Going On Holiday VR Vacation Simulator!

– Hi buddies, you guys
are watch Kawaii Kunicorn, and I am on VR Vacation, so this is the brand new
VR Vacation simulator from the same people that made the job sim games that I know you guys love so I am so excited to get my first look at what it is like to be on vacation. – Hello buddies of the
internet, it’s Kawaii Kunicorn. – Oh my gosh, I’m in the vacation museum. This is so cool. All right, so, hello human,
waiting for guest pass. All right, so let’s load a
guess pass into the machine and oh my gosh, we are going on vacation. I am so excited. (soft jazz music) Oo, already got some music. Ah, I’m in an elevator. I think we’re arriving. (gasps) Hi.
– Welcome to the grand opening of vacation island. – I am so happy to be here. – Before you vacation, we should
learn how to talk to bots. – Oh, okay.
– When you’re close, just wave to get a bot’s attention. – Hi bot, how’s it going?
– Try it now. – Hello, can you see me?
– Good job. – Thank you.
– You really nailed the standard human greeting protocol. – Tried my best.
– Now for the fun part. Let’s take a peak inside your suite. – (gasps) Oh my gosh, I get my own suite. – To move around, look
where you want to go. Then hold this button until
you see your destination. – Okay, it is time to enter my suite. Oh this is gonna be so cool (gasps). Whoa, all of this is for me? – Before we go on vacation,
– Yeah. – we need to make sure you look relaxed. – Good point.
– Head into the bathroom to personalize the way you look. – Okay. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. Okay, so this whole
suite looks to be mine. I’ve got like a whole
building here to myself. What’s this? Welcome to Vacation Resort,
you are here in suite 101. So I’ve got my own bathroom, it looks like I’ve got a
little office space over there that looks like it’s my bedroom but I need to customize
my look, apparently, to be extra relaxed, so let’s head into the bathroom. – Every human starts as a blank slate. You can be the you, you see in yourself. – Oh, no way, this is so cool. All right, so we get to
customize my human appearance. I’m gonna probably try to
make the human look like me. I have pretty pale skin so I
think that probably looks good and, oh my gosh look, it’s me (laughs). It’s like a mirror, hello, I’ve got a bald
head, super, super bald. Alright, so I think I
need to get some hair. Um, oo, this moves up and down. What does this do? Oo, okay, I am going to make
myself have a pink pfizer, I think that’s a great look for vacation, um, and then, awesome, alright,
so I can pick some hair. Let’ try to find a hairtsyle
that looks the most like me. Oh, yeah, definitely
this one, ah, it’s me! I’m gonna need to change
the color of my hair. I can have blue hair, I can be a blondie or do
I want to have pink hair? Oh my gosh, that looks so cool. Let me know in the comments section what color hair you think I should have. I’m gonna go with my
actual hair color for now, maybe it’s more like this one that looks pretty good. Alright, let’s see what other
kinds of customizations, I can do here. Oh my gosh, I’ve got a beard (laughs). Oh, no, oh my gosh, okay,
let’s shave that off. Does it actually work? Oh my gosh, I shaved it off! I wonder what else I can shave off. Let me cut this one off,
maybe a nice long beard. I kind of look like Timo,
let’s shave this off, alright. Well, cool, I think I’m
looking pretty good. I could wear a pair of
glasses over top of this. There’s lots of cool styles. These ones or maybe these ones, oo, they all look good but
I usually wear contacts, so I’m gonna stick with this. Okay, this looks so amazing so far. I’m so excited, if you like
the new vacation simulator, give this video a thumbs up and after you’ve watched the video, let me know in the comments section what your favorite part of this is so far. Alrigth, so I guess, I should probably get washed
up before I head outside, so I’ve already given
myself a nice clean shave, which is good. Alright, let’s just brush my teeth, I feel like I’ve kind of got
some bad breath at the moment so let’s get the toothbrush (laughs) and let’s brush these teeth, alright. I’m starting to feel a
little bit fresher, eeeeeh, that’s probably good, alright. A quick comb of the hair, looking good and probably
haven’t had a bath in a while so maybe I should just head into the bath. Oh my gosh (laughs) no way,
this is so cool, alright. This is like the biggest bathtub
I think I’ve ever been in, let’s fill this up, oo, there we go, ah, oh my gosh, this is so cool. Alright, I want to have some
bubble and shine in my bath, let’s add a bit of this. I’m not really seeing
a whole lot of bubbles, is this thing on? There we go, maybe the bubbles
don’t work, that’s cool, I can always use the
soap, let’s turn this off. Well, oh, wow, look, I can
touch the water (laughs). Can I go underwater? Oo (laughs) this is so cool, alright, what else have we got here? It looks like we got some bath
toys, a little rubber ducky, very cute and a doughnut, I
