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Hey awesome ones! As you know Bill and I
what we’re trying to do with this channel is put a little bit or at least
help you to put a little bit of Awesomeness into your life after 50. It’s
one of our dreams to interview people some famous some not so famous, but really we’re
looking for people who are maybe embracing their old dreams or maybe
they’ve just found a new passion that they want to explore or maybe they’re
just helping others or maybe even helping themselves. Hey we’re not all
going to go to Antarctica to film penguins or maybe be a famous singer,
famous actress, or anything like that, but it’s really fun to listen to some of
these people and maybe it’ll spark something inside of you. So today I want
to introduce you to Shirley and Michelle. Of As
Shirley puts it, after retirement Shirley and Michelle hit the ground running and
started traveling. She also embraced her love of photography and she even does
her own printing. So you know, they describe their life as Shirley and
Michelle’s big adventure and boy is it big they have been to Antarctica they
have been to New Zealand ah they’ve been to Scotland and Ireland
and France and Italy….let’s just start this video and let’s take a look. So as
you know I always say “awesome after 50”, “awesome over 50” and I have met….I was
drawn….I was walking around one of those home shows and I was absolutely
drawn to this amazing photography and there’s a story here and I thought on
this edition of Awesome over 50, we just sort of talk to Shirley and we’ll talk
to you as well, Michelle, and we will…. tell us about your story….tell us your story.
Well we love to…. we both love to travel, we’re both kind of
adventurers so we started in…. with a couple of trips, but the big adventure
one, was 2003 when we went to Namibia just above South Africa and it just kind
of started there and we both love to travel, we’re a great team together. So I
was working, we were both working full-time at that point and so we would
take the one trip a year as we could fit it into our vacation. Right….. but as we
approach retirement age, Michele was older than I was, so he retired earlier
than I was and so when we were retired we’d already….we’d already
done all these shows so we figured out which shows work which shows didn’t,
because we got into the photography and and I’ve got all the equipment that I
needed and we and we had I had the pictures behind me and so at that point
we got it….when I retired we just kind of hit the road running and as you
pointed out we retired but we were rehired….by ourselves. I don’t call that
retirement I call it rehirement especially when you rehire yourselves
into something that you love to do and I was just wondering if we could
kind of walk around your booth here and talk a little bit about what we have
here. Obviously we have an amazing glacier that you…..actually iceberg….icebergs that’s right, iceberg yes, yeah and where did you find that? We were
in we decided it was a trip of a lifetime to go to Antarctica.
So we went to Chile and Antarctica which we just got back three weeks ago, it was
a photography workshop so my part of it was photography and Michelle came along
and we had two zodiacs just for the photographers, so it was run by two very
high end photographers, John Paul Caponigro
and Seth Resnick, who’s been there nine times alread, so…and so that we, we
went on the zodiacs right up to all the places we needed to get great pictures
because they knew the whole area and that the colors, I had no idea the colors
and the colors in the ice yeah and I when you look at this one right here
with the blue ice…. look at that Bill right there. It just…it
just takes your breath away it was just so spectacular. I could imagine just
being there, so you would suggest somebody to go to Antartica? it….it’s very
expensive because they don’t allow a lot of people to go down there,
because they don’t want to overwhelm the environment, so the expense on it is very
high. We flew out of Punta Arenas over to King George Island and then caught the
boat there and did the eight or nine days on the boat, but before this
we’d focus….the mostly the booth is focused on the European photography and…..
Now this looks to me to be…. are we talking Italy? There’s a lot of France
and Italy in here this is France right here in the French Riviera yeah we
blitzed a lot there….we get a lot of clients coming in and asking….. have you
got pictures from Eze….as because it’s an excursion off the cruise ships so that
was when we hit these two right here are from Eze in those south of France
up in the mountain town just north of Nice. like poor Bill there behind the camera….you know, but anyway so look at how gorgeous these pictures are and you… I do my own printing. I do everything from start to finish. I have a 44 inch Epson printer
all the printing, varnishing, stretching everything from start to finish. So it
gives me the opportunity to make sure everything’s perfect on it. And what is
your website? And how do you spell Brigden?
Brigden is B..r..i..g..d..e..n. Wow you know and let’s keep going here
because not only is this like a little travel excursion but it’s so absolutely
beautiful and especially those places maybe you’ve been there already in
Europe and you don’t have anything, you look at your picture and you go there okay,
but then you look at these pictures and say, no I want that on my wall. Can you
imagine this on your wall in your kitchen, you know and you’ve been there
it’s just absolutely gorgeous, so let’s just move around here…..some of these
other ones that we see…..these are in Italy so this is Scanno, which is a
little mountain town on the East Coast very very nice because we were about,
I think we were the only two tourists in town, so you really got a sense of what
it felt like to be there and this one is San Gimignano yes and Gimignano….
Montepulciano in Italy is that near Tuscany? It’s in Tuscany yes,
beautiful wine and then here we have Bruges in Belgium, these two and then
down below that’s in Antibes, Antibes and port….port of Positano and this looks
like it might be Scotland, Ireland so if you’ve been to Scotland and Ireland you
can just look at those….I have a wee bit of Scotland still in me. Anyway so….Oh beautiful….
People wanting different price points so these are my smaller ones I work on a lot of storefronts in France. How much would something like this be? Single price is $38 Canadian
Okay…. so in U.S that would be about $30 or
something like that, oh they’re absolutely…..and I just want to do one more wall over
here….Bill if we can just scan this wall over here….and so…. I can see Europe here…..France, but I also see these little guys here! Wow.
Boulders Beach in South Africa and of course one more thing I’m very intrigued
with…. can you get a shot of this? So it looks like a little hobbit house here?
Okay so I found this little hobbit house here, but it’s not a hobbit house right?
Actually it’s the Hobbit movie set. Oh in the North Island In in New Zealand.
I’ve been to Australia, New Zealand five trips to South Africa, Namibia and
Botswana. okay okay so get in here Michelle, these are
people who are absolutely awesome. I guess you’re over 50 right yeah yeah
awesome / awesome over 50 and this is what Bill and I are always talking
about, you know like just embrace your life and…. and not only did you embrace
your travel, but you also took up something that is absolutely sharing
with the rest of the world. I take my hat off to you Shirley and Michelle and
thank you so much for allowing me and congratulations to your wonderful
endeavors your wonderful life it’s awesome. Thank you very much….alright. I
absolutely love their little saying there…. The continuing excellent
Adventures of Shirley and Michelle. Isn’t it! Life is an adventure. So how is
that everybody? I mean I’m just so uplifted with their story and I I had to
just do a video on it because it’s exactly what we’re talking about…and to
all of our wonderful subscribers I hope you came along with us as we shared the
world with these wonderful people and if you do want to subscribe there’s a
button down there come on and join us hey we just traveled the world and we
just didn’t even get out of this booth so I hope you enjoyed it and till next
time we’ll see you later, keep it awesome…. be like these guys.
Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos.


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