From ´RED ZONE´ in Colombia to TRAVEL HOTSPOT! (Caqueta)

It’s the mystique, it’s the love for the jungle for the manigua, Caqueta fascinates us Yes, because of the Huitoto and Koreguaje communities this is like their ancestral land Both of them, both have different worldviews but for both of them this is sacred land but from their different way of view In the every day world be careful because the walls have ears the elders say the same the rocks… the only witnesses Little mambear The Mambe is from the coca leaf and it’s sweet on the tongue to speak to reflect There are advantages and disadvantages of being tall
-Exactly Caqueta more than you imagine they must know that there is no danger of anything that it is a department of peace, good people of indigenous cultures, colonial cultures former Farc guerrilla members that are in this important process with us and we’re driven people come to meet us that’s the Colombian spirit so good, I’m so happy, and I was reborn here you were reborn And now we enter into the Maloka I’m going to do it in spanish some thing i’ll have to say them in Huitoto Mythological town settled in the foothills of the Amazon and it’s since then that we indigenous peoples have been present and in certain way fighting against the government and its institutions to be treated as equals same condition as any other human being /Huitoto chantings/ We just did like a mambeo Why do you think you’re ready to receive people? Well the elders say that after any problem or difficulty comes the joy abundance arrives to the people and we believe that Caqueta and all the country already went through all those problems all those difficulties and I mean we’ve suffered too much as population as human beings all this like barbarism left by war so all of that tells us that we’re ready to be able to receive those blessings of joy, of abundance, of brotherhood and fraternity and How would you describe Caquetá in one word? well we’d ñuera (huitoto word) and it would be like nice, cool lets say peaceful and harmonious yes? Ñuera Ñuera
– it’s mystical Well with any word is difficult to describe the essence of a place so sacred and beautiful right? Right, and just like our mates in Huila say “Who lives it is the one who enjoys it” For you to be able to decipher it you have to come here and live it that’s right We’re the golden gate of the Amazon in Colombia the entrance to the lung of the world by Colombia and that it is a great opportunity because we have exotic landscapes, exotic food and that this new market can be offered responsibly ok and are you ready for the wave of tourists coming to Colombia? We think we are ready for it and we’re working closely with the government institutions for that A good snack for the office something to have and snack on the office as to not be eating junk I think you get full fast and its nutritious Real food Amazon spell It the mystique, it’s the love for the jungle for the manigua Caqueta fascinates us we invite you to know our land it favors us for being in the foothills because the land is more productivo for the local/native agricultural products so we feel the land and that gives us the flavors you’re trying today The fish, the fish the cassava is fundamental plantain and also some minor species like fruits we have native fruits like carambolo, açaí, cocoazú, cacao maraco we have caimarona grapes we made wine we have sacha inchi we are sacha inchi producers and we’re proud of being cacateños How would you describe Caquetá in three words? Look, we’re passion we’re work and we’re a department with a future projection Is Caquetá ready to receive national and international tourist around here? Well of course, it’s something that our tourism sector has been preparing for for years of course we from the chamber of commerce with our executive president have been working with them, managing trainings trying to give knowledge to that sector (tourism) so in a way or another Caquetá can be a national power in tourism having rivers, landscapes a community that in general is dying to start working in tourism


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