definitely want a doughnut. I think that was a bath
bomb, let’s try this again. Oh my gosh! They’re bath bombs and they
change the color of the water. Um, okay, this is amazing,
I gotta try all of them out, oo, green bath. What about this one? (laughs) this is so cool, alright, I like the doughnut bath the best so I guess I should just
lather up a little bit, just give myself a little
wash there, tsh tsh tsh tsh. That’s proabbly good, alright,
let’s drain this bath. I think it’s draining, drain the bath. That’s fine, I’m sure that somebody, one of the people who works here in the suite will come and drain the bath for me so I think, I’m pretty much ready for the day. Let’s have one more look
in the mirror, yeah, I look nice and clean now. My hair is looking good, awesome, alright, I think we are ready to
head out on vacation. This is so exciting,
alright, let’s open the door. – Looking good human. – Thank you. – Before we head out into the world, you’ll want a place to
keep all your cool stuff. – Oh, yeah. – Here, take this one of a
kind human bag storage device. – Oh my gosh! My own bag storage. – I think they call it a backpack – Oo, nice and a doughnut, sorry, I was supposed to store this,
you saw nothing, that’s fine. I’ll just pop that in my back. – Wow, human, you look really Torres. – Thank you. – Feel free to continue
exploring your sweet, I’ll be outside when you
want to check out the rest of vacation island. – Awesome, okay, it looks like
there’s a lot to see in here. There’s a game room, there’s
a like office, the bedroom. I really want to check this out but I want to go on vacation
really, really badly, so I gotta make a decision. Okay, I’m gonna go outside and
I’m going to go on vacation, but if you want to see another video where I explore the rest of my suite, let me know in the comments section and I’ll totally do one
of those but right now, I gotta go outside. (gasps) hello. – Well, I thought we
were ready to vacation, but it looks like all the
destinations are closed right now. – (gasps) no. – What is this? – What is it?
– This was not here earlier. – Funny you should ask, the bureau of simulations requires metrics to prove the success of
a project which you seem to have conveniently forgotten. Luckily, I’ve figured out a
way to measure a vacation, quantified memory management. – Right, cool. – Oh, efficiency bot, I should have known. – We can’t take efficiency bot anywhere. – Here human, take this wristband, it will be your key to unlock
efficient, measurable fun. – Cool, thank you. – Efficient, now use it on
that scanner over there. – Alright, awesome, it looks like this watch is gonna tell me about the amazing memories that I’m making while I’m on vacation. – Repeating myself is inefficient, swipe your wristband on the scanner. – So sorry, um, let’s check this out. – Access denied. – What? – You don’t have enough memories, oh, yes, you need memories to gain access to different areas of the resort. Here, try this, a memory of the times you
didn’t have enough memories and that is how you vacation. – So I guess we’re doing memories now. – Yeah. – Anyway, it looks like, your wristband has enough
memories for that scanner, try it. – Awesome, alright, let’s try it that. – Pass accepted. (vibrant chiming music) – And with that, vacation island is open. – Yay! – You can visit any of
our three destinations. – The beach is the most
efficient place to start. – Okay, so obviously, efficiency bot wants
me check out the beach and I promise I’m gonna go to the beach but can we just appreciate the fact that there is a vacation
forest and a vacation mountain, which sounds amazing. Let me know in the comment section, which of these you would
want to go to first and what you want to see in my next video so I’m gonna go to the beach
today but in the next video, do you want forest or
do you want mountain? Both sound amazing. Alright, let’s go to the beach. Efficiency bot is kind
of giving me a little bit of a glare there so I think he wants me to be a little more efficient,
so let’s go to the beach. How do I do it? It opened a second ago, there we go. – Welcome to vacation beach. – Oh my gosh. – Humans came to the beach to reconnect with the moment they
evolved to walk on land. – Ah, I see you’re finally
getting the hang of vacation. – Yeah, I’m trying. – Make enough memories
and you’ll get access to more areas of vacation island. – Cool! – I’m not sure that measuring
vacations was the point but I’m happy that we
made it to the beach. – Totally. – The bureau of simulations
won’t be satisfied unless we have clear metrics. – I don’t think we’re seeing
screen to screen on this one but I know to track the
moments you enjoy human. There’s a camera in your
backpack, try it out. – Cool, let’s check it out. Alright, here’s my backpack,
oo, this must be my camera. – Just tap the button on
the camera to snap a photo. – Alright, I’m going to
take a picture of you. – Wonderful, now this is vacationing. – Sure is. – There are plenty of actual memories to be made on the beach.
