Full Time Travel Q&A from a POOL in MEXICO 🇲🇽 Work and Travel

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glasses though it’s already hard enough to see me on this thing without that
thing all right so first question is from Doug Bart off how do you like
Mexico City was it like he thought and the answer that question is Mexico City
is great but for me it’s like any other sorry I had I had to buy him out of my
ear and there’s a little bit of a delay answer that question is I think Mexico
City is great the food is awesome but it’s similar to any other big city to me
I mean there’s more I guess there’s things you can do that I haven’t done
yet people keep telling me that but I prefer
places like where I’m at right now which is Porto Escondido Mexico with a little
bit more small-town and beachy and so that’s where I’m at right now Sarah Abbie ROM is asking where am i and
like I mentioned before I’m in Puerto Escondido Mexico at the moment sorry I’m like posting this on Facebook
get more people here so if you have any questions write them in the text box
please you haha
so Jill ammonius is asking me who has been my favorite roommate uh remote here
so far and the answer to that question is Jill ammonius and that’s probably why
she’s asking not because she’s a great roommate but because she has such an
awesome mother Chandler ammonius so shout out the
Chandler Sarah avi Rahm ass have I tried surfing in puerto escondido any answer
to that question is yes but my friend jg got hit in the face with the surfboard
so that kind of killed our surfer vibe and so not surfing anymore in porto
Escondido anymore Doug asked have I picked up much Spanish
so far and the answer to that question is no I started taking Spanish class the
first month and I was awful at it I was the worst student in the class so so I
dropped out of Spanish class I’ve been devoting a lot of time to my
YouTube channel and so not to make excuses but I just didn’t have enough
time to devote to so for lots of countries and I haven’t much just my own
fault you can definitely learn more Spanish
than me if you are more serious about it than I was hey story chasing and chopping away to
my favorite YouTube channels yeah I should go check them out story tasting
travels around the United States in a van she actually just rode through
Canada she’s in Alaska right now and chubby in a way is in Texas at the
moment I believe Austin but are planning a trip to Europe soon so there should be
a bunch of Europe content and anything you need to know about Vietnam Thailand
and places that I’m about to go chubby in a way already has videos so check out
their channel if you have not checked it out and they’re just about to break
10,000 subscribers actually there are only a few subscribers away so go to
their channel and hit that subscribe button same with story chasing but she’s
already got a bazillion subscribers yeah we so we’re going to Vietnam first
being Hanoi for a monk and the person behind me here right here that’s JG and
that’s Jill and we’re actually going to be going to whole Long Bay together I
know you guys had a whole long bay hook up but JG likes to travel in a bougie
way so he booked us a very bougie boat and hold on Bay so we’ll be there for
like two or three nights so that should be pretty cool story Jason asks what I’m
leaving for Asia I’m leaving for Asia in seven days and a wake-up one xx but it
takes me like two days to get there so I’ll be there like eight and a half and
a wake-up so we’re currently in Escondido Puerto Escondido Mexico which
is a beach town and it is we’re in a Salina and if you’ve never heard of
Salina before spelled SEL SEL i na Google Salina calm they have a bunch of
basically I don’t want to use the word resort because that’s not the right word
but live-work-play type places and it’s at every budget
level so you can come to a Salina and you can come to a Salina and stay in the
hostel portion of this of the Salina and it’s like ten dollars a night you can
stay in the motel portion of Salina and it’ll be like thirty to forty dollars a
night or you can stay in more posh rooms which will be 50 60 $70 a night so it’s
every price point level and then you have like pools like the one I’m in
right now and there’s also a pool on the lower level so there’s multiple pool
were right across from a world famous surfing beach and there’s also a
co-working space in here so you can pay a daily rate for co-working and work in
the work at Selena and you’ll have the co-working space has about twenty to
thirty Meg’s up and it varies between the different countries but every Selena
you’ll be able to you’ll have good enough internet to work from so it’s
pretty a pretty neat option Doug Bart off asks what country for
those that don’t know Doug is going to do remote here pretty soon so maybe Doug
will start a YouTube channel and document his experiences my favorite out
of the four countries I’ve been to so far so we’ve been to Peru we’ve been to
a Columbia we’ve been to Chile and we’ve been to Mexico and I would say it’s like
asking me like what what’s your favorite kid I’ll tell you what my least favorite
was my least favorite was my least favorite city was Santiago Chile Chile
