Fietsvakantie door Zuid Nederland / Bike tour through the Netherlands | Travel vlog

Hey guys, welcome to my video about my bike tour here in the Netherlands I’m going to cycle through the southern half of the Netherlands Meanwhile, I’ve been cycling for 1.5 hours, and soon I’m going to take the ferry, (‘Looveer’) across the river Oh man it’s so warm. Right now it’s 11.30 and it would even get 32 degrees Celcius today I found a place where I might be able to take a dip in the river I just dived in with my top still on. The water is quite warm actually but I think my wet top will keep me nicely cool once I’m back on my bike Soon I’m going to cross the bridge near Rhenen an then on to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug (area of low hills and forest) I’m nearly at the camp site. I think it’s next to this path. I recognize it because I’ve been here once before Then it was rainy, now it’s super warm. All together I cycle 110 KM today and I especially liked the part on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug Good morning! I have to be a little bit quiet because the people in the other tents are still sleeping Now I only need to break down my tent, pack the last things and then it’s time to go It could even get 35 degrees celcius today, so I’d like to be a little early and make a lot of kilomiters in the morning Today I’m headed to Tilburg via the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the ‘Rivers Area’ I already left the Utrechtse Heuvelrug behind a long time ago. I cycled to Wijk bij Duurstede and crossed the Lek there by ferry After that I cycled a lot along meadows, it was quite a nice part. Now I’m passed Geldermalsen and soon I will cross the Waal over a bridge near Zaltbommel and then southwards The day didn’t start so nice because my tire is a little flat again despite that I inflated it yesterday I don’t really get it but maybe it has something to do with the valve It’s pretty weird but there’s no air leaking from my tire. It has been a bit flat for 45 KM But I don’t really dare to inlfate it right now because then the same might happen as yesterday when I didn’t get any air into the tire while air was leaking out of it So I’m going to keep cycling with it for as long as possible and I hope I will make it to Tilburg this way Cycling may be a bit tougher this way but it’s doable. There’s enough air in the tire to keep cycling decently I’ve just had my lunch here in the roadside of a random road. I wasn’t really looking forward to this part It’s just in between the meadows. And I grew up in the Achterhoek, where you have quite a lot of these landscapes So I’m pretty use to it and I wasn’t looking forward to cycling here while it’s so hot But actually it’s not that bad at all. It’s funny how much I enjoy it to just eat a sandwich in the roadside Yeah, it’s just a fine place to sit. In the shadow, a little breeze. I’m on my way again, in the province of Noord-Brabant. I started a little late this morning Because I had a birthday party from a friend who lives in Tilburg.I was planning to go to bed kinda in time But that didn’t really work out. But actually I don’t really notice that right now. I’m pretty awake. And i brought my bike to a bicycle maker this morning and aparantly it’s due to my pump that I couldn’t inflate my tire. So I bought a new pump and my tire is inflated so I’m completely ready to go! I just entered Belgium. I’ll just be cycling i tiny part through Belgium, but I thinks it’s really cool This seemes like a good moment to tell you a bit more about ‘paalkamperen’ (literally ‘pole camping’) It’s basically legal wild camping, as you can find it in The Netherlands and Flanders. Often the camp site has a ‘pole’ in the middle which is a water pump. It doesn’t proved drinking water But you can of course make it drinkable by cooking or filtering it. Furthermore, there are some rules for the camp sites such as that max. 3 tents and 6 people are allowed and that your’re not allowed to camp outside a radius of 10 kilom… I wanted to say kilometers… 10 meters from the water pump. And don’t leave rubbish of course . I’m in the province of Zeeland right now.I started extra early this morming to avoid the heat I was already cycling around 6.30. But actually it’s not even that warm. I’m even taking a break in the sunshine and in the shade it’s just too cold to sit still with what I’m wearing So that’s really not bad. It is a bit windy though and I will have headwind for the rest of the day Which I’m not super happy about , especially because the landscape is so open But the wind can be much stronger so it could be way worse than this. Today I will cycle aroud 106 km in total. I’m on my way to