FUN AND GENIUS PHOTO HACKS || Instagram Tricks For Awesome Pics by 123 GO! GOLD

Oh right Vicki what do you have up your
sleeve this time? Whoa what sorcery is this? A floating ball? Must be that
headband giving Vicki these magician vibes! All right Harriet Potter
what gives tell us your secret a ladle we should’ve guessed you are in the
kitchen Oh double whammy chicken noodle my favorite hey I wasn’t
done where are you going one woman one train and one question
will she make it uh you’re never going to catch the train
like that Sophia well better luck next time I guess Wow neato really is amazing
isn’t it how is that flower growing out of that person’s hand and so fast who
and this one is even prettier okay I give in how are you doing this with the
help of a friend you can make a flower up here like it’s growing out of your
hand by holding it between your fingers and holding dirt in the palm of your
hand now have someone film your hand as you slowly pull the flower stem down
with your unoccupied hand pull it all the way down through your fingers and
stop check it out now play it faster and in reverse to amaze your friend a
working girl wondering how you can star in your very
own music video like that grab a good friend like Vicky here to walk in front
of you as you strut your stuff you can throw chalk in the air like
olivia is as you go to add the dramatic effects Oh something tells me Vicky’s
going to have to take a shower after this video shoot what a good friend Oh anything to get the perfect shot right
ladies looks like it was well worth it well for the most part – whoa wondering why Vicky’s head isn’t screwed
on straight she’s wearing a device made of hangers
that she moves with her hand as she pretends to sneeze very tricky Vicky is
very tricky how did film makers capture this flower
blooming in a few seconds when it actually takes a week’s my favorite time
of the day lunch but where’s my lunch date at least I can depend on Instagram
to be there for me looks like everyone is having a fun lunch but me the hashtag
this sucks wait a sec hmm if you really want to
make your lunch date look realistic plug in your ear buds to the phone so you can
click it from afar now put the entire phone and the selfie
stick right on to the chair across from you wow that totally looks like the
state is taking those pictures photo shoot party of one hey girl so sorry I’m late
no worries I found a way to entertain myself to eat with help me not exactly
here’s such a cook Sofia it’s Sunday and you know what that means it’s cleaning
day and dusting off these light fixtures is no easy task
Wow Amy getting sleepy there I have a best idea ever
don’t move to get this ethereal look spread your hair cut evenly and place
pretty flowers around your head so Freddy is it just me or did Rob totally grow up
this summer whoa you weren’t kidding won’t it recreate some underwater magic
from the Graham but don’t want to get your hair wet fill up a clear tub with
water and elevated off the ground with the help of two chairs okay I’m ready
for my close-up too far man how’s this this hack works well if you have a blue
carpet to lay on top of like this one Wow
the water’s reflection makes it look like Mia’s totally underwater nothing
like a good pucker to rocking and sipping this is my I just fell into the
water and landed like this look so wait this film is about sharks and tornadoes
weird it’s getting late and I’m feeling pretty sleepy whoa did you see that wait
are you thinking what I’m thinking Instagram it’s you’re looking for a
one-of-a-kind content for your in speed try this hack on for size no don’t hurt
me is it just me or does this look like this bomb fuck
hang in there Sofia hit this one get it giddyup horsey let’s go we’ve got a
catch home before sunset come on wondering where the heck Vic you got a
horse you may want to look just a little bit closer worked it Olivia
working this summer time look is really working for you done how is it that this
will point in person but so dull on camera I know what if we just change the
angle of it okay stand back and hold on to me
sometimes if things don’t look quite right just change the way you’re looking
at yep that small change took this photo from lift to model status look at how
the colors pop just so fall that would be bad I hope your phone can handle all
the likes better I’ve had to come in Olivia oh look at these two lovebirds
looks like they’re posing for a romantic pic hey watch those hands mister whoa
that was Vicki the entire time you can trick your friends by doing this too
just dress half of your body as one person and the other half as the other
oh nothing like a chill sundae with nothing to do just hang in with your
buds dare to make things more interesting
who needs regular old chairs when you can hang upside down hey girl you gonna join me or what wife
succumb to everyday gravity turn things upside down post a clip of you and a pal
defying the laws of gravity by confusing all of your friends simply make your
backdrop look like a floor by hanging a rug and putting some tables on their
sides looking to piss off an ex via social media nothing says you are doing
great like showing them what they’re missing out on then your booty is
looking awfully a healthy beat state have you been working out Wow
lifting pots and pans isn’t much of a workout but it can help you enhance
things if you know what I mean oh don’t forget a good filter oh is it
yoga supposed to be relaxing all this bending and stretching is anything but
if only you had a little help ah there we go just breathe and stretch
huh Wow look at those legs go this is
amazing wait a minute how did Vicky suddenly get
so flexible those aren’t Vicky’s legs
hey those are Hailey’s legs


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