Florida Travel: Tour the LEGOLAND Hotel at LEGOLAND Florida

(upbeat music) – [Trip] It’s the stuff
dreams are made of. A smoke breathing dragon, Lego bricks as far as the eye can see, and it’s all come true at the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel. – Have you ever been
greeted by a smoke breathing dragon at a hotel? Have you ever jumped
into a giant Lego pit? – [Trip] I have now, and
it’s the coolest place ever! – [Brittany] Your parents,
they can go check in, and you just hop right into the Lego pit and start building. – [Trip] With 5000 mini figures ready to greet you, the Lego
experience starts right at the front door. And if I hadn’t heard
about the awesome (gasping) rooms, I’d stay right here. Every room has a cool theme. Pirates, Kingdom, and Adventure. Or for the first time ever, Lego Friends! With decorations from floor to ceiling, and Lego models climbing the walls. Kids get a special place with bunks, and our own TV. Plus, there’s a scavenger hunt, and a treasure chest. – [Brittany] You’ll count
things in your room, and you’ll get the code. You take that code and you
go to your treasure chest, and you open it up and
there’s a special Lego surprise in it, just for you. (passing gas) – [Trip] There are surprises everywhere, like the disco elevator. You’ll never know who
you’ll meet in there. In the Bricks Family Restaurant, there’s a kid’s size buffet, with delicious food and
lots of funny friends. And even the Skyline Lounge
is not just for adults. They also serve kid crafted cocktails, like Creamy S’mores,
and the tangy Sharkbite. The LEGOLAND Hotel has
the best school ever, where the teachers are master builders, and a VIP experience gets you in the back workshop to see all the
Lego model prototypes. You can even build while you swim! The Lego fun never ends. – [Brittany] It’s just for kids. – [Trip] The cherry on top is that the front gate to
Legoland is just a sprint away, 130 kid steps to be exact, plus, hotel guests get
in a half hour early. – [Brittany] You’ll be
riding the Dragon Coaster before anybody else even gets in the park. – [Trip] Just be sure to
wait up for mom and dad! I’m Trip Jones, at the
LEGOLAND Florida Resort, where awesomeness awaits! (upbeat music)


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