Fizz On His Love Life & The B2K Tour (S2 E3) | Brunch With Tiffany

Oh, where is she at? Oh my gosh, it’s Little Fizz! Oh my gosh,
it’s Little Fizz! Oh! Oh my goodness. Fizz- I didn’t think you was
going to show, you had me waiting for so long- For you, you know my ass
was going to get here. I’m so sorry.
Is it okay if I say Little Fizz? I don’t think
I could drop the- It’s just Fizz.
I got the “Lil” at home. You know what I’m saying? Honey, we need you to spill a
little T out here today for us. You’ve been in the business,
eight years old. I mean, you have to have seen
some heavy, crazy (beep) go down. What’s one of
the craziest things that you’ve seen
in the industry? I remember this one story. My group was getting
into a limousine- Ooh, okay. And I was sitting back against
the divider where the driver is- I’ve been in a limo or two. Yeah, well, I’m in the limo
against the divider, and it’s like as soon
as I got in, this fan just jumped
through the divider, like she was waiting
in the driver’s seat. The driver didn’t even know
she was in there, and she just had me
in a choke hold. And I’m like,
“What is going on?” What? Oh my gosh! But yeah, she was upset. How the hell did you
get her off of you? The driver came in like security and started pulling her out
the car like, “Oh my god!”
I’m like, “Yo, get this girl!” So how has it been going back
on tour, okay, the tour, with your old bandmates? Interesting. Interesting. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I consider my group
to be rather dysfunctional. We haven’t really known
each other in the past 15 years. So coming back together and trying to kind of
relearn everybody, as men- Yeah, you’re different people
now, aren’t you? Yeah, it’s a lot different. And the most surprising thing
was to see the fans still react the same way
they did 15 years ago. And it’s like,
these are grown women. Isn’t that awesome? It’s like, “Wow, this
hasn’t changed!” We actually had a fan
have her baby at the tour. You mean water broke
at the damn tour? No. Had birthed out the vagina
at the tour. Fizz! See the effect
you guys have on women? You know, that’s a blessing
to have such powerful voices that you guys can make
the birth canal open up and shoot out the light
that’s within. That was dope. So you said that you guys have
dysfunctional relationships, because obviously you guys
are different people now, but can you say as a whole that you guys love
each other like brothers? I would say we cool.
I ain’t going to go that deep. We’ll say it’s a work
in progress. It’s business.
It’s a working relationship, and there’s a lot
of ego involved. So I mean, if people can kind of
get rid of those, then maybe we could
[crosstalk 00:03:04]- Fizz, who has the biggest ego? Probably the lead singer. How is your relationship
with Omarion? There is no relationship, it’s just a working
relationship. Well, see, we respect honesty
here at Brunch with Tiffany, and for you to say that, it just puts us
in the mind frame of what you have to
deal with on tour, because we want to see
the tour expand, but ego is one of the worst
things to deal with. I’m sorry that that’s going on.
That really makes me sad. It’s all good. That’s why I just
got to continue to stay working. And you’re working. So what else are you
pursuing right now? Well, I really want to get
more into the scripted world
of acting. I actually have
an audition later today. Oh, excuse me. Big screen Fizz.
Do it, boy! It’s for a series with Oprah. What you say? Oh, see?
I’m getting all excited. I’m super excited. Let’s cheers to
working relationships. Let’s do it. And getting rid of the ego. So you signed on to do
Love and Hip Hop Hollywood with your estranged baby’s mom,
the beautiful Moniece Slaughter. Fizz, can I ask you:
Why the hell did you do that? What were you thinking?
What was your train of thought? I consider myself kind of a vet
in this now. This is my sixth season. Hello? Did you say that?
Season six? You feel me?
Yeah. And at the time,
she didn’t have much going. I figured this was
a good outlet for her to kind of
make something of herself. It kind of bit me in the long
run, but it is what it is. It is, and you took a chance- And my son, he always respect me
for that at the end of the day. Oh my goodness. Would you say
that the show has brought you and her closer together? No, absolutely not.
That is what it is. We got a kid together
and that’s pretty much it. But you know what?
I have to say, love is still always
going to be there. Right? In some capacity,
wouldn’t you say, Fizz? Just because the beautiful life
that you two brought into the world,
your beautiful son, Kam- I love my son to death. He’s gorgeous. So adorable. Thank you. So that love for your baby’s mom
is just always in the wings, kind of, right?
I don’t want to push, I don’t want to assume,
but one would think. Because I’m not a mom yet,
but if any man- It’s a lot of people
that would think that. Yeah. But there’s a thin line
between love and hate. You feel me? I can’t argue with that.
I cannot argue with that. Has the show helped you become
a better co-parent with your baby’s mom? I’ll always try to do my best,
and all I can do is let my son figure
out the relationship that he wants to have
with his mom growing up and not withhold him from that. That’s beautiful. So that’s just the part I play. That’s wonderful. I mean,
I have to say, I am the HBIC but I come with
a lot of issues, too. And sometimes a woman is a little bit tough
to grow up, mentally. You know we’re going to say
what the (beep) we want to say. It’s not even that, though. It’s like you got to want
to be right mentally, but if you’re not taking
the necessary steps to really better yourself, you’re just going to be
who you are. That’s true. We’re going to stop
talking about this because now I feel like
you’re my therapist right now, because I feel like
I need some extra help. Because yeah, you got to want to
be right to be right, mentally. See, I’m soaking that in. I’m absorbing that,
because (beep), I’m (beep) up. The man that’s with me
right now, I really feel sorry for him.
