having the right tools to get a job done
that really makes all the difference in completing a project and that’s the same
thing with your business my name is sunday gardener your online travel boss
and today we’re going to talk about some of my favorite tools to help make your
travel business run a lot smoother number one is email marketing so you
always hear me tell you that you’re a number one job and your business is to
market and email marketing is an amazing way for you to stay connected to your
existing clients and then start to build a relationship with your prospective
clients so what is my favorite email marketing tool that’s Constant Contact
it’s an email marketing tool that allows you to send out newsletters it allows
you to send out surveys and regular emails and then also automatically send
out emails to people who get added to your list you want to watch my video on
my recommendation for Constant Contact and also the demo that I do on Constant
Contact and that’s in the recommendations inside of the
description my number two tool that I absolutely love it for your travel
business is having some sort of customer relationship management tool which is
also referred to as a CRM tool now if you are with outside agents which is my
recommended host agency they give you a CRM tool as part of your tool set
however if you’re not with outside agents and that you are with another
travel agency and you do not have access to that tool I would recommend that you
get a CRM system that will allow you to not only manage your customers but also
manage the proposal process that you have for getting quotes out to your
customers your CRM system should allow you to do a quote prior to them actually
making a purchase and then allow you to convert that quote into a trip or into a
booking so that you can manage it ongoing what I also love about outside
agents as a host agency is they also provide you a tool for your customers to
manage their own customer related data and allow them to see and manage their
trip data and that they do the a portal this is all part of their
toolset that’s included as a part of their monthly membership now I don’t get
paid for recommending outside agents but just a loan that their tool sets as a
host agency really makes them my number one recommendation you’ll also want to
see the video that I did on that recommendation that’s also in the
description my number 3 tool for you is some sort of social media account
manager so this is really not the person who’s creating the content but it’s the
application that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts like your
Facebook your Instagram maybe YouTube Twitter and all of your social media
accounts in one location so that you can publish content seamlessly without
having to go into each of those individual accounts I actually am using
a buffer to do that I recommend buffer I think it’s a really great tool but it
really depends on you there’s HootSuite that’s available there’s meet edgert
there’s a variety of different tools that will allow you to manage your
social media accounts across platforms that really does make your life easier
when publishing content now my fourth tool that I absolutely love is
appointment scheduling system that appointment scheduling system that I use
is Talent Lee it’s free for one appointment type and it allows you to
automatically get people to schedule Discovery calls with me without me
having to be involved in the process I give people a link to my calendar and
all they have to do is see what’s available and they schedule themselves
it really does streamline the booking process now if you guys are not doing
discovery calls you may consider adding discovery calls as part of your
onboarding process or booking process to ensure that you get the requirements
from your clients as to what they really need and their trouble if you like all
of these tools my recommendation is you watch a free training that I did
my favorite marketing tools for the travel business owner you can find that
in the description box this is sunday gardener it was great
seeing you and i’ll talk to you soon

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