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buenos dias amigos from today fitter okay you know that was the last time we will be seeing that today is moving day hill where we going we can’t tell you that we can’t tell you that yet but today we are getting on a bus we’re gonna try and we’re gonna talk a little bit about bus travel here in May [Music] okay we made it to the bus station but we want to determine the entire process from the beginning so I purchased my our bus tickets online ahead of time we did that because I like to choose my seats before anyone else and also because you get a 10% discount if you buy tickets online I think that’s pretty standard through all the bus lines yeah you can also fire tickets here at the bus station but and that’s pretty normal as well super normal to me I’m an over planning Girl Scout and I don’t want to take the risk that there may not be a seat so we may be stuck here so you can buy them online you can have your boarding passes on your cell phone and show it to the ticket agent there’s no need to have an actual piece of paper if you buy your tickets here at the station they’ll print out a piece of paper either way works very similarly to an airport so much less stressed but this is a kanay thatö bus station there are several different terminals here but it’s organized similar to an airport by lime so we’re going to take you inside and show you around [Music] [Music] [Music] first class bus travel in Mexico what exactly do they well it means traveling by bus in a first-class mind blown no bus travel in Mexico is different than in the United States in that it’s the primary means of transportation abroad and throughout the country it’s different because this place is baby all the time someone’s going to air for a small airport in the state now it’s a first class distinction between first class and non first bus I think the first bus buses would be like saying if we don’t bring that up who are they oh and those buses don’t stop on their route and that would be like we took one bus once I’m going to write a Bravo we like to call that it was a chicken bus for sure we’re eight stops if someone’s on the side of the road and they wave their hand it’s gonna stop pick them up even if there’s no dial so what the first class bus is if your ear bus is to get a throw to then it’s going straight there it’s not going to stop if it does stop it’s going to another bus station like for example if you’re going like we were going to waffle up for example we might stop a Mickey Cohen or today in Mexico City but it’s not gonna pick up any passengers give you a sandwich or thrown in a drink how early she could get to the bus station if your buses as so you have a bus leaving at 9:00 what time would we get here so Frank and I like to push the limits a little bit and this is not our first time our first time we’ve probably got there an hour and a half earlier but once you get to the bus station if you already have your ticket we do on our phone there’s really no need to get there super early there’s no check-in process there’s no there is security at summarizations but it’s pretty quick yeah you just carry your luggage on if you want to leave it below the bus we do that right as you’re getting on the bus so the rule of thumb is about thirty minutes plenty of time let’s say thirty minutes the bus is gonna leave right on time not a minute sooner not a minute later your bus might not be here until five minutes before leaves so don’t freak out if that’s the case but it bus traveled here we can’t encourage enough if you’re living in San Miguel de na or or wanna walk though and yeah you just haven’t traveled Mexico hop on a bus and do it do it it’s so simple you guys I remember being so nervous but once you get outside it works just how do you think it would above there’s all the ETM designs that tell you that he’s the e10 bus parking spaces and we always have to ask which ones are but I’m not talking about the buses let’s show you [Music] hashtag protip the bathrooms are almost never free usually between five and six pesos so always have some change on you and I suppose it’s never a bad idea to have toilet paper on you oh yeah it needs our period a SWAT girlfriend is that she’s gonna [Music] Pacifico bags [Music] we had Benetton bus always have changed to tip the maggot if you don’t really have much in our I love Mike’s little group some people say they don’t kid we have like a hundred pounds of luggage we’re gonna take we’re gonna tip the guy extra pro tip we like to see – that’s very very funny the bus top seats down at the bottom that’s where the bathrooms are sometimes you get like a weird bathroom smell down there also if you get this these by the stairs sometimes that smell to come up but that’s [Music] [Music] very nice so it’s nice and clean actually a little short though little short [Music] [Music] so as you can tell first-class bus drivers en masse and it was very nice very empty it’s so much more comfortable than traveling by airplane so much easier there’s no security lino alive cleaner there’s less people there’s only like 30 seats on this bus yeah but there’s plenty of room if I have legroom its first class [Applause] traveling by bus maestro not very successful at all travelling by bus in Mexico and you’re trying to film the entire process while while you’re moving moving is in okay like we aren’t living in Canaan throwing just adds a little bit to the stress and that we have our entire lives into suitcases under this thing all makes part of the adventure [Music] [Music] KMA goes we have made it to our destination we’ll give you a shot of this this bus station to give me a better idea for bus stations in Journal [Music] so I think this bus station probably represents most bus stations in Mexico how to big super easy to navigate you can see every single line here at the end it super easy to navigate easy to get to those calves waiting outside pretty much every bus station has a little like convenience store where you can get a coke or something like that so super easy highly recommend the bus system of it thank you so much amigos for joining us on this luxury bus adventure luxury bus adventure is that what we did something like that if you have any questions about bus travel in Mexico feel free to email us at kinetic cannons at we are by no means experts but we’ve made a few mistakes along our way so we hope we hope we can help you avoid those same mistakes through through our experiences if you want to know where we’re going where our travels are taking us I put up a hint on our kinetic cannons of those Instagram account it is the story we’ll be up 24 hour so it’ll be up until 7 p.m. on the date of the 22nd 7 p.m. on the 22nd at kinetic cannons dose head over there and check out the story we’ve got a little hint for you I think a lot of you think you know but you have to see the hint for a little bit more information to where our travels are taking us thank you guys so much for watching be sure to subscribe to our channel click the bell that way you notified we upload a new video and we will see you and Jana from you love till we see [Music]


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