Go! Go! Nihon Study Trips for Japanese Language and Cultural Immersion in Japan

I like the beat that Tokyo has. It’s a very interesting rhythm of life that I wanted to try. And so far I’m liking it so much. The Go! Go! Nihon Short-Term Courses Available every month of the year. Get ready… My favorite thing about Go! Go! Nihon’s course is being able to be in Japan and meet new people, like international people, people
from around the world, and also Japanese people. I chose to come here to learn Japanese and also experience the country. I pretty much like everything about Tokyo. It’s a very large city, and you can see different perspectives
in the same city. Walk around with friends, seeing what
everyone likes, and it’s fun! I really like how there’s so many people that
I have so many things in common with. It’s turned out great-
I made a lot of friends. I really like the classes, and the
school is really good. We have class 3-4 hours a day, and if you study at home you’ll be fine. I would recommend this course to
anyone who loves Japan. At Go! Go! Nihon’s International Parties,
you can practice all the Japanese you want! I recommend this course because
you can study Japanese and have fun at the same time while
experiencing Japan. You can also have many new experiences as well! If you like Japan, you should
definitely partake in these courses. I highly recommend this unique experience. Japan is such an incredible country. I’ve been here before, I’m here now,
and I’m definitely coming back again. And using this course is a really
great way to see it. I will definitely recommend this
course to all my friends. It gives you a chance to come to Japan
if you really like this country. If you like Japan and if you like meeting
new people and want to learn Japanese, I would certainly recommend the course. It’s the right thing to do! Go! Go! Nihon 2016 Short-Term Courses Sign Up Today! To get more info and apply, visit
Go! Go! Nihon

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