FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF GUADALAJARA!- Colonia Americana Tour (Mexico Travel Vlog)

Bye bye handsome.. What is going on members of the Barrio It is Jon coming to you from Guadalajara Where we’re going to be For the rest of the month And I figured we would start this series on this city In the neighborhood where we’re staying Colonia Americana It’s hip There’s so much going on And it is a beautiful sunday afternoon So let’s go for a walk Hola Adriana What do you think of our neighborhood Colonia Americana so far? I’m in love with it I love the fact that you can walk around For example here There are tons of bars Restaurants And coffee shops And the vibe is so cool I love it We are starting the tour at the bottom of Chapultepec And this place right here We went there last night Every single drink is 1 dollar We are going to be making a video about them eventually Sushi.. This is pretty much what this area is about Just entertainment Bars.. Restaurants A lot to do For anybody who has been to Mexico City before This neighborhood really reminds me a lot of Roma Norte And Condesa Kind of a calmer version of the two And one thing that’s been really appealing to me About Guadalajara so far Is the energy It’s just a lot more chill than Mexico City Nothing against the capital of course But I’m really really liking the vibe here On the weekend this avenue Is absolutely packed with young people Going out to party This is the place to be In Guadalajara All we’re passing right now Are bars Want to go to Oxxo? no. There’s an Oxxo on every corner In Mexico, like there’s a starbucks in every corner In the U.S True or false? True Something I really love about this neighborhood Is that you find A coffee shop like every few Feet I love coffee shops Jon knows that So i’m in heaven There’s one there There’s one here Everywhere you look All that talk of cafes And coffee We made a quick pit stop We are walking on Calle Libertad right now I was reading a guide really quick online To Colonia Americana It says this street has a lot of the old Colonial type buildings Some of which have been converted I’ve actually never walked down This street so we’re going to do it together We just passed the United States Consulate And I have to say I love my country But it is the ugliest building on this beautiful block Which is sad But now I know where to go if I lose my passport This right here is a great example of converting an old house Into a restaurant and bar This place is gorgeous Right behind me here is a classical example Of the modernization of Guadalajara We have a food market here We have another food market here We’ve got food trucks right there It’s like hipster heaven Really Members of the Barrio Welcome to our AirBnb We’ve rented this entire place No i’m just kidding But we did do an apartment tour In another video Which i’m going to link to This mansion here Is just wow Ready.. Yes What’s the question? No question, say whatever you want Whatever I want Okay no.. I don’t know what to say I think their is so much to see I think even now We still have things to see I really recommend you to walk around if you come to Guadalajara And.. find a coffee shop And enjoy your day here Alright members of the Barrio We have just begun to scratch the surface of Guadalajara We’ve got so many videos coming up from here I just wanted to start From our neighborhood Tell me what you think Of Colonia Americana Are you from Guadalajara Are their other spots I should check out I would love recommendations Feel free to leave me comments About that I personally think this neighborhood Is really cool Really chill And I would say it’s pretty much got my vibe I just love all the Shops And bars A lot of things to do A very relaxed pace Alright if you are new to this channel Make sure to subscribe Thank you so much for watching Until next time.

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