– Yeah, like this. – And I’ve heard you can
find bot bits treasure at the dive site. – Maybe this looks… – Have fun vacationing your way human. – Thank you so much. – We’ll see you later. – Alright, see you later, the
moment that the bots left me. There we go, document
this important memory. Oh my gosh, this beach is
beautiful, there’s palm trees, there’s this like beautiful waterfall. This looks like the lifeguard
tower which is pretty cool, probably want to explore that later and it looks like that we’ve got a board here
that’s telling us all about what’s happening on vacation. Vacation bot, obviously
my new pal and then, what else is going on here? The vacation beach dive site,
reach botbeard’s lost treasure that sounds amazing. Alright, I guess, we will probably save
searching for lost treasure for another day because I am here to relax so let’s head down on the
beach, see what’s going on. Oh, wow, look at these,
are these some magazines. What are you reading? A sandy romance, I hate sand
but I love this by spicybot, author of Kiss A Fish (laughs). Alright, oh, sorry, it looks like you’re kind of overheating. Let’s try to, I don’t know that this is
actually very good for you. You didn’t apply– – Hey, is that you ElizaBot? – What? – It’s just you human. – I’m not ElizaBot. – Next time a wave would suffice. – Oh, okay, sorry, I’m
just gonna put your, A Sandy Romance novel back here. What else are you reading? What is this? Simulation’s A Beach,
suit up, the magazine. Hot tips on staying cool, okay, well, it looks like you’ve
got some great options there so I’ll just leave them to you. I really do think you need to sort out this overheating
issue but don’t worry about it. I need to go for a swim, I think I’m gonna head over
to this beautiful waterfall. (laughs) oh my gosh, this is so cool. Oh, wow, the water is so nice, oh, hi! – Oh my, would you like a round? There are so many
butterflies on this beach, I, emotion, all of these tiny creatures. – They’re beautiful.
– Would you be a kind human and patch me three different types. They’re very shy so move
slowly, butterfly, flyer by, into my collection. – Okay, don’t worry, I can totally find some
butterflies for my collection. If anyone see’s a butterfly that I miss, let me know in the comments section. There it is, okay, I see a pink butterfly. The bot did say to approach slowly so I’m gonna go real slow, yes, gotcha! Alright, here you go,
a beautiful pink one. – Thank you human, two more butterflies will really make my screensaver a reality. – Amazing, alright, I can try
to find some more for you. This looks like a half eaten doughnut or a macaroni or something. Oh my gosh, a penne, they’re pool noodles. This is so funny, um, okay, I don’t need these at the moment. No, so I’m gonna pop these over there. I don’t know what this is, oh, they’re appearing
again and a nice doughnut. Where are the other butterflies? Do you guys see any other butterflies? They’ve gotta be somewhere. Alright, maybe they’re
somewhere else on the beach, maybe they’re under here,
oo, I’m under water. Oh my gosh, look at this, is this money? What is this? I think I found treasure, okay, I’ll just put that in my pocket. Put that in my pocket and
look at you, you’re so cute. Are you happy down here? Are you having a nice time in the ocean? I should probably leave
the wildlife alone, sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you there. Alright, what else have we got down here? I don’t know what that is,
I don’t see any butterflies. I need to come up for air. Okay, let’s see, are there any other
butterflies around here? I don’t see any, alright. Alright, I haven’t found
the other butterflies yet, but I feel like they might be
somewhere else on the beach so I’m just gonna have a look around. I will be back and don’t worry,
I’m totally gonna find them. Oh, what’s this? A castle blaster, okay,
this is an electronic game, this should not actually be in the ocean. I’ll chuck it back on shore
for you, don’t worry, here. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Sorry, my bad, you can
keep the game if you want. Alright, let’s see if I
can explore over this way. Oh, I can go over here, what’s this? Are there any butterflies around here? Oh, hi. – The sun is on, the water
is wet, it’s time to, sports, pass me your ball and now it’s game on. – Okay, then here’s the ball. – Hey, it’s a hand ball, let’s play. The rules are simple, get the ball passed me
and I’ll hand you a point. – Alright. – Try to beat my high score human. – Alright, let’s make some memories. Oh my gosh, we’re gonna
play, this is so cool. Where did my ball go? Are you gonna give me the ball? Oh, here’s some balls, alright, get ready. Yes, got one in, it’s going in. I’m very sport, oh my
gosh, this is awesome. I’m sorry, I think that
they’re letting me win. Oh, they got that one, oh
my gosh, well done, alright. – Incredible. – Thank you. – You were great human recourse, you’re really getting the hang of sports. – Thank you. – Level your game by trying
some different sports, just bring me a new ball. – Oh, okay, um, maybe, just one more ball because