was definitely an awesome place I went to Patagonia with these people behind me
Jill and JG and we hiked all kinds of cool places and Patagonia was awesome so
I really like Chile but I would say probably my favorite was I press it
Colombia was my favorite because I really just like meta-gene I would say
my second papers probably I like Lima but I really like Cusco I liked hiking
much Picchu and rainbow mountain so I would say those two were probably my
favorite Mexico City is awesome the foods like the best in the world and
Mexico’s awesome obviously I’m in Porto Escondido right now loving life so I
would say those through my fate I’d say they’re all my favorite I don’t really
have a favorite I’m just not too crazy about Santiago Chile for a bunch of
different reasons story chasing says hello Jill a JG I
feel like they I know them already because they’re in a lot of your videos
yep they are the stars of many of my hiking videos and over here working like
true digital nomads is Ivan and Sarah Abbey ROM and I trouble with him a lot
as well I’ve never lived with Ivan or Sarah but I have lived with Jay G and
Jill and remote here but one thing about Puerto Escondido Mexico you definitely
want to bring some mosquito repellent and bug repellent because there’s like
bugs and mosquitoes everywhere dog is saying his company does not know that
he’s going on a remote year so he’s definitely not gonna do a YouTube
channel we have people want to remote your who’s companies don’t know by the
way Terry Terry asked me
Terry’s asking you talk about your favorites what’s your least favorite
thing you’ve experienced my least favorite thing I experienced was eating
a guinea pig in Cusco Peru I did it for a video and uh I didn’t actually even
air that on a video because I was just it was I was just so disgusted by it
yeah so that was like the most unpleasant thing I did hiking to rainbow
mountain was unpleasant but getting to the summit of the hike was awesome so it
was one of those things where was unpleasant but it was worth it I also
got sick a couple days ago a shout-out to Sarah
Abbie ROM for like making sure Sarah right here making sure I didn’t die she
won got me like medicine and stuff and yeah so that was unpleasant and I did
that because I I like to eat street food and I had eaten a lot of street food
that day so so Ivan who I just showed you is asking is asking have I learned
just salsa dance I have not learned salsa dance but a really good but
chatted dancer not really really good but I learned I learned the other night
at Celina because they have free dance lessons so I I haven’t asked if I can
show you some of my moves and laura grip who’s also doing remote year soon doing
the doing a 12-month program so guinea pig is no bueno sounds like she’s tried
it before let’s see Doug says how have I done mini remote
your trex and the answer that question is yes I have a video I have a video
about waka Chino going Sam boarding to waka chena one of the last videos I
published was five themes of doing a lot of paid that was a remote your track I
also posted a video about that had a fruit tasting and a cannabis tour and
those were both remove your tracks in Mexico pretty soon I would start
publishing all my Mexico content and there’ll be a video called three things
to do in Mecca three things to do near Mexico City and one of them is hot-air
ballooning over the Teotihuacan pyramids and that it wasn’t remote you know that
was in a remote you track that was a purchased event from remote year but it
was something you can get from remote year but the other two things I did on
that were tracks we’re tracking mints one of them is
going to Xochimilco and getting on the gondola style boats party boats and
going through all the canals with those and then the other one was was a hike to
template salon templates teka in templates one what I didn’t show in that
video which hasn’t come out yet so we hiked to this pyramid but then we went
to a toss I tase Macau which is like asana and some people in this group
loved it like this guy back here jg my buddy he
loved the tez McHale and wants to go back and do another one I was not a huge
fan of it I like to be comfortable and they’re not like super comfortable so
for me it was okay but that wasn’t a big fan chubby in a way says working in a
pool is fantastic super jealous is it a requirement that all places from remote
you have a pool the answer to that question is no but this guy over here
I’m in right there behind soda a beer I’m working
diligently has a pool in his place this month so we’re all pretty jealous as an
indoor pool I am currently not at my remote year
apartment I am at a Celina in Puerto Escondido Mexico so one cool thing about
remote year is you develop this awesome network of individuals who can work and
travel so you go different places within and we all booked a we all decided to
travel together to Puerto Escondido Mexico
and that’s what we’re doing we’re traveling here kind of helps like offset
the costs as well this time we kind of all did our own thing and booked our own
stuff but when me Jill me Jill and JG went to Patagonia we booked a hostel
