Going to Stockholm? Travel like a local!

Welcome to Stockholm and SL,
Stockholm public transport, where you can travel to 7,080
different destinations on one ticket. Get the SL app. It’s the best way
to get around in Stockholm. To find a station,
go to the map function in the app, mark your position
and follow the directions. A tip: Stand on the right side on
the escalator and walk on the left. -You can be fined if you don’t.
-Uh, no you can’t. You can buy tickets here,
and also here. Any place that has this flag. And in these machines. The best skill a Swede has
is queuing. No, that’s not true. Anyway, now you’re on your way
to your destination. Is this the hotel you’re going to? Or here? Anyway,
SL will take you there. By train. When you board a train,
the ends are always full of people. Head for the middle instead. This is a secret
that no one in Stockholm knows. When entering a train, make sure
that everyone gets off first. You can also take the… …bus. When it comes to eating
in public transportation, the more liquid your food is,
the less accepted. Cottage cheese is not okay. -Do you want some?
-Oh, no, thank you. You can even go by boat with SL.
Thank you for visiting Stockholm. All passengers, please exit the train.

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