I was kind of on a bit of a mission to find some butterflies for this lovely bot over here and I don’t want them to think that I’ve forgotten about
them so how about… Is this a ball? How about this? – Human that’s not really a ball but we can still play catch. – Awesome, hee, here you go. Oh my gosh, it’s just
like we’re at the beach. This is so funny,
alright, um, another ball. Do you guys see another
ball around here somewhere? I’ve already played with
this one, what about… I don’t see any other balls. Okay, well, I don’t
actually see another ball, so we’re gonna play some more sports, how about we play some more sports later? I’ll pass this ball onto
someone else, or not. Cool, so I’ll be back in just a minute, I’m gonna have another
look for these butterflies, maybe up here or somewhere, let’s see. It doesn’t look like
he can go up there yet, maybe I need to unlock those areas. Okay, I’m gonna head back
over to the beach so buddies, we are looking for a butterfly
that appears to be a drone. I’m really not sure where these other two
butterflies could be, maybe over here, let’s have
a look, oo, what’s this? Hi. – Welcome to the sandcastle station human. You can design your own castle or try to follow the blue prints. – Cool, oh my gosh, sandcastle station. This is so cool. Alright, let’s see if we
can make a basic sandcastle. Alright, let’s see how this works. Oh my gosh, I haven’t made a sandcastle in so long but I’m gonna try my best. Do you like this? Judge me. – Zero angles match this blueprint but at least you’re having fun. – That’s a little bit of
a backhanded compliment but um, oh, okay, I think it’s because I
used these tower blocks, instead of this solid
block so I’m just gonna, maybe I’ll just chuck some
of these over that way and let’s try that one more time. Alright, all of you, get out of the way. We’ll try that one more
time and I’ll go like this, I’m trying to do the basic
sandcastle up at the top there. Let’s make this castle,
alright, how’d I do this time? – It seems you’ve got some work to do to complete the challenge. None of the angles match. – None of the angles match,
okay, um, I think that… Oh, okay, I’ve got it. This is telling me what it
looks like from a top view and that’s the front view
and this is the right view. Okay, this is actually a lot harder, than I thought it was gonna be. Let’s try one more time, I
want to make a sandcastle. Alright, so, I think
this must be the front, like that and we’re gonna need a door, so this looks like a pretty
good door piece there. Alright, that’s looking a
little bit better and then, maybe some torrets, I
think it looks like that, that looks pretty good
and then, from the right. I think it’s got like this thing there. How do I see, how do I see the next page. Oh, I think this demolishes my sandcastle, let’s not do that. Let’s see what this does. What’s in here? Oo, tools, this is cool. Are these like decorations? (laughs) that’s so cool, alright, I don’t think I need
any of these right now so I’ll just pop them back in there. Oh my gosh, alright, oh,
these change the colors. Wow, let’s see what purple ones look like. Ah, they’re so pretty, oh, I’ve got to get this one out of here, it’s kind of blocking up the drawer. Sorry, just pop you there. Let’s see what blue ones
look like, so pretty. Wait, did that shell just
turn into a little critter? Let’s see if that works again, alright, what if I go like this, will
you turn into a critter? Maybe not, hmm, alright, well, I’ve still gotta figure
out how some of this works. Okay, let’s see what’s in here,
oh, cool, more decorations. Put lot’s of nice stuff
outside, have a little, maybe I’ll make a little
beach here, can I do that? Put this in here, oh, no,
just makes it disappear. Alright, so it looks like, we’ve got lot’s of
materials to work with here. I’m just gonna try to guess
what I think it should look like so it kind of makes sense to me that these would be symmetrical. I am going to go like this, put one of these at the back like that. I don’t know, maybe there
shouldn’t be a backdoor. Okay, I’m not totally sure
but this is the best I’ve got, so let’s pull the judge me cord. – You’re almost there. – Almost there. – The only thing that
needs fixing is the front. – Oh, the front, what’s
wrong with the front? I thought it looked perfect. Hmm, okay, maybe it’s this one here, maybe that’s the problem. I’m gonna put a solid block at the back. Alright, what do you think now? – Well done human, a few new pieces can
make such a difference. – Right? – Can’t they? – Oh my gosh, I am so proud,
my castle looks amazing. Now, for the most fun part,
I get to destroy my castle. So, uh-oh, the tides coming in. You didn’t think about the tides, did you? Before you were building the castle. Oh, no, watch out, alright buddies, I think it’s time for me
to do a bit of relaxing so I’m gonna have a snooze
over here on this little towel and if you want to see some
more vacation sim videos, let me know in the comment section and I’ll see you really soon, bye buddies. (lively pop music)


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