which was one room with four beds and we split the cost of the hostel together so
it’s also a cost savings thing these guys also went to Santa Maria Santa
Marta and they rented a 14 bedroom house and how much did it cost tonight 14 bed
house how much was it a night that ended up costing you okay so they had three
nights for a hundred and thirty dollars in like the most amazing resort with a
chef like amazing so like you can like there’s this there’s this idea of like
location arbitrage where you go to a location and you live cheaply by
spinning an American American money but there’s also this idea of location
arbitrage where you travel in a group and you can say these bougie places but
you can offset the cost of those by staying in a big luxury place that has
14 beds with a bunch of your buddies and that’s enough so that’s another way to
like reduce the costs of different things as well let’s see let’s see where
we have Terry asked if I had any dangerous
situations where I thought uncomfortable I am NOT not personally in the reason I
didn’t like Santiago Chile was because it wasn’t like there were safety
concerns there even though it’s the most European city and if you go to like
nomads list it’s like the safest of the cities I’ve been to it’s listed as safer
than Mexico City it’s listed as safer than Lima Peru it’s listed safer than
MIDI in Colombia actually by a lot but for whatever reason we had a couple
people that were had their phones stolen there and worse we had one guy that got
mugged one night so safety is like a big concern for me
so that’s probably one of the biggest reasons I didn’t really enjoy Santiago
I’m not really a person that stays out super late anyway and I still didn’t
always feel safe so yeah I think if we had sat in a better neighborhood in
Santiago maybe would have been better but I wasn’t too crazy about the
neighborhood some people but let me let me let me caveat that by saying we had
people in our group that absolutely adored and loved Santiago Chile
it just wasn’t it wasn’t my vibe I I like stuff that’s a little bit more
unique and it was kind of like a cookie cutter European city it doesn’t have the
character of the other Latin cities that I’ve been in Latin American cities so yeah Doug by the way story chasing go to
her channel like subscribe she does a great Channel she was a nomad she kept
working as a nomad and then eventually transitioned to having her own business
and making her own money she has a really popular YouTube channel where she
makes probably like gazillion dollars off Club and some other things chess of
course on like how to be a nomad and she she transitioned from or she started as
a nomad full-time with her job but then eventually quit her job chopping away asked me what is the most
surprising thing about YouTube so far so for those who don’t know I used to have
a halfway pop a decently popular investment channel on YouTube but I I
had that back when it was much easier to grow a YouTube channel and you made a
lot more off advertising I have not monetized my channel yet so
what’s the Pratt what has surprised me is how much more difficult it is to get
traction and maybe the investment John R was a little bit more niche than the
travel John were and less crowded maybe that’s why it was easier for me but like
trying to get my channel off the ground I’m still only getting like a hundred
subs a month and like my goal my goal for remote year was to get up to 20,000
we’ll see once we get to Asia now I know yeah just got stung by something YouTube
videos on Asia are much more popular are YouTube videos from Asia especially like
Kuala Lumpur are much more popular with people so maybe my subscriber count’
will pick up when I get to Asia I mean I’m not like unsatisfied I started
remilia with like 500 subscribers and now I have like closing in 1,400 so I’m
happy and I know YouTube’s a grind but that’s been the most surprising thing so
far on my old channel I used to get all kinds of hate and negative comments I
haven’t really got that on my Travel Channel yet I know at some point it’ll
start so that hasn’t happened to me yet so yeah I hope that answers your
question huh being away let’s see we’re at here Barry Obama asks it’s just really Obama
that would be really cool Apple Obama’s subscribe to my channel
that would be wonderful or is Barry Obama somebody I know which I don’t I
don’t have an answer to that so if you’re somebody I know about me know your question was am I worried about
food or back here in the food and water for those who don’t know I was in the
military for 20 years and I’ve lived in a lot of I’ve lived in a lot of third
world countries and visited a lot of thermal countries so I’ve always just
been adventurous an adventurous Peter and like I I I brush my teeth with like
the water out of the tap water I try not to drink it in metazine Colombia we
could drink the tap water all the other countries I’ve been to we have not been
able to drink the tap water so I just have bottled water I mean I kind of
drink bottled water at home anyway to be honest with you I usually buy
bottled water and United States so it’s not really an issue I told you I
