hey internet so i decided it would be a
good idea to let you guys take control of my videos I let you vote on what you
wanted me to make and out of all the options of which there were many good
options by far one of the most requested
things was that I make an apartment tour not that there’s anything wrong with
looking at my furniture you know I like watching other youtubers do it i guess
on the inside we’re all just massive stalkers but it seems like quite a lot of you
thought it would be a waste of a week when I could be telling you about my
life or something interesting but more of you wanted to see this so fuck it
let’s go yeah apartment tour whoa all right it’s gonna be like an episode of cribs
but lonelier because no one’s helping me this is the front door to my apartment
it’s a it’s a door from the inside because I don’t want you to stalk me stairs stairs stairs Delia if it wasn’t
for all these stairs i would probably weigh 400 pounds I’m being completely serious
bathroom it’s a bathroom oh my god that’s filthy, don’t look close your eyes this is the big mirror
where after a long day i like to contemplatively stare into my own eyes and
reflect on the emptiness of my soul toilet here is where I spend roughly two
hours a day playing iphone games instead of being productive giant one direction poster dan why do you have a giant one direction
poster on your door? right one of you guys gave me this poster and I had no idea what
to do with it so i put it on the inside of the door so when we have guests around and
they use the toilet they have nowhere to look but the giant one direction heads
literally 10 centimeters from their face the things your eyes have seen Niall no no don’t look in there its
definitely not just a pile of everything I own stairs it’s a hallway dirty hand marks oh Dan
what could you possibly say about this this right ok is what i like to call the
existential crisis hallway, as roughly every two and a half weeks when I have
an existential crisis this is the very patch of carpet where I
just like to lie just, just lie there more stairs what the nerd room nerd Beemo
sofa bed no no don’t look at that don’t look
don’t look entrance to the attic where the girl from the grudge definitely
lives and here we have the lounge *fancy vlogger music* *fancy vlogger music* fancyass chandelier that came with the
place yeah check me out I live in constant fear that it will
fall from the ceiling and kill me horribly and this is my sofa crease yeah i’m probably going to be horribly
crippled when I’m about 23 because i spent most of my life in this
comfortable position judge our collection and a fireplace
cool right I have no idea how to use it so I again
live in constant fear that i am going to gas myself whilst i sleep well woah fire yes I shouldn’t play with that, nerds kitchen, wow Dan you have a glass door thats
so cool yeah it’s really cool doing this every
night at 2am this place means a lot to me food being the most important person in
my life it’s where I come to make secret glasses of cereal at 3am that no one can
know about easy access steps for burglars
and Phil’s bedroom I don’t know if I should ok this feels
wrong, ah perverse ok that’s all you can see and here we go this is where the magic happens *Fur Elise plays* *Fur Elise plays* *Fur Elise plays* *Fur Elise plays* *Fur Elise plays* *Fur Elise plays* this is the hole behind my radiator where some mice used to live until I stuck a crisp packet in it yeah how’s that for home solutions I
know right oh what the butt chair yeah i bought a chair that looks like a butt and you know how you will probably have creepy candlelit
shrines to harry styles or Gerard Way or Satan or something well here is my
creepy guild wars 2 shine i’m such a nerd and this is my drawer
miscellaneous crap you know when you tidying and you’re like, where the hell will i put that, and here’s the bed bound chicka wow wow not much of that going on at the moment in here although here’s a nice fact me and Phil can hear the guy in the
apartment underneath us having sex every morning at 8am really loudly it’s a bit
weird though it’s not normal sex noises it’s like oh my god like Jesus
what is he doing to his girlfriend I don’t want to know I feel slightly weird telling this publicly but
in the hope that guy might be watching this could you at least do it like 10:30 or
something that would be good and that’s my house all right so I live in London which is really
great what can i say, it is where literally everyone i know lives which really helps a lot
and is probably the most likely place to get nuked by North Korea if they fancy doing that at some point
it is good to not live with your parents or university flatmates who think you’re
insane for talking to yourself at 4 am thanks guys so yeah voted by you that
was an apartment tour I hope it was everything you ever dreamed of see you next week it’s the sexy endscreen butt chair dat
ass please like the video if you have
enjoyed it and just click on those glutes if you want to subscribe to my
channel and see more of my videos I never thought I’d be saying that
sentence but here we are this is my life


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