen to it, and both of these acts have really good albums Spotify, go check them out if you haven’t Christopher lape “Ola, your opinion on bands coming back touring after they have final tours “Is it to cash in? Motley Crue, etc.” Well, it’s most obvious that it’s a cash in Money talks It’s a problem when a band that’s only been touring making albums throughout the years… when they stop or like they say they’re making the last final tour or whatever and they stop making albums and stop touring. Because the touring and the albums were probably their main income. And when you don’t do that, you will probably see and recognize that the money is not really coming in. I think it’s most definitely like a combination between them missing playing live together And obviously all the millions that they’re earning Bionique: “What’s up Ola Englund? Lucky French Canadian here.” Oh, he’s lucky because he won my A1.6 Artist So he’s a lucky guy. “Do you use to buy rock or guitar related magazines in the 90s? “If so, which ones? Any favorite issues in mind?” Ok. Yes, I did and I think Guitar World was the most common one here in Sweden We didn’t get all of them, also Total Guitar and I think… I think it was Guitar Player magazine You sent me a bunch of pictures here and I don’t recognize this Guitar World cover But this advertisement you send is absolutely incredible, this throws me back Because this, I’ve seen so many times and I mean… Dimebag, man. I wanted to be Dimebag. I mean, this is like the… yeah, it’s the best f***ing ad right here You know, Get Lit, huh? You know, like lightning and shit. Then Get Slimed, you get into the bathtub getting slime on you And Always Bet on Black…Jack There you go, man. I had the Blackjack back in the day. Bought it on my 16th birthday. Oh, the memories man. Thank you so much for this. This is awesome. mje19D “Aw Ola is all grown up. You have really turned into a dedicated intelligent young woman. “We are all so proud of you.” Alright, I’m not sure if this guy is trying to make me triggered but I’m… I’m more confused, I guess. Mike ODonnell: “Ola, what are your thoughts on Slayer retiring?” Slayer retiring, if they are gonna be retired forever Which I think they will, because I don’t think they will, you know, throw any bullshit like that You know, calling this the last tour or whatever, or the final tour… I think that Tom Araya is most definitely leaving And you know, will never return, it seems like this is the case And I think the other guys… I mean, obviously Kerry King is gonna make another band and continue on with something new… It’s sad for the fans… You know, I think that Tom Araya was basically somewhat on his prime. I mean, he sounds really good even though you know, they’ve been playing for so many years. So it’s kind of sad, but then again, it’s something I also truly truly respect. It’s a decision I respect. I mean, who doesn’t want to be more with their family. I mean, I also understand that, you know people get older and eventually… You know, they just get sick and tired of touring. I mean, even at the point where I’m at… I’m trying to tour less, you know, because I just like being home a lot more, so… Total respect. Brandon Delatte: “How do you not play your Dimebag guitars all of the time?” That’s a great question. And I wish I could. Problem is I don’t have the room for it here, so I have it in storage. But as soon as I get the new office, which will actually be tomorrow. The day after this FAQ is released. I will move in to my new office. And the cool thing about that is that I can have all my guitars there, all my amps… Shit, it’s gonna be amazing. I can play all my Dimebag guitars all of the time. So I’m really looking forward to it. Here I’m kind of locked with all my shit There, you know, I can have cabs up and running and you know… All the amps and it’s gonna be amazing. It’s gonna be amazing guys. I’m thrilled. To be honest. And that was it. Thank you so much for spending this lovely Sunday with me. I hope it was up to par with your expectations. And I hope you’re still subscribed to my channel and did not unsubscribe. If you want and you’re not a subscriber, you can subscribe by clicking down there If you have a question, please post them in the comment section of the video, of this video, the latest video. Otherwise, I won’t check them out. You know, I always check the latest video when I want to find questions. So, there you go. Guys, thank you so much. I love you guys. You’re awesome. Bye.

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