mentioned a little bit ago Barry that I I’m sick I’ve gotten sick before or I’ve
gotten sick on the shrimp eating street food but that’s not gonna stop me from
eating street food like street food is the best here when you see my video
you’ll see this sandwich I got called a pav mazo and the pooh-bahs Oh is about
this big I mean it’s literally this big and it’s stuffed with potatoes and
chitti so the bun is dipped in salsa on fried and they put all the stuff in it
and it’s just amazing it’s about this big and it was 20 pesos and that’s like
a dollar and then I got like this fresh orange drink for another 20 pesos so my
meal was $2 and I probably got the gringo price anyway it’s probably much
cheaper than that if you like know where to go so I’m not going to quit eating
street food I’m getting ready to go to Southeast Asian and I’m gonna eat street
food like crazy so to answer your question I’m not worried about bacteria
and food and water if I get sick I get sick I dealt with it
before and if I get something to die like at least I’ll be my life happy I
mean I could have I could have been going to my job as a corporate lawyer
every day and I have a heart attack because I sit behind a desk for 18 hours
a day and don’t exercise so no I’m not worried about bacteria in the food and
the water Laura says his crate Santiago is her first stop I think Santiago is a
good first country to have we had it after Lima Peru and maybe that’s why I
didn’t enjoy Santiago as much because we had because we had it after Lima and
Lima is awesome the food in Lima is amazing I mean so amazing you’re gonna
love it the food in Mexico City and the food in
Lima are like ridiculously good meta-gene doesn’t really have their own
food culture but they have awesome restaurants like whatever like you can
go to taco restaurant it will be awesome you can go there’s a beat if you’re
vegan a j.g what’s the vegan restaurant yeah bendy station is awesome you go
there and they only start one thing on the menu and it’s like it’s like 4 bucks
or something like that four or five dollars and it’s awesome there’s a taco
place called criminal tacos right near the workspace that you’ll have on remote
gear I’m at the Selena also there’s Betty’s Bulls like Jill right here Jill
would pay like 50 bucks for a Betty’s bowls right now although when you’re at
Betty’s Bulls you don’t have to pay that you have to pay like $3 or $4 and it’s
like the best possible hacia Bulls se Bulls
how you say ice ie Bulls you’ve ever had in your life so but Santiago is also
true there’s a Thai place Sara what’s that Thai place come in Santiago yeah it’s caught there’s a Thai place
you’ll see it when you it’s it’s near the workspace it’s probably the only
time place and they have this like pineapple rice that comes in a pineapple
and its really good I liked it it’s probably not the most authentic
Thai food you’ve ever had but that’s good but honestly the food scene and
Santiago is not that great and my life kind of revolves around food let’s see
John says let’s see so John JG who’s like right behind me
with that hat it’s like feeding me questions which is awesome
JG asks JT asks when you travel a lot of times you got to step out of your
comfort zone what have I done outside of my normal level of comfort that I’m glad
I did ok so I’ve lived by myself for the last
however many years since probably 2003 I’ve never had a roommate I’ve always
lived by myself so having roommates is outside of my comfort zone but I’m
really glad I’ve done it because it’s allowed me to get close to people that I
might not have talked to because I’m like kind of an introvert so it’s hard
for me to get to know people and talk to them point in case these two people
behind me JG and Jill we’re both my roommates and like here we are traveling
together and it’s great so that that’s one thing I’ve done out of my comfort
zone I would say what else have I done out of my comfort zone like so I’m not
really a partier but I went to night clubs and stayed out till like 3:00 and
4:00 in the morning here it’s not something I do all the time that’s kind
of outside of my comfort zone and like tried to dance salsa and dance all night
which are out of my comfort zone and I’ve done those and I’m happy I’ve done
them I’m kind of like kind of over it now though I probably not sure I’ll do
it much more because I like getting up really early in the morning but those
are things I’ve done out of my comfort zone that have been pretty cool see
Laura already been to Santiago and Lima she ate it Astrid and Garcon in Lima
so we what’s the restaurant we ate at the famous one from chef’s table
okay so in in I’m glad these I’m glad they’re here because I have the worst
memory so there’s two really awesome restaurants if you’ve watched chef’s
table there both were on chef’s table Central and my dough I didn’t go to my
toe I went to Central but what’s cool on the night I went to Sun Trowell the chef
for my toe was there eating so the chef from Central was serving him as his
waiter so that was pretty cool we were on their Instagram story jg JG like
chatting it up with the with the chef from Central and that was really cool so
