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hey guys welcome back to my channel my
name is Lea also known as travel Lea and today no how many nerves do I get on yours how
many do I have how many do you have left any nerves do I go how much do I know anyone a scale of 1
to 10 somebody answer that answer it it
depends on if you’re hungry or not when I’m hungry how it’s going 1 to 10 when
I’m hungry how annoyed are you I mean I’m pretty patient slowly though no I
just learn to laugh at all what nothing it’s a trick question no
tell the truth I’m like a 6.5 everything tonight
ok maybe at 8.5 we do i nyu uh when you ask me where all your stuff is ten times
a day like I have to keep track of all of your things and all of my things cuz
that’s what I came on this earth for cuz you move it and then I don’t move any of
your stuff you just don’t even look she goes yeah we got me to imitate you yeah
I need attention I need attention come touch me I mean attention I love her so
much and I’m glad to be here again we’re gonna be here with anybody else hey guys my name is Lee Alison and let’s
travel yeah and I’m back with another vlog this is part two of our backpacking
adventure in Central America check out our view we are here at Lake as it’s
live I know it’s super shaky so I’m not gonna
flunk much right now because we are in a hooked up we’re on our way to go meet
our tour group because we’re doing a copy towards you guys so we are coffee
farm and we’re right now in Santander so we gotta take a little attack be
there okay gracias muchas gracias then we’re gonna go to the farm and to the
plant to see how coffee is made and that’s it excited very let’s see sample cafe I love coffee I
love coffee culture coffee is like I wish more african-americans we’re into
like the culture of coffee and where it comes from and how it’s made
palate I’m excited to see like
some of the another origin of coffee yeah yeah yeah
I’m excited too I’m kind of a coffee fan not like Tiffany or more of a wino but
I’m excited why they weren’t you a chocolate Beto coquito play out my finance alright guys so we made it we’re in San
Juan we’re here at the coffee fields is a hundred percent organic coffee farm
plantation it’s really beautiful out here we also have a beautiful view of
the Indian nose this is the Indian nose we’re actually going to do a sunrise
hike up there and it’s called any nose because it’s like Indian nose the nose
is right there it’s like it’s laying down if you see the face and that’s the
nose anyways so we’re just gonna learn about coffee do some coffee tasting the hall these families here yeah so
right now we are checking out the coffee plantation you’re gonna look at some
coffee plants and see where they take all the beautiful coffee beans from so
beautiful in Guatemala if you guys didn’t know has like the best coffee in
the world so that’s coffee bean Oh cheap coffee
yeah the harvester cost me November so right now it’s just growing
now is that you small coffee beans right now little coffee beans right now yeah
where I grew up there’s a lot of Christmas tree farms smells very good and this is more yeah
are you good oh yeah okay so these are coffee little coffees that baby coffee
oh this is that baby coffee three months inside four H back this way
only with a dress with the first-class coffee yeah so this is first hey guys we
just finished the coffee tour and now we get to taste the coffee it includes a
drink so we’re about to do then I order the coffee wine and then this is the
FINA this is a coffee wine soon oh this one is the coffee wine and you ordered
what did you order Cortado a Cortado so what is something that you learned today
say twice two things that you learned today okay
so what are you thinking I learned a lot today about the coffee I first applied
I’ve never seen a coffee plant before so that was really great that you guys will
see in the footage number two I learned that each coffee plant they can use it
for forty five years which is quite a long time and then through the process
of those years they have to like groom the trees and they could grow like
quality beans I also learned like so the coffee plants
have to be like somewhat shaded it’s like each different plant has a
different formula of how much shade versus Sun maybe that was very
interesting because me I thought that likes the coffee beans we’re just gonna
be like out and open in the Sun but no like well we’re as we were walking
you’ll see in the footage it’s like this very beautiful shaded like seems like
looks like kind of like a jungle because they plant other trees around the coffee
trees so that they have the best environment to have the quality beans
what did you learn I learned about the difference between second class coffee
and first class coffee and like once you add the water to it and in the process
the second class coffee is going to float and the first class coffee is
going to sink it’s kind of like your most basic basic cup we also learned
that Nestle buys the like dirt dirt dirt coffee beans mm-hmm like the dried like
it’s like the coffee beans that are just left out on the ground is what hastily
buys and they just buy it the only reason they buy it is just for the
flavor so you’re not even getting like real coffee from Nestle it’s just like
the flavoring from the trash coffee beans and that’s why I
yeah what else did I learn just like watching the whole process and learning
how it goes from like seed to cultivation until like everybody has to
come together to like do the process and it’s very intricate it’s not just like
oh and drop some coffee being roasted like it’s very scientific and then like
it’s cool because all of the shells and the ash from everything go right back
into process go back the the fertilizer so everything like it’s like a true
co-op I mean it’s a hundred percent organic and it smells so like it’s nice
being here no just yeah okay we’re now we’re gonna try our drink so I got
coffee wine and you got with Cortado wrestle with just a little bit of milk
okay let’s try it oh my god we’re supposed to try together I’m sorry
I just like this one oh my goodness Cheers
oh wow that’s very good oh yeah oh yeah it’s literally tastes like coffee wine
what is like the blue this drink ever mmm it’s so smooth it’s not bitter it’s
just balanced oh wow this is strong mmm yeah delish she’ll fall very good very
good definitely recommend doing the coffee plantation tour if you’re coming
to Guatemala and you’re like really really really into coffee then come like
from November to March is like the harvest season so then you’ll see more
of the process so like as you saw the coffee beans were still green so they’re
still growing so if you really really like coffee come from November to March
so you can see the entire process and yeah sip it like you do wine go like sip
it like you do wine and tell me where it like hits in your mouth wait wait wait
don’t drop it it’s too hot sip it like a little stiff
like mine in the back yeah it was good at that yeah coffee so we are at La Luz
let me show you cuz I think there must be multiple places so we’re here at La
Luz halls love oh sorry love boss coffee and this is in Sun one right along Lake
atitlán and I’ll put all the information down in the description box just in case
you also want to do this awesome coffee tour hmm mucho gusto mucho you


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