welcome to Frankfurt! Willkommen! welcome to Frankfurt this is a city of
contrasts old and new situated on the Main River it has a trading history
dating back to the Middle Ages today we’re gonna explore the city during a
24-hour layover let’s go check it out we’re in the Frankfurt terminal and we
are looking to take the Frankfurt train to downtown, five Euros. Ee pick up
the train right at the airport and had three stops away to the hauptbahnhof
this right here is our hostel – Five Elements right near the city and the
Train the five elements hostel is centrally located affordable stylish and
cozy top floor of five elements hostel right next door to the hauptbahnhof there’s even a desk in here Frankfurt
city card one day pass 10.50 euro everything in this video is walkable
from her hostel including this pedestrian bridge called holbeinsteg. It
is about 47 degrees here and it’s April. So right here is the Städel Museum
we’re going in there they have Picasso’s and Renaissance paintings it’s one of
the best museums in town here we cross the Main River which bisects the city
into there’s so many pedestrians in the city
it’s so cool here’s our Museum at the Städel Museum we view the Picasso
printmaking exhibit on display through June of 2019. This is all museum row
right here for a layover this right here’s the pedestrian bridge that
connects to the altstadt and then on this side is the newer part of town beautiful
city you can see the old and new Germany and you can hear the bells from the
altstadt we cross the picturesque eiserner steg footbridge that connects to
the old city there are so many locks here we are in the main square What do you have there? I have
sour Apple wine, we’re here in the main square in the frame for Old Town I’m
gonna take a drink how is it sour good that’s good cuz I got over potato soup
with sausage a pretzel sauerkraut potatoes frankfurter green sauce bring
pretty green sauce this is something you only get here ç’est bon? tres bien? right in the altstadt, we came across a
brass ensemble playing the song hallelujah now for a little history of
Frankfurt historically Frankfurt was not famous for its modern skyline, but for
its historical city center it was one of the largest and most beautiful medieval
timber-framed old towns. During world war ii the city was bombed in an air raid in
2000 of the medieval buildings were destroyed
much of what you see today in the city center is new construction the dawn
Romer project is an effort to remake the old city center the altstadt of
Frankfurt into its pre-war architecture one of the buildings that survived World
War two is the old st. Nicholas Church or in German, “alte nikolaikirche” let’s
go inside this is a medieval church dating back to
the 13th century known for its harmonic 47 bells you can see the old and the new
buildings side-by-side stopping much of the newly renovated old town was
unveiled in 2018 let’s go check it out god this church is so beautiful church
this is called kaiser falls archeology museum when the bells are ringing sorry
it says here like many German cities Frankfurt was the target of the ology
teaser bombing in World War two on May 18th and 22nd the British Royal Air
Force carried out two of the wars most destructive air raids the cities more
than 2,000 half-timbered buildings only one remains intact one of the highlights
of the historical restoration project is the house of the seven skills or hospice
or golden vaanga to recreate this ornate medieval half-timbered house it took
meticulous attention to detail the details on this building on these
half-timbered houses do this when i zoom in look at all the gold statues bring a
little piece of Frankfurt at home puppet show all these old traditional
beer halls here so what I love about Frankfurt so far first of all it’s very
walkable the old town is extremely picturesque the airport is really nice
probably one of my favorites in the world one of the most organized airports
and everything here is just beautifully recreated it’s as if nothing happened
but the history is extraordinary and there’s so many museums to learn about
what happened really weird the first German Parliament was here so we’ve gone from the old town the new
town Frankfurt we found this beautiful peaceful park
Frankfurt would be an awesome place to work just say so our hostel is called
five elements it’s very close to the train station everything we saw was
walkable from the hostel and our hostel starts at 45 euros per night it into an
interesting section this is apparently the Turkish section so they have a lot
of doner kebab places a lot of curry Wurst and a lot of Indian food there are people from all over the world
here at this to go anywhere in the world where would you go and who would you go
with oh my gosh so many places – Ethiopia. Tanner are you listening? Patagonia,
Bolivia, but who would you go with well after going to Tunisia I think it’s
gonna help to be Arabic Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars! If you could live in any country in the world, where would it be? Spain in the morning we grab breakfast at our
hostel which came with a full spread of meats cheeses breads and veggies information about the five elements
hostel is listed in the description below now time to check out and go to
the airport seeking the us9 dream to the airport it’s only about two stops away and with that we say Peterson to
Frankfurt we hope to be back for a more thorough trip of this beautiful region
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