if you’re into bougie like Michelin rated restaurants Central and Maya or
both Michelin rated you should definitely watch chef’s table and watch
the Central episode it’s one of the coolest episodes actually I think it’s
one of the first episodes so yeah go to Netflix and watch that yeah what’s that
yeah they’re like yeah they’re like six or seven seven or eight is the ranking
now I think central actually used to be number two but I mean those things are
just all the time but it’s it’s a great experience I personally prefer the
street food route I I think app Amazo for a dollar is like the best thing ever
but it’s awesome he’s not here he’s not with us right now but we’re also
traveling with a guy who goes to a taco stand every day he needs kids five five
tacos for 40 pesos which is two dollars five ridiculously good al pastor tacos
which if you don’t know what a now pastor taco is pretty soon I’ll be doing
a video or pretty soon I’ll be publishing a video called six must eat
in Mexico City and one of them is the al pastor taco and the pooh-bahs o for a
spoiler alert so make sure you come check those out terry is asking if I missed the states
at all short answer’s no I miss my family but
I’m able to talk to the videochat woods and stuff like that so that that hasn’t
been so bad I was in the military for 20 years like I mentioned so I’m kind of
used to it being nomadic and away from home I’m kind of homeless even though I
was born and raised in Missouri I left at 18 years old if you ask me what I
consider my home I actually considered a home Hawaii where I spent nine years
most of most of my 20s I spent in Hawaii so that’s kind of where I came of age as
an adult so Hawaii is kind of what I consider home and I always miss Hawaii
I’ve actually thought about during one of our so when you’re on a remote here
you can take a transition or you can you can have them refund the cost of your
plane and just pay for your own plane and I thought about going to Hawaii I
ended up not doing that I should have done it from Mexico City we’re getting
ready to go from Mexico City to Hanoi Vietnam that would have been the perfect
time I could have went to Hawaii got adjusted to that six hour time
difference and then flew to Hanoi and only had to adjust to a six-hour instead
of a 12 hour time difference so to answer that the short answer to that
question is no I do not miss the United States I do not miss the divided
political nature of our country I do not miss the hustle and bustle of living in
the United States the materialism the that kind of stuff I don’t miss that
stuff at all and that’s kind of what I associate with the United States and I
guess that’s bad although at some point at some point I’m going to do what story
chasing is doing and I’m going to drive around the United States in an a van if
you’ve never seen her van she lives a himer active which is like an amazing
man it’s pretty awesome it’s got like cool kitchen I actually did a video tour
of her van go check it out but you can just go to her channel watch her tour
videos they’re much better than my tour video of her van so at some point I’m
going to do that go around the United States and try to fall in love with you
it states I guess I’m kind of cynical because I just I don’t know I like my
country just annoys that Academy Joanne says good day where are you guys in
Mexico now tell us about where your groups showcasing New Mexico so we’re
actually out we’re actually based out of Mexico City in a neighborhood whoa I’m
back okay we’re actually show Kate or we’re actually out of Mexico City in a
neighborhood called La Condesa which is like kind of a bougie hipster
neighborhood it’s pretty cool I like it I feel really safe in that neighborhood
I mean it’s got some great stuff pretty soon I’m going to be doing an
apartment tour video and so you get to see my apartment in La Condesa in Mexico
City today though right now and in this moment we’re at a we’re at a Selena
Salinas are really cool hostel slash Motel slash hotel slash co-working space
places that are set up to work live and play and I’m at a Celina in Puerto
Escondido Mexico which is on the coast the west coast it’s actually almost you
can actually almost get on a plane and fly directly from puerto escondido to
hawaii it’s almost directly across from hawaii
most people don’t realize how low hawaii is on the globe most people think it’s
like directly across from like california but it’s not it’s way lower
than that on the globe which is why they have great weather and why we have great
weather here and this place probably has year-round great weather so yeah we’re
in puerto escondido which is kind of like a small surf town it hasn’t been
there’s no resorts there’s nothing like that here but there’s cool places like
this talena like this place is like really cool so I mentioned this earlier
Salinas are you can you can say to Selena at any
price level so they have hostels like they have six bed eight bed and Ted bed
house rooms that you can rent out for $10 a
night and you have access to all those same stuff I have even though I have a
kind of more bougie room I have a room with a private bath but you can also
