Focus on the Travel Intent Journey | Travel Thought Leaders

I have two top tips really for travel
advertisers. One of them is to really focus on the intent journey rather than
the user journey. What I mean by that is travel is very unique. A single user
could be one day booking a business class trip to Japan for work, but at
the same time be investigating a cheap getaway to a campground with their
family. There’s no other industry that really has that variation and intent
where you know demographic or psychographic type profiling doesn’t
really capture that difference of behavior. What we find is that within
attribution rather than focusing on the user journey, focus on following that
intent. And my second tip would be to segment your audiences. I think that too
often we think about audiences in terms of prospecting and retargeting and we
just use this metric of this first site visit as the differentiator between
those two things. Where really the path that a user takes from being unfamiliar
with your brand to being a loyal customer is a lot more vague than
that. What I see a lot of advertisers are getting great benefits from is to
segment down, for example, users that have never been to your website before at one
end of the spectrum and then people that buy from you on a regular basis at the
other end, and really measure the attribution within those groups.
You’re looking for media to improve the performance of people that have never
converted before, and then for the people that convert all the time, you’re looking
for media to make those people convert more often. Therefore creating those
separate baselines across different audience segments.

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