Fiji Travel Vlog – Rozz Recommends Season 3: EP2

Hello, just landed in Fiji. I’m gonna be in one of these off-road vehicles. Look at me! I’m so wet! I just arrived in Fiji and honestly, when
you mention Fiji, what comes to mind is Fiji water and white sandy beaches and crystal
clear waters. But there’s apparently more to it! Now, I’ve always wanted to explore the Pacific
Island region, I’ve never been to a single country in it – Fiji is my first. I’m here because the Tourism Fiji board has
invited me to check out this place and apparently, there’s a whole adventurous side to this island! Follow me. Just checked into my hotel at the Pearl, this
is located at Pacific Harbour which is the adventure capital of Fiji. This is where you wanna stay if you want to
have access to all the activities, whether it’s sea or land. The Pacific Harbour is a one-stop shop and
of course there are so many accommodation types in this area. There’s 5-star hotels, hostels as well, budget
hotels… but The Pearl is a 4-star hotel and I kinda
like it because it’s really affordable and you get a little bit of luxury as well. Let me take you on a room tour. You get… You get a toilet, a nice shower, and here’s the room. It’s pretty big. And the lobby opens out to the marina. A lot of the boat cruises leave from here,
which is really convenient. If you’re coming to Fiji to do activity sports,
you might as well just spend a couple of nights at the Pacific Harbour. It’s about 2.5-hour drive from the international
airport but you know what, if you wanna do any activities you’re gonna have to make a
trip down here on a day tour anyway. Alright, here we are! Terratrek! I’m gonna be in one of these off-road vehicles. Well the thing is you need a driver’s license
to operate one of these vehicles, which I don’t, but I was told that I’d get a driver
so yay. So what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna be driving
off-road for a while and then trekking down to a waterfall where I’ll be jumping in. Wow! Look at that. That was a amazing, high 5! Look at me! I’m so wet! We’ll be hiking down to the waterfall, 5 – 10
minutes hike. It’s gonna be slippery and these are hiking
sticks. Oh my god I need something tall like this. Oh my god I can’t deal! It’s like…whoa. All muddy because of the rain last night. There’re torrential rains here, they get cyclones. Wow! Look at this! It’s amazing! Oh my god, the force of the waterfall! Bula! There’s nothing like being under the rush
of a waterfall to feel connected with nature again. I highly recommend this trek. Hey, so just got to Sigatoka town and I’m
about to board the Sigatoka River Cruise which happens at about 8.45am in the morning. We’re gonna experience culture today and hanging
out with the locals, can’t wait for that! This is where we get suited up with
a life jackets. Alright so boarding the boat right now. Tadah! That is what it is, hey! Here we go! So we just touched bank, gonna be walking
to the village right now. It’s quite a trek up. It’s like a dirt path. Check this out, we still have a bit more to
go…up there. We just arrived at the Sautabu Village. This is where we’re gonna be having our lunch
and hanging out with the locals. Making our way to the village chief’s house. Bula! Take off your hat and your sunglasses. Carry
your bag when you go in. That is the chief. The significance of the kava ceremony is a
way of the villagers welcoming visitors into the village. You have to bring some kava root and if the
villagers accept your presents, they will turn it into a kava drink and therefore accepting
you to step into their space. So I guess we’re accepted! We’re eating lunch right now in the community
hall. Food’s all laid on the floor. Everything is grown in the village, so it’s
organic and pretty much farm-to-table. Sigatoka River Safari is a must-do. This is hands down the best all-in-one express
experience of Fiji for the time-starved traveller. You get a mix of culture and action all in
one day. This local village is not a show village,
this is an actual village where people live and work in. And then on the way back, that’s where the
action kicks in. The high-speed river boat does 360-turns at
least several times. I think my boat captain did it 5 times on
the way back. It was pretty dope. You know, it sounds dangerous and everything
but it’s good for all ages as long as you’re 1m in height. So we’re back from our river cruise. My hair is just all blown out of place. Dress appropriately if you’re coming on this
tour, flip-flops are the best footwear. Now we’re just gonna check in to our hotel. Guys, we are at the Shangri-La Fiji. Man, this is gorgeous. Guys, can I just tell you that the Chi Spa
is pretty much my spa dream come true. Of course, if you’re planning on staying here,
you can book a regular room but if you do, make sure it’s a room at the Reef Wing because
that’s the adults-only wing and it’s just so chic. I mean if you wanna up your game, I say throw
on a little bit of an upgrade and stay at the spa. First of all, if you’re doing just a regular
massage, you already get your own bure, which is like a villa. But you know what, you can also spend the
night at the spa if you book a spa package or spa stay. I’m gonna do a bit of a room tour. Here is the king-size bed – don’t mind my
camera over there, content needs to be made. And then, this is what you wake up to, guys! Oh my god. Can you imagine that? And then you don’t have to leave the room
because the massage bed’s right here! Can you hear how excited I am?! And then, there’s a bath, a shower, more ocean
view where you can chill at and have your breakfast at here if you like. This is not even the end, guys. Look! There’s an outdoor shower as well. Oh man, come on guys. Would you rather stay at this room or a regular
hotel room? Come on. I’m here with Nemala, she’s a spa manager. Just tell me how much is it to stay here if
I was a solo female traveller? It’s FJ$500 a night, and you get a bath, steam… and then followed by that you have a full
body scrub, full body massage, and then after that you’ll be having a nice meal. Dinner served outside… overlooking the ocean. And then the therapist retires for the night,
you stay over the whole night. Next morning, wake up call around about 7am,