rent a room that has a shared bathroom so you have a private room within there
where they’re going to change but you share a bath and it’s considerably
cheaper there’s also these like super cool I’m gonna walk across the pool if I
drop my Mac in the water I’m gonna walk over here and I’m gonna show you these
hopefully you can see them behind me okay you can see I’m so there are these
teepees behind me so you can rent out these teepees as well and they’re pretty
affordable relative to the cost of the rooms they have mosquito nets and all
that kind of stuff but it’s just a cool way like you can stay in that teepee for
like six to eight hundred dollars a month depending on where you when you
come here if you want to stay a month and just hang out on this pool all day
you have awesome fast Wi-Fi so if you need to work you can work here Selena’s
are awesome there are Selena’s everywhere I’m not sponsored by Selena I
wish I was but there are Selena’s all over Latin America there’s one in Greece
and one in Portugal and they’re all over Latin America and they’re just really
cool like go to Selena calm se Li Na and you can see just how cool they are how
cool the places are and it’s great for digital nomads all right let’s see let’s
go back to the questions which airline are you flying to Asia actually what’s
the best airline you’ve flown well in we’re Janka error is actually pretty
good even the coach is like their seats are pretty they’re pretty wide and like
they’re nice so I like it Avianca I think of Bianca’s a little bit more
expensive than Airlines but it’s so cheap to fly here that when I say more
expensive I mean it’s like 40 bucks to fly somewhere instead of 30 flying to
Asia I’m flying on Delta so just straight up Delta flight so we’ll see
how that goes we’re actually flying from Mexico City to New York and then from
New York to South Korea from South Korea to when
Vietnam all right let’s see the dick 76 looking good Kevin way to live it up
thank you if that’s Dakers it’s a takers Brad Dacus
it is good to see you man his thing let’s see Laura is asking how often
would you stay say in us or how often would you say you’re in each city versus
traveling on side trips I usually I haven’t done very many side trips I’ve
done short side trips like two or three four or five days this is the longest
one I’ve done I think this is five or six days most people I mean you can just
stay in the city if you want but there there are side trips that you can do I
wanted a beach we’re in Mexico City no beach so there was a group of us that
we’re putting together trip to Puerto Escondido so I jumped in on that group
which has been awesome I think Sara Albie Rahm answered your question there
Laura Sara is traveling with me in remote year she’s in our remote your
group and a lot of people go home sara is actually going home for two weeks
pretty soon and then coming to hanoi we have two we have someone home right now
in New York so a lot of people go home I think everyone in this pool has went
home but me and no Jill hasn’t went home but Jill’s parents have visited us so a
lot of people that people visit them as well Ivan who you just saw as up at home
but he’s gonna actually go visit the Philippines where he’s originally from all right there’s 810 people in here now
if you’re enjoying this video please hit that thumbs up button it helps more
people find it when I publish this it’s gonna be a crappy one to publish because
I I’m trying to get a hang of doing these lives on upper you good Adam I
don’t even know how clear the background is it’s probably all fuzzy because I use
my camera computer but hopefully it’s halfway decent let’s see yeah chef anyway that is a
long way of getting to Asia yeah like so obviously I’m traveling with a tour
company called remote year they they handle all the logistics so I’m sure
whatever’s cheapest whenever they get a good group right on is what we fly
that’s one of the downsides of doing it this way you can definitely do a cheaper
on your own and you can you have more control of how you fly although they do
let you opt out on the flight so you can’t opt out of the flight and get the
refund get the money back then I just usually just let them handle it for the
most part alright if you have more questions please pop them in there I
have seventeen percent battery life left on my Mac so it’s probably around how
long ago the one bad thing about working at a pool is especially if you’re doing
something that takes up a lot of resources like live-streaming your
battery runs dead pretty quick I have ten people watching right now yay how do
I stay in shape while I’m traveling so I do
I mean I’ve actually gained 17 pounds on this I might have lost some of that by
now but so I I am like trying to like be more conscious so like how many tackles
I eat I do push-ups every single day every morning I have for a while I get
up and do 100 pushups and then I try to do some sort of work out every day
although I’ve been bad about it lately today I’ll spend all day in this pool so
I’ll swim around a little bit in it that’ll help so yeah so that I I just
try to make time to work out and watch what I eat to stay in shape