I really do. Because I’m a crazy bitch. So you’re a single father, and you say that
with such pride. And I admire you for that,
and it seems like your son, Kam, he’s so adorable.
Does he bring you a lot of joy? I love him. I didn’t have
my father growing up. I didn’t meet him
until I was 13. So everything that I do
for my son, I do it tenfold. For me, it’s like
I’m going to give him everything that I know I really wanted. That’s wonderful. What kinds of
things does he like to get into? He loves basketball. Oh, just like his dad. Right?
Hello! Literally, he’s naturally
gifted at it. He picked up a ball at 12 months
and dribbled with both hands. 12 months?
Yeah. So at one years old, 12 months, he’s dribbling with a ball
in his hand. And what were you thinking
at the time? I was like, “What the world
is this?” Like, “How can you do that?”
It’s unbelievable. And then I put him in a league
with three and four year olds when he was two,
and the coach was like, “Does he have a diaper on?”
And I was like, “Yeah.” She was like, “How old is he?”
I was like, “Two.” She was like,
“Oh, no, that’s a liability. We can’t let him play. We’ll let him do the first
practice, but that’s it.” So then he came out to practice,
and was shooting over the kids, dribbling around,
and she was like, “Oh, no,
we’re going to let him play. It’s fine.
It’s fine.” Once she saw his skills,
it was like, “Oh, no, we need Kam.” He was out there hooping
at two years old. Awesome. Oh my gosh.
That’s insane. And then it’s like… I got some interesting stories.
It’s very intriguing. So when I was in the group
when I was young, I was maybe like, 15 or 16, I got a chance
to meet Michael Jordan. And we were doing a NBA
All Star event. And I ran downstairs,
I got me a Jordan jersey, and I ran back up
and I was like, “You’re Michael Jordan!” He was like, “You Little Fizz!”
I was like, “What?!” Whoa! I know you lost it. I was like, “You know me?” He was like, “My daughter
has you all over her walls.” I was like, “Oh my God.” And I was like,
“Can you sign this jersey?” He was like, “Yeah.”
He signed it, and I looked at it and I was like,
“Can you date it?” And he was like,
“I don’t normally do that, but okay,” so he dated it. And then four years
after my son was born, I was hanging it up in his
bedroom, the Jordan jersey. Yeah.
And I looked at the date, and it’s dated
January 8th, 2006. His birthday. Fizz. I have such chills
right now. Yeah, every time I tell people
that story, they- Oh my gosh.
It’s so crazy. That is insane. I’m like, “Whoa, do I got
the next Michael Jordan?” Hey. To be continued. Hey, that part. Where’s your love life
at right now? Are you single? Are you on the table?
Are you out there and open? I’m single,
but I’m really reserved. Oh, good. Because I’m a father first. Oh, my goodness. So anybody that I bring
around my son, I have to understand
it’s going to be a real thing, because I don’t want to
just be bringing women in and out of his life. Nor should you. No. So yeah, whoever I bring
in next, I plan on really
it being the one. Well, what is your type
of woman? Somebody smart that definitely
has an educational background. Humble, sweet, loving. If you don’t stop lying to me…
Are you serious? No, I’m dead serious.
It’s all about what’s inside. There’s a lot of beautiful women
out there, but not everybody has it mentally,
so it’s got to be there first. Do you mind if a woman has been
physically enhanced in any type of way? I’m not against it, but I don’t really like
much done to the face. Okay. What about the ass?
The booty. A lot of women
are getting their asses done and some of them
look really buoyant, but then some of them look
really hard, like concrete. Have you had a concrete ass
or one of the buoyant fake ones? I’ve had my fair shares.
As long as it feels real. You just don’t want
no concrete booty. Yeah, no hard booty. Yeah. I don’t want to be banging
the table, you feel me? I need another sip of coffee. Are you ready for this
next go-round? Because it’s going to get
a little bit… All right. I was strolling
on the ‘gram, as I often do, and I saw a pic of you come up. Do you know what pic
I might be talking about? Oh, well, you know what?
I’m going to tell you honestly. I got to call it like I saw it.
Fizz, you got a big old dick. I’m just saying the truth.
I could not bite my tongue. I’ve been waiting to say
that all day to you. Yo! Oh, I wasn’t
ready for that one. I know. I know. Please explain. What was your motivation
behind that picture? How did we get that? Actually, I was
making breakfast. I was in the kitchen,
it was the early morning, and the woman I had over,
she just snapped it. And I was like,
“You know what? I’m going to just thirst trap
for a second, myself, and just throw it up
on the ‘gram.” And yeah, my nieces was on there
and was like, “Uncle Drew!” I said, “Oh, man,
I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Yeah, you ain’t seen much
like that from me since. Let’s just say everybody,
collectively, is happy
that that picture came up. All right? But do you regret it
in any type of way? Oh, absolutely not. Do you feel like women
only want you for the D now? No, I just… I live my life. Life is to be lived.
You feel me? And that’s just that.
I don’t owe anybody anything. I don’t feel like
I have a filter. You know what I’m saying?
So… Well, you may not have a filter,
but you have a massive member, and we are just so grateful
that we got a chance to see it up close and personal.
No, ladies, you cannot touch it. It was just for the ‘gram.
Was it just for the ‘gram? And whoever I choose
to let have it. Beautiful. So you have this
huge audition coming up. I’m going to offer you
my services. Oh yeah?
I surely am. So we going to run the lines? We going to run these lines. Let’s do it. I’m excited. Let’s cheers- Okay. To everything that Fizz
has coming up. Thank you. I’ll drink to that with this
big straw in my mouth. Hey guys, it’s me. Remember me?
The original HBIC. Make sure you subscribe now
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