Leidschendam. I just took a super nice ferry across the river Oude Maas. And meanwhile I’m here near Pernis Where a lot of container transfers take place for the harbor of Rotterdam. You can see part of the harbor and the containers behind me. It’s really completely different from where I woke up this morning, which is really nice. During a short distance the landscape can change tremendously You have the Benelux tunnel here and right now I have to ride through the bike tunnel. I think it’s quite a long tunnel. I did’t film that much today, but I found it quite a tough day because I’m really feeling my legs and but from all the cycling and because of the headwinds all day and it was quite a long day as well After Pernis, I mainly cycled through urban areas. I cycled through Delft and The Hague for example I cycled a lot along the water, there were little boats everywhere. Of course it’s sunday afternoon, and the weather is really nice and people have summer holidays so a lot of people go out in their boats for a bit. And there are also lots of cyclists here. I find it really different from the region where I’m from and I really like that. I’m making a nice cup of coffee. It was another warm day today, but luckily I reached the shade of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug again. And I’ve nearly reached the camp site where I will spend the coming night. I’ve seen so many typically Dutch landscapes today with lots of water and meadows. From Leidschendam I cycled through places such as Zoetermeer, Bodegraven, Woerden and Maarssen. I have pitched my tent and I’ve even done the laundry and took a shower. ‘Shower’. I only used 1.5 L of water despite that I also washed my hair with biodegradable phosphate free shampoo That was quite a rough start of the day. I woke up from the sound of a helicopter that was circling around. Then I heared sirens in the distance and it became more and more I looked out my tent and at a certain moment there were even fire trucks passing by the camp site over the forest road. It appeared that there was a forest fire quite nearby Nobody told us to leave so I assumed it was still save to stay. After a while everything calmed down a bit but it started to smell a bit like smoke There was a misty morning mood, but it was no mist. It was smoke A bit later there was a helicopter circling around again and there were more sirens again It kept coming. Fire trucks everywhere, going back and forth. So many fire fighters in the whole forest. A fire fighter approached us and said that evacuation of the camp site was not needed yet but it’s smart to pack your stuff together for in case the fire spreads further and evacuation is needed I had already started with breaking down my tent and after that I just left. I actually had a bit of a relax morning but it was not that relaxed of course. Now I’m just going to cycle to the next camp spot, which is in the province of Flevoland and then I will take it a bit more easy this afternoon instead of this morning.That’s no problem. I’m in Flevoland now, at the Veluwe Lake, and i wanted to go for a swim. It’s so warm. But there’s a toxic type of cyanobacteria in the water… I arrived at the next camp site and there’s nobody else, which I didn’t expect. I’ve been here once before so I knew it would be in full sunshine. That’s why I decided to go here just now It’s around 6 p.m. now. The rest of the afternoon I mainly spent chilling in the shade first near the water, later near some sort of nature playground for kids. At least there was a drink water tap there, which is very useful because this camp site doesn’t have a water pump. This camp site may not have a water pump, but it does have a toilet. Fancy right?! Good morning for the last time this journey. Because today is already the last day. Unfortunately I’m taking the ferry from Flevoland back to the province of Gelderland. You probably wouldn’t tell from the landscape behind me but I’m already close to the city Arnhem These are the last kilometers because from Arnhem I will take a train back to the Achterhoek So then my bike tour will be over unfortunately. But once I’m home I’m gonna relax for a bit and then back to business. Nice business though. A lot of things to arrange for my upcoming travels Soon I will be travelling to France with my sister to break down tents for a travelling organisation there furthermore I have to arrange things for my gap year, which is the upcoming year I think I’ll get back into the flow once I’m home but I love it that I’ve been away from it for a little while Just without my laptop for a while, cycling and camping every day. I really love that.


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