So then I told the guy: “No you can’t take
my car!” You guys! We need to capture this moment right now! Cheese! So cute!
You better tag everyone in these pics Amy’s can never make my arms long enough
to eat everyone in the frame let me try if you don’t have a tripod
handy put your phone at the base of your sandal so you can capture the whole crew
just don’t forget to put it on timer mode unless you have super flexible toes
yes no one says cut off or anything how call
that a win for sure okay do I have post approval yet tag away Sophia tag away
selfies are great so and then but sometimes things can get a little well
boring see what I mean this watermelon is so juicy
oh I just thought of a great way to spice these selfies up Helle can I
borrow your eyes and that slice of watermelon real quick
I trust your artistic eye uh-huh I gotcha in just a flash you can create
the perfect summertime photo using just a piece of fruit this tasty trick works
just about anywhere snag a friend and sport these super-cute
watermelon dresses perfect for your latest it’s the story you can also do
this trick with pretty flowers from the garden wow I guess donuts cave in this
side hard to believe these aren’t edited photos right oh so cute if it’s a perfect day for the pool it’s
the perfect day for a photo shoot the next time you’re sitting poolside try
holding a big mirror like Vicky here whoa that looks really dreamy doesn’t it you can also take a pretty mirror like
this one into a garden for some super sultry pics the reflection in the mirror
makes these pics look perfectly photoshopped you can even use them to
look like you’re just a floating head see but what really stands out is using
the mirror to reflect something that’s beautifully contrast with your
backgrounds so pretty oh my gosh Oh get this to Vicky
don’t worry girl we’ll find the monster that did this to you but in the meantime
let’s take some pics for a silly photo shoot like this one simply hop into the
pool and stay by the edge make sure you’re wearing a ponytail have your
friend hold onto your hair while they sit facing the opposite way with their
head facing down okay Vicky this thing is awesome but it won’t make you famous
let’s not get a head of ourselves time to post it to the gram Oh Sofia you really know how to move oh
yeah I see you whoa are you sitting on something I
don’t see anything under her do you oh I get it
amy is controlling Sofia with string talk about a puppet master that was a
pretty smooth ride if I do say so myself Vicki you look fabulous and all but you
do know there’s no phone in that case right Oh God
well that makeup finally got to her hey wait a minute it seems like her hand
motions are controlling my camera whoa did you see that how are you doing this
Vicki ouch hey be careful that’s better you really do look nice but tell us how
are you doing this ah it’s the classic mirror game see Kelly is following
Vicki’s head motions a millisecond after she does them so that it seems like
Vicki’s controlling the phones camera look how in sync they are behind the
scenes BFF magic at its best whoa this is super creepy is that
actually a mirror in the picture um Mia are there two of you here or am I seeing
double again okay clearly you’re a genius of Photoshop otherwise you have a
lot of explaining to do you can make cool shots like this to write on your
phone using the panoramic mode slowly pan right as you record your video once
the camera hits the desired spot move your reflection and stop the camera that
admit this is some pretty impressive stuff damn vicky ever heard the saying get a
room geez take a breath you’re gonna eat a
space off girl Vicky we knew you liked fruit but this is going a little
overboard well an apple a day keeps the doctor away right Wow Olivia you sure
know how to do your stretches I guess there’s no time better than the present
and just stretch want to know the secret to the perfect stretch camera angles huh
camera tricks am i right it can be our little secret okay give it all give you my life I give you
my soul and I know that you keep it safe forever for all of you today whoa who knew Olivia had some serious
pipes on her and with a friend just underneath you Fanning your hair you’ll
look just like Celine Dion in her famous music videos refreshing wait a second am i floating
what’s going on um bye Becky okay what the heck was in that water anyway Oh watch your head
Hey how’s the weather up there okay Nikki wasn’t really levitating want
to know how this trick works behind the scenes first you want to show you
initially lifting up and floating push up onto your tippy toes a spot the
camera isn’t catching yet and don’t forget to rock a surprised look on your
face for the feet isolate them on the screen so you can’t see they’re sitting
on a table now stand on a chair while your upper body is being filmed see it
looks like you’re actually floating whoo-hoo
hang on tag girls well nothing beats spending the afternoon outdoors Wow
girls check out those mountain mutts let’s ride over to those in time for the
sunset okay look what things actually look like behind the scenes as long as
you don’t show their legs you can totally make people think you’re
spending the day horseback riding in your very own western film it’s amazing
how you can trick your friends with nothing but a blanket huit how is she lifting both feet like
that without falling Oh both your shoes are on one foot simply glue or tape both
the right and left shoe on one of your feet see easy oh nothing like a chill
Sunday with nothing to do just hang in with your buds dare to make things more
interesting who needs regular old chairs when you
can hang upside down hey girl you gonna join me or what why succumb to
everyday gravity turn things upside down post a clip of you and a pal to flying
the laws of gravity by confusing all of your friends simply make your backdrop
look like a floor by hanging a rug and putting some tables on their sides these
days when you’re feeling yourself stopping to take a selfie is crucial but
what if you’re in public place without anyone noticing you can quickly sneak in
a little pic and move on with your day but having a selfie session in the
privacy of your own home is a whole other story before you know it one quick
snap turns into a full-fledged photo shoot no funny face or angle is
off-limits quick take it before that guy turns
around oh man this bathroom lighting is great
oh hello gorgeous whoops okay I think the coast is clear
super smooth


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