Johanne ass I saw a remote year offers four and six months but you get one year
so there is a 12-month program there’s a
four there’s a four month program a six month program and a 12-month program so
yeah that’s how it works that’s that’s the program’s they have four months are
usually with just one geographic area so you’ll get four places in Latin America
like I just did four months in Latin America or you’ll get four places in
Europe or three places in Europe and South
Africa or you’ll get four places in Asia Hanoi
Kuala Lumpur children and Chiang Mai and then a six-month program I don’t know
exactly how they do it but I bet it’s like three in one location and three in
the other or maybe it’s four and two but so it gives I mean the whole point of
this is like work and live like be able to work and travel or work and travel so
having some people might not want to do a year option that’s pretty extreme most
of us in this group are pretty extreme but they so they have four and six month
options as well if you want to do those any – oh ah
and they give me a two hundred dollar kickback I don’t really care if you sign
up to it but there’s links in my other videos on if you want to sign up for
remote here you’ll get two hundred off if you click on my link and they take
two hundred off my monthly fee I’m not sponsored by remote you or anything like
that so if you have any questions about remote year I will give you honest
answers I talked to people about remote here a lot I talked to Doug about it I
talked to a few other people about it I’m actually talking to somebody today
about it at four o’clock and I just give honest opinions about it some things
about it I love some things about it I’m not too crazy about alright so we got 11
people watching if you have any questions I will answer them thanks for
watching Terry I appreciate it all right any more questions
Oh what am I not crazy about um so part of the reason I did remote year was cuz
I was starting this YouTube channel and I loved the idea of someone handling the
logistics for me but I know that I could do this like right now like when I was
in Santiago I wasn’t too crazy about Santiago so if I was traveling on my own
I would have just left but because I’m there for 30 days with a remote year I
mean I can’t I could have just left but you know I’ve already paid for the month
you kind of feel obligated to stay and get your money’s worth
so that’s part of it like not having that kind of flexibility I’m not crazy
about remote years website it’s getting better but it’s like kind of glitchy and
like it’s hard to they should just have better a better website and that these
are not like things that bother me enough where I regret doing the program
like I’m really happy I’m doing the program I saw eight months left if I
wanted to leave I could leave right now but I’m not going to because I actually
really love the program but there are some things about it like anything that
aren’t perfect when you get a program leader they they’re it’s usually their
first group so they’re like learning in the beginning so you kind of have to
like you’re learning how to travel a full time they’re learning so like
sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as they as they should but I think that
depends on your program leader as well our program leader is great she’s gotten
she’s learned and she’s awesome now and doing great what else let’s see well sometimes the so when you go to
countries you’ll have these different side trips and you’ll have like
different local experiences you can sign up for if you want some of them are I
mean they’re they range in all kinds of prices some of them are like $20 like
the food tour the fruit tour that you’re gonna see in one of my future videos or
no the fruit tour in one of my older videos from Columbia was like $20
we got the 35 exotic fruits it was awesome and learn about each one of them
and then there’s more expensive trips like hiking too much of Picchu that’s
more expensive it was like $700 but that included I just included the whole like
well I’m not the whole experience you started out pay for your flight and
stuff but that one’s a little bit more expensive because your be you’re getting
a guided tour too much Picchu and ours included rainbow mountain as well slows
hike too much feature you hike to rainbow mountain with 750 so $750 but so
one thing that bothers me is sometimes these tours are not released
they’re only released like a week before you get to a place and this is like a
work live program I feel like they should be released sooner so you can
plan better so you can say oh on Wednesday I want to do a food food
tasting or a fruit taste scene so I’ll go ahead and put in for time off for
work I have a lot more flexibility because I’m a full-time youtuber that’s
what I do but other people don’t so they can’t go to those events and that’s one
of the things that annoys me is I wish they published that stuff a little bit
earlier and I think they’re working on it but yeah that’s one of the negatives how much do you value as a community
aspect of their program so like to me that’s the most valuable part that
