Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair Jakarta 2018 – (Part 1) – @JCC 5 – 7 Oct 2018 – Vlog#004

hi guys welcome back to the mike pino channel today were at garuda Travel Fair at Jakarta Convention Center we are on the second day and we’re going sightseeing and we’re going to see the enthusiasm of the people of Indonesia how they like to travel and like to buy lots of tickets the vibe the energy here, and let’s check it out oke, Hello Mr.Diaz, how are you today?, What are you doing here we are from Inflight Service Garuda Indonesia we are displaying many kind of services in Garuda Indonesia on existing flights from first class service, business class, economy and services for children’s food Here are some examples on what service dose Garuda Indonesia offer especially from the aspect of food and beverage so you guy’s there telling about the level of food in which grade your site on Come, Come on let’s see so Mr Diaz, where is the economy class This is for the economy class there are only two and only in the international economy flights oke let me see international flights there is two using the tray and there is also food for small children like this ohh oke, oke here are some sample display for the economy class for the international flights where is the business class? in principle everything here is first class and business class so all of this is first class and business class, oke oke the difference is the type of wine and also the various selection of food kinds of dining options for first class is more diverse oke for business class more diverse but not as various as first class for the economy was only limited to two food choices maximum for business class can be three for first class can be more than that for business and for first class, the more menu in first class is that right? right ! , oke is this the first class, yup so in here, i think we got like a sushi type or ? Japanese, Japanese type oke, But Japanese Indonesian Japanese mix Indonesian oke, oke is that like appetizers or main course? this is appetizers but the difference is the winery the wine is different between first class and business class which is the first class and which is the business class? this is champagne for the first class Salmon group first class this is first class, and this both? all first class over there is the business class this one is the business class let me see this is the wine for the business class oke, champagne we cannot try one? unfortunately we cannot so today your just displaying what Service dose Garuda Indonesia offer for the meal’s and that’s all, that’s it there is a amenity kit’s over there, oke what do we have here right now? this are the amenity kit’s for the first class flight as you can see for the first class the headset is very exclusive the headset is different uuu the headset there is amenity kit’s first class there are several the content are branded item so it’s branded here the item is very exclusive and the wrapping is exclusively too inside is very interesting and the pouch is interesting we get shampoo there are various kinds of amenity kit’s so you guy’s, you can see this is for the first class right this is what you get in Garuda Indonesia for the first class, i like the headset so this is for the? the business class, not much I like the brush and this is for the kids?, yeah in the back is the amenity kit’s for the economy class the pouch are different for the economy is very simple package simple, also in here we display children’s toy’s so to get this, if the kids order children meal’s will automatically get this children’s toy wooow see guy’s if you go flight with Garuda if you bring your kids and you purchase kids meal right dan Anda membeli makanan anak-anak dengan benar so you don’t have to pay any more that’s how generous Garuda Indonesia to children see oke moving along so what’s your name hi my name is Intan, Hello Intan so what do we have here Intan so in our booth contribution of Garuda and collaboration with Samsung in here there is VR gaming using Samsung Note so in here we have a VR, they join with Samsung and were gone play some VR you guy’s it’s just a Hospitality from Garuda and Samsung to attract the people in here so were gone try the VR is this robust oke oke oke can it fit? , no it can’t fit, it’s alright to fat oke you guy’s, here we go here we go here we go ow my god ow my god oke, here we go oke oke can it be finish finish oh my god you guy’s it feel’s so it feel’s like real you guy’s so thank you mbak thank you for playing this thank’s to Samsung and Garuda right now we are in the prize counter so i just purchase, how much? minimal three million for the prize of three million you can get voucher from the Prize Counter in Garuda let me see, let me see so what did i get from three million you get everything, so i get all of this yes, ohh i get all of this oke, so i got the voucher to us wifi in the airport in other country if you go traveling i got a voucher and whats this, Gelanggang Samudra Ancol ohh, i got a fifty percent off to go to Ancol what else, this one, alot of again again see you guy’s if you purchase a tickets from Garuda you get a lot of prize like this see do I get a pen? yes, oww i gwt a pen also so , thank you you guy’s I just buy the 10 million ticket to Holland Netherlands, what did i get? so I get this pouch there is an XL XXL yes, oke, and this one yes, really, i got a plane you guy’s, oke, alot I’ll take it all here this is for you Thank you you guy’s two week ago we hosted Jessica dan Kyle they sponsoring well we sponsoring competition as well where you can enter to win a free Safari ohh can you sponsor me ahhh, you need to fill in the form okay I’ll feel in the form after this, oke alright “thank you for watching” “don’t forget to like and subscribe” “follow my Instagram”


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