Going to the Orange Bowl to watch the Badgers? Here are some budget-friendly options to get there

THE BADGERS ARE HEADED TO THE SUNSHINE STATE FOR THEIR FINAL GAME OF THE YEAR. AND YOU COULD JOIN THEM AT THE ORANGE BOWL — IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. OUR LEAH LINSCHEID JOINS US WITH HOW TO FIND THE BEST FARES. LEAH. THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS OUT THERE FOR YOU — LOTS OF THEM, ALL-INCLUSIVE. BUT — IF YOU’RE WILLING TO DO THE WORK — YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PACKAGE — FOR A LITTLE BIT CHEAPER — THAT’S WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT NOW. THE TIME IT TAKES TO DO THIS — COULD SAVE YOU A COUPLE HUNDRED — OR MORE. It took us – a little time – to find someone interested in the Orange Bowl. ((( , “”Hey guys! Are you thinking about going to the Orange Bowl? – No probably not, what’s the Orange Bowl? “))) ((( , “39:00ish “Orange bowl? Going? Interested? No? C’mon!” “))) ((( , ” “Orange Bowl? Thinking about it?” “))) And – ((( , ” “Orange Bowl? [pointing] No?” “))) – it might take *you* a little time – [Leah sigh] to find an affordable option to get there. ((( , “”Hey guys! Are you thinking about going to the Orange Bowl?” I just don’t want to spend that much money to go to a football game.” “))) ((( , ” 32:59 “I just bought my wife a new car – she had a choice, a bowl game or a no car she picked the new car” 33:06 “))) Travel packages are available with all the bells and whistles. The UW Alumni Association is offering round trip airfare, hotel and a UW-sanctioned tailgate party. Packages start around $2,000. Funjet – also offers an all-inclusive option – for around *25*-hundred. ((( , ” 34:25 “uhh ridiculous – that’s a little high” “))) ((( , ” 3:30 “What if I found you a cheaper way to get down there would you consider going – yeah I would” “))) If you’re willing to spend just a little time looking – you can find a more economical option. A roundtrip flight to Miami out of Milwaukee will cost you around $500. Hotels – run around $100 per night – Air BnB has offers as low as $50. How about tickets to the game? Be ready to shell out $300 or more -or – check out these Wisconsin-themed bars in town to watch the bowl. ((( , ” Orange Bowl?? “))) ((( , ” 40:27 “I will absolutely watch it on TV.” “))) If your travel plans just keep – falling through – it might be worth taking a little time – to research a more reasonable route – to Miami. SO I’M LOOKING AT AIR B N B RIGHT NOW… PRICES ARE ________. HOTELS — HERE… AND FLIGHTS — HERE. YOU COULD QUITE POSSIBLY SWING THIS TRIP FOR UNDER A GRAND. THOUGH THERE ARE OF COURSE ADVANTAGES TO SPENDING A BIT MORE… AND HAVING SOMEONE ELSE PLAN IT ALL OUT, TOO.

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