GFriend in Picnic Live Sopoong [CC: ENG SUBS]

Hello~ We are GFriend~! Sowon: Okay. Please let us say hello. / Hello~!! We are GFriend~!! Sowon: The song that we just sang to you was our 2nd title song “Me Gustas Tu”. Sowon: Do you like it? / Yes~!! SinB: The next song we’re going to sing to you is called “Under The Sky” from our album. SinB: The lyrics are so beautiful and this is an exciting song so I want you to show good reactions. Umji: On the last part, there is “la la la ~~” part so I hope you can sing along with us since it’s easy. / Okay? / Yes~!! Yerin: Please be excited~ Happy Birthday to You~ Happy Birthday to You~ Happy Birthday Dear Yerin & Umji Happy Birthday to You~! Make a wish~ Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Happy Birthday~!! Sowon: We had no idea. / Yerin: It’s going to be a sweet birthday. SinB: Don’t cry~ / Yuju: You guys are having a birthday at the Sopoong. Yerin: I think this birthday is one that I can’t forget in my life. Thank you. Umji: Thank you so much. Sowon: We never had a vacation after the debut. Sowon: I think this concert was the one that we can remember since we came here to the water park. It was great. Yerin: I want to go into the water~ / Sowon: Exactly. / Eunha: It feels like picnic. It feels like we went on picnic. (What did you make a wish on?) / Yerin: Should we say it together?? Our goal is… The rookie of the year! Sowon: Please come. / SinB: I want to see. Umji: In fact, my birthday came without my family around so I was kind of sad but Umji: you gave us a great event so I really appreciate it. And it’s going to be a happy day for me today. Thank you~! (playing “My Buddy”) Sowon: Please give GFriend lots of love. / Please~

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