Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 8 – Wilderness Explorers at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom!

(upbeat, snappy music) (bouncy guitar music) – The kids are going to
become Wilderness Explorers. – All right, my friends. So right now I have
something for you guys. (lighthearted guitar music) Now this map has all the
badges that you can earn. You can earn all of these badges up until seven o’clock tonight. (lighthearted guitar music) – Yeah.
– So maybe the next time you go to that lake you can do me a favor and
pick that trash up, okay? So… – I wanna do this one. – [Dad] You wanna do that one? – You guys need some pencils. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – You’re welcome. – One thing that we love about this park is that they have this
Wilderness Explorers program and our kids absolutely love it. Basically, they give you a book and you can look all over the park for different areas where they’ll stop and talk to you and you learn, and they teach you about the animals of that location or they teach
you about the ecosystems, or they teach you something, and you learn and you can talk to experts about what’s going on in that area. And then they give them a little sticker so it shows that they’ve
gone to that booth and talked to them, and
you try to collect it all and I think there might be something if you collect them all, but that’s not even why we’re doing it. They just enjoy the experience, and I think that’s so cool. So I absolutely love that
about Disney’s Animal Kingdom. – So this would be elephant poop that you guys touched. Eww, yes.
– Yuck! Touch it once. – [Mom] Jacob touches it more. (laughs) – Yeah, so we can make paper out of elephant poop, over here. – [Mom] Ooh, wow! – Can you imagine? Do you want to touch it? So instead of taking our trees down, we might as well take
elephant poop over here and make paper. – Thank you! – You’re welcome. – Thank you. – So we’re gonna play this little game. We’re gonna match the
noses to the other ones that I have. Can you put that nose with which one you think it belongs to? – Yeah, good job! You know how we have fingerprints? – Yeah. – So everybody has different fingerprints. Gorillas all have
different kinds of noses. It’s kind of like their
own little fingerprint. So their homes are disappearing. The forest is disappearing. So what can we do to help save the forest to protect them? – Make paper out of… elephant poop. – Thank you! – [Guide] You’re welcome! – I think I like these
more than rides, a little. – [Mom] Whoa, that’s saying a lot, buddy! You’re a good explorer. – I see she’s already
making her favorite animal. What is your favorite animal? – A manatee. – Ohh, did you go to Epcot
and see the manatees? – Yeah. – You did? How cool are they? – Awesome. – [Mom] Manatee? Her manatee. Jacob’s giraffe. – That’s a dolphin and that’s a horse! – [Mom] Awesome. (whimsical, bouncy music) – But the languages of India… So you see this? – Yeah. – What do you think it is? – The alphabet. – Correct, correct, yes. Uh.
– [Crowd] Uh. – Ah.
– [Crowd] Ah. – Ih.
– [Crowd] Ih. – Ee.
– [Crowd] Ee. – Oo.
– [Crowd] Oo. – Ooo.
– [Crowd] Ooo. – Ai.
– [Crowd] Ai. – Eh.
– [Crowd] Eh. – Ay.
– [Crowd] Ay. – Oh.
– [Crowd] Oh. – Ou.
– [Crowd] Ou. – Om.
– [Crowd] Om. – Awam.
– [Crowd] Awam. – That is how the vowels go. I will teach you the most common greeting in India. Put your hands together and say namaste. – [Crowd] Namaste. – Namaste is for hello,
welcome, and goodbye and it means that the good in me respects the good in you, or I can see the beauty in your soul. (whimsical, bouncy music) – That was so interesting! They know so much about
what they’re talking about. That’s so cool, and you
can tell that it’s not just some person that they taught a script to. It’s people that actually
know what they’re talking about run each of these things. So cool. – That was what happened with us with the man from South Africa. – [Dad] Yeah. – It was incredible. – Yeah, she just went over
the language of India, and it was incredible. So cool. And other languages in India, and how many different languages there are and different ways of saying hello in different languages. It’s just so cool – They can ask their random questions and the person isn’t just like, “Well, let me consult the guide.” – [Dad] Yeah. – They’re like, “Oh, yeah. “Let me tell you all about it.” – Or, “That’s not in the script, kid.” – Yeah, they don’t do that. They’re like, “I can tell you everything “because that is where I am from.” (playful whistling music) (crowd drowns out speaker) – [Dad] Ooh. Bailey’s gonna know.
– Wooly mammoth. – You got it! Gotta write it down. (playful guitar music) – It has the shape of a bill right here that’s kind of like an animal that’s still alive today. So how about this one, do you know any long-necked dinosaurs? – [Child] Yes. – Yeah, that’s a… Oh, I forgot it’s name. – That’s okay ’cause this one’s not the most common among dinosaurs, I just wanted to make sure
you’ve heard of ’em before. – [Child] It’s actually my favorite. – This one right here is a Camarasaurus, it’s my favorite dinosaur– (playful guitar music) – [Dad] What are you trying to find? – The three flags! And I found them. (upbeat guitar music) (crowd drowns out speaker) – That one. – You’re right. All right, so here’s your flag badge. There you go.
– So the kids did not finish their wilderness books the other day, so we’ve decided to come back. This is day two of wilderness adventure, findin’ the things and gettin’ the badges. (lighthearted folksy music) – He is a huntsman spider. He’s actually from Florida. (lighthearted folksy music) – There you go, my friend. – Thank you. (lighthearted folksy music) – I have to find all the items to go up Mount Everest. See? – [Dad] Ooh, a checklist. Start searchin’! (lighthearted folksy music) – Okay, the kids only have one badge left and then they are senior
Wilderness Explorers. How are you feelin’ about this, Jake? – Excited. – [Dad] Excited? Feelin’ strong? – Oh, got it. – You got it. (curious chiming music) – Now what kind of plant
do you guys see in my box? Well, you’ve got your botany badge, and now you are officially
Wilderness Explorers. Now repeat after me. Please say the Wilderness Explorer. – [Kids] The Wilderness Explorer. – Is a friend to all. – [Kids] Is a friend to all. – Either a tiny plant. – [Kids] Either a tiny plant. – Fish. – [Kids] Fish. – Or a tiny mole. – [Kids] Or a tiny mole. – I promise. – [Kids] I promise. – I will explore the wilderness. – [Kids] I will explore the wilderness. – Forever. – [Kids] Forever. – Congratulations, friends. You got your senior wilderness badges. There you are! You guys put in a lot of work. – [Dad] You did it! You did it! – I did it! I did it. – All right, we highly recommend doing the Wilderness Explorer program
here at the Animal Kingdom. It was a lot of fun, the kids learned a lot of stuff. Couple pointers: it’s very hard to do all in one day, and part of the reason for that is that it ends at seven. So even though the park, today for example–
– We did it for two days. We did it–
– Yeah, it took you two days. – Yeah, two days. Not even three days. – The program ends before the park closes, so you have to look at the signs, usually I think it’s seven, it ends, and then the park closes at nine. You don’t even get the full park day to finish it. – I finished. – I’m an actual explorer now, Duncan! Isn’t it nice to be an explorer, pal? (baby gurgles) I am finally a Wilderness Explorer. It took me one and a half days to be one. Dun dun dun dun. I am one. (baby laughs) – [Woman] A frog. – [Child] It’s a live
frog. (screams and laughs) – [Dad] Did it get on your head? It’s on your head! (laughs) (children laughing) It’s on your head! – A real frog. It jumped onto my head!


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