hi everyone I’m Diana Palm and today
we’re going to talk about grief during the holidays and I’ve got some tips to
help you get through the very difficult emotional process of going through the
holidays at the same time as you’re suffering with the pain of grief stay
tuned for many people right now going through
the holidays is a really difficult time because they’ve recently lost
somebody close to them or this may be the first anniversary of a holiday after
the passing if this is you and you’re currently going through this loss and
experiencing grief you may already know that the immense amount of sorrow and
loneliness that you’re feeling especially around the holidays when
families and friends gather and your loved one is missing this grief and
sorrow can be felt more now than perhaps at different times of the year first
remember that it’s really necessary for you to feel your grief after the loss of
a loved one and you can’t move through it too quickly or it will just elongate
the process if you try to move through your grief too quickly you may actually
create more emotional suffering for yourself but it is really important for
you to feel all the grief that you’re feeling and to allow yourself some time
outs which around the holidays means that maybe opting out on some events
would be in your best interest don’t try to force yourself to go to
every holiday party or every family gathering because right now your
emotions are really intense and raw and trying to keep up and put on appearances
that you’re okay when you’re absolutely not okay that’s not going to help you
how are you gonna get through the holidays without your loved one I’m not
going to tell you it’s gonna be easy but I do have some tips that can help you
emotionally get through this time of year doing the same thing being around
the same people and having that one person missing may actually really
exasperate what you’re feeling and the loneliness and the awareness that this
person is literally missing in your life so while you already know that it’s
sometimes more helpful to shake things up and do something different that you
normally would not do you could look for things to do that are meaningful for you
you could bring some extra blankets and clothing to the people living on the
streets that are homeless that need extra warmth at this time of year
you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or volunteer to visit people that are
elderly in nursing homes looking for something that you can do that’s
meaningful for you that could uplift another person is a really really good
way to help alleviate some of the grief that you’re feeling right now even if
it’s just offering help to one other person this might be enough to lift you
up for the day and it could also really help somebody else who’s in need
performing any acts of kindness is always gonna make you feel good and
especially now when you’re feeling so sad about your loss I also recommend
spending some time in prayer but also offering those prayers to the other
people that you know that are suffering or may need some help if you’re choosing
to say no to a family holiday explain to your family and friends that it really
is nothing personal but that you need to find your own path this year some people
actually feel a little bit guilty like they’re letting their family down if
they don’t show up if you still want to do some gift-giving this year but you’re
not up for the large crowds and the holiday shopping just order what you
want online and have it delivered to the person that you want the gift to be
given to if you think you’re up to attending a holiday gathering make sure
you give yourself a little escape clause which means forewarn everybody that you
might be coming for half an hour or an hour or maybe just that you’re not gonna
stay for the entire event but that you will make an appearance that way people
won’t be so alarmed when you get up to leave and you won’t feel overwhelmed
emotionally and feel like you need to stay past the point when it feels
comfortable you could also create a new tradition to memorialize the person that
just passed a good way to do this is to make a special ornament for the person
that passed that you’ll be able to put on your treat year after year from this
point forward you could also spend the evening watching one of your favorite
holiday movies especially if there’s one that you shared in common with your
loved one that passed some people avoid cooking during this time but I think
it’s a great way to honor them and also to engage in some activity
yourself so spend some time in the kitchen creating a gorgeous dinner with
all the dishes that your loved one loved the most and actually set a place for
them at the table and when you eat the food think about them doing things that
reminds you of your loved one will actually help their spirit draw close to
you and will actually comfort you during the holidays remember it’s okay to talk
to them just speak right out loud and be honest about everything that you’re
thinking and feeling get everything off your heart this might be an excellent
time to start some new traditions for yourself and your family
so stay open-minded go with the flow and allow there to be some breathing room as
you’re moving through the holiday season if you found the information in this
video helpful go ahead and like it leave a comment for me below if you’d like to
share something that you do around the holidays that really helps you when
you’re grieving I would love to hear it make sure to subscribe to my channel if
you’re interested in having more uplifting messages and information to
help you with grief as a medium and spiritual healer I can definitely tell
you that your loved ones are aware of everything that you do to honor them
every time you speak their name every time you do something special and every
time that you’re remembering them they’re feeling you and so they know the
things that you do to honor them and memorialize them and if they were there
in person I’m sure they’d wrap their arms around you and give you a big hug
and I wish I could do that right through this screen and give you guys some
comfort right now but do know that there is help available and if you need
someone to talk to look for some grief counseling some groups that you can
belong to also check out my 9 week grief healing program where I actually work
with your DNA to help move the energy of grief out of your body and download new
feelings and beliefs to help you heal spiritually the unfinished business that
you may have left and to give you the emotional support to move forward you
can check out my 9 week grief healing program right on my website at
thanks so much happy holidays


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