Fortnite World Cup Finals – Player Profile – BenjyFishy

my name is Anne I’m Benji’s mum we live on the Little River Island quite close to London about 30-40 minutes it has its challenges there are no cars [Music] literally everything has to be carted on and off the island it is pretty much just the service living by the river is quite nice it’s quite calming to be honest my name is Benji fish I’m 15 years old and I live in the UK [Music] I love my mom so much she does everything for me she kicks all my meals I don’t really know how to cook apart from like bacon and eggs thank you mom finchy has got one brother Charles who’s 7 years old in him it was Charles who got him into gaming he’s very much like a father figure to him as well you’re famous mate you can just give him a buzzes Benji is the world to me both him and Charles especially since their dad passed away my dad died when I was like a mom solids esophagus cancer nothing ma’am a lot [Music] I think he’s what she ever [Music] I know I’ve always had the potential of being one of the best players she manages to take down to Mastiffs all night gonna play a lot and stay dedicated my determination to become one of the best makes me practice more and more fancy fishy tried to punish some of these players and Benji is in a commanding position the mechanics it’s like the speed at which you edit walls I’m definitely on par with pretty much every pro you’ve gotta have a good name and good building you know you can’t just have to one brush you’re not gonna really be kids I mean in sports to miss my life I started doing bowling last free did some competitions up until like ten we won quite a lot of tournaments unfortunately the developed than the injury I have positive status cause discomfort on my leg and then because of that I started playing games more he treats there are the words of professional athlete fortnight has opened up huge reasons for Benjy Benjy fishy qualified for the fortnight World Cup Benjy fishy going through I’m very excited to go to a cup in New York I’ve never been a year is deafening to me one of the best things like all my life it’d be absolutely amazing he us to win the World Cup if I win the floor I woke up I’ve always wanted to buy a house my family being renting for most of our life so buying a house and just being on to settle in I would definitely be really nice [Music]


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