breakfast, and then we start with a facial to finish off the whole journey. What a tough life! FJ$500 for one person, what about 2 persons? F$998. Oh my god, guys. This is a steal. You get to stay here, wake up to the ocean
view, fall asleep to the sounds of the waves, get treated to 2 meals, and 5 treatments! Think about it. Actually, don’t. Just do it. So I just got to Natadola Beach. I’m here with the boys from Fiji Surf Co. Hey, what’s up! Bula bula! We’re gonna be doing some water sports today. Some subwing, which I’ve never done before
and a sea scooter. This is for you if you don’t have a scuba
diving license. Sorry about my sunscreen, I’m not a homeless
person. This is a Fijian all-organic sunscreen. It’s made out of charcoal and coconut oil. And we put dilo oil as well, and aloe vera. It’s all natural, it doesn’t destroy the coral. You should try some! Doesn’t make you look the best but it’s good
for your skin so it actually detoxifies your skin. Oh man, this is awesome! Getting towed to the sandbank. All in preparation – I’m wearing this big
mask for the very first time. Gearing up to try the subwing. This is an underwater board that is towed
by a jetski at 4km/h that allows you to dive deep into the water and maneuver around while
you snorkel. It’s amazing. Then there’s this thing called the sea scooter. It’s this really strange blender / electric
fan hybrid contraption. It pretty much takes you forward underwater. You can dive deep, whichever direction you
point the scooter at, it will take you to. It’s kinda like next-level snorkelling. I mean you look a bit stupid at first but
man, it is addictive. Both equipment requires zero training, okay. It’s pretty much idiot-proof and that’s what
makes me really happy. You don’t have to be a scuba diver to enjoy
marine life. You just need to check out the subwing and
sea scooter thanks to the boys at Fiji Surf Co. We’re here at Zip Fiji and I’m about to attempt
a zipline. I’m afraid of heights and I don’t like adrenaline
at all. But I figured I should at least try and give
it a shot. So doing the hike up right now… because you have to hike up to go down. Just a little bit more. You know what’s making me really nervous? It’s not actually going down this. It’s remembering all those things so that
I won’t get stuck in the middle. That, for me, is the scary part. Alright you ready? Okay, 1, 2, 3, bula! Crazy! He did it upside down! Have a nice day, Rozz! Yay, and go! Bula! Keep going! Let go, let go, let go! Yay! Oh my god I did it! Oh wow that was exhilarating, I’m so glad
I didn’t let my fears get in the way. Highly suggest this activity now. There are altogether about 9 lines, 9 zips
if you wanna do. I did the mini version, 3 lines. Of course, the more you do, the higher you
have to hike. There’s a cave above this Zip Fiji which is
really, really cool. So I guess the next time I come back I’m gonna
try it! Just arrived on Mala Mala Beach Club Island.
This entire island is a beach club! How rad is that? Welcome to Mala Mala! So this is what the entrance looks like, it’s
just full of people. It doesn’t have any accommodation, you pretty
much go there and enjoy it for the day. This club offers free non-motorised sports
like stand-up paddling, snorkelling and all that. This is a cabana (small), for 2 people. Nice. FJ$85 for the whole day? Wow so dope! Look at this! What! Look at the view! Wow, this is what a private cabana looks like. You need to book this in advance because it
gets fully booked out so quickly. Today it’s fully booked so I’m homeless. I’m just gonna bask in someone else’s cabana
for a while but oh my god, this island is gorgeous. I’m here at one of the grand cabanas and of
course it’s taken up. What’s your name? Janine… Hi Janine! How do you like the cabana so far? So far so good! Let’s have a tour! Alright, come in! Wow! This is gorgeous! Hi girls! Hi! Wow, look at this! Okay so this is what you get if you have a
bit of planning. This is what you get, look at the view! And away from the crowd! The main area, hello. Wow, it’s not that bad. Not super crowded. There are 14 daybeds by the pool and they
go for FJ$50 a bed. Book yours early to avoid disappointment. And this is a first-come-first-serve beach
area. If you get here early on the first ferry at
10am, you’re gonna get a spot here. From the beach, there is the main restaurant. Hello, celebrity chef! Nice to meet you! So I’m here with Lance, he’s from Australia
and he’s a bit of a celebrity in Fiji, he’s got his own TV show… Bula! And he’s the executive chef here at the Mala
Mala Beach Club. Welcome to Mala Mala! Oh my god I’m so excited. What are the 2 must-try dishes – one from
starter and one from main course? Right, kokoda which is cured fish, for sure
you gotta try that. And then I would try the fish tacos. Our tacos are inspired by the Indian community
here, so the roti and flavours…but yeah. So just got home, literally, and wow. I didn’t expect to fall so hard in love with
Fiji. On hindsight, it’s quite the torture to spend
just only a week there. There’s just so much to see. I remember arriving on the first day and asking
the locals why Singaporeans should visit Fiji. I mean, we have white sand beaches in Thailand
which is just a mere 2 hours’ flight away. I think I have the answer. Once you set foot in this country, you get
to experience a whole new Pacific Island culture like never before. You don’t have to go far to experience local
life because it is everywhere. And the islands of Fiji are very well-equipped
with solid infrastructure like roads, transport, electricity, WiFi. It’s got all the modern infrastructure to
facilitate ease of travel, which is very important. And also it’s very safe. If you’re wondering, are the Pacific Islands
area safe? Well not all, but Fiji is. You know, the thing about Fiji is Fiji and
her people will impose on you, but in a good way. With loud cries of “Bula!”, bright smiles,
harmonious singing… I love how genuine and authentic Fijian people
are. And I love how authentic, pristine and untouched
the nature is here as well. Don’t forget to download the Clicknetwork
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as well once you’re there. If you wanna check out my Fiji photos, you
can go to my Instagram @heyrozz. There’s so much of the world to explore, don’t
wait too long to do so. Till the next adventure, bye!


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