remote year doesn’t really talk about like care I am traveling in Salina with
six people from remote year and people that I wouldn’t have known and your post
if you do remote your your post remote your life is where the real value comes
in it’s kind of like it kind of kind of like it’s kind of analogous to my time
in the military like being in the military is rough but
once you retire and you get that military retirement check every month
it’s kind of like oh okay like that was worth it doing those 20 years was worth
it now it’s like really cool to have that it’s the same thing like post
remote year I have this whole network of people who think the way I do and want
to travel and work at the same time and so I have this whole network of people
to tap into like hey I’m going to Bali for a month
I booked a two-bedroom Airbnb anybody want to jump in and split the cost like
I have this like whole network of people that I know at least one of the 35 that
I’m traveling where they’re gonna say hell yeah I’ll see you in Bali let me
then mo you have to price like so that part of it it’s starting to get really
sunny here so actually to me that’s the most valuable part of Rimowa to be
honest with you they the the people you meet the community are gonna be tapped
into and there’s even people beyond the group you travel with so once you once
you complete your program and remote you you become a citizen and you have access
to all this bunch of citizen discounts so let’s say a remote your group is
going to managing Columbia and there’s like 25 apartments there and they only
have 22 people in the group so you have three apartments open they’ll rent those
out to the citizens for a discounted rate so you can go to you can go to
metazine and get a discounted rate in there another example is this guy Jake
who just finished his program he was with Earhart and uh remote your group
has its own name ours is Polaris Jake’s group was Earhart and Jake’s from the
same hometown as me st. Louis and he was in managing Columbia and we met him
there and when we came to Mexico he decided to get scuba dive means scuba
diving certified in Playa del Carmen and he invited a bunch of people from remote
year my remote your group to go with him so a bunch of people from my remote year
group went with Jake split the cost of lodging with Jake and went there and
like got scuba dive certified with Jake from a remote year so that’s another
great part of or that’s a great part of remote year that’s not really sold by
remote your room which is the community aspect to me
that’s prop by far the most valuable part of a movie I mean the whole thing
is great we’re going to well we’re going to all these countries that I might not
have went to like I probably wouldn’t know whether to Peru which would have
been a huge mistake Lima is one of my favorite places I probably wouldn’t want
to manage in Colombia I will probably if I would have done
this myself would have went straight to Southeast Asia because I’m familiar with
that with Southeast Asia I love it and Europe and I probably wouldn’t have even
went to South America or Central America maybe I would have went to Costa Rica or
something like that but I first I for sure would not have went to meta-gene
Colombia and managing Colombia is one of my favorite places like I will
definitely go back there and live it’s so cheap and it’s so nice it’s tropical
it’s awesome so yeah Laura asks what is the backstory of the name Polaris so we
don’t choose them I don’t know exactly how they choose the names but pull it
for me actually Polaris is kind of special players as the North Star
somebody to star in the sky so are just like Polaris like find your direction
like basically like remote year is a new direction in the in the middle in the
Navy we use the North Star you know to guide ships you know back in the day and
so yeah Polaris is basically like find your direction I think every every group
has their own type of thing I think Earhart you know named after Amelia
Earhart was like go explore I think we had we have a group called M Pachamama
which when you when you go to Peru you’ll learn what Pachamama means which
mother earth they’re called potty mama which is
basically like their thing their thing is like sustainable living and like in
the environment so yeah there’s different things behind each name so
yeah right so my computer saying I have low battery at some point it’s going to
shut off I’m gonna go ahead Oakland I’m in ok so Laura is traveling with fern
wah I hope I said that right which means far sickness or a longing
for some foreign travel I love it like I like I call that itchy feet like
I get into feet like if I stays somewhere too long even if I love the
place even if I’m in Hawaii which is the place I love the most I get it to eat
there and I want to go travel so I guess fern hua is like some
languages version of itchy feet unless I mean fern Wow
so that’s cool that’s cool all right I’m going to wrap it up and I appreciate
everybody watching you haven’t subscribe to the channel don’t subscribe to the
channel and again thanks everybody for watching I appreciate it

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