GVSU Technology Showcase 360 Degree Tour

Hi, welcome to gvsu technology showcase!
This is a place to interact, discover, and learn how emerging technologies can
actually benefit the classroom. This right here is kind of our creation space.
We have two 3d printers they’re free for students and staff to use as long as
you have a student ID. We have right now we have this printed. It’s a GVSU logo and
what people do is they go on to thingiverse or they design their own files
using CAD software and you can go onto Thingiverse and actually download any
stl adopting file, bring us in that file when we get 3d printed for you. We use
MakerBot software to be able to print them on the baker-bots replicator 2 into
x. Over here we have a couple different types of technology. We have the phone
soap in the sphere but we also have one of most popular things which is the
google glass. It’s pretty much a small watch for your face you put it on it
displays up a 20 inch screen about right about here it’s about 10-15 inches and
you can use this ipad to swipe three different options it is voice commands
to anything in quotations you can actually talk to you like ok glass. We
have the volvo keyboard which is a laser keyboard, we have the o-phone, google
cardboard, and another really cool thing that we have here is the oculus rift
which is a virtual reality headset. You put the headset on and you’re actually
completely submerged into the game so instead of just looking at the screen
you can look 360 degrees all the way around you and you will be completely
emerged into it. We have little bits and air charge. We also have a telepresence
robot which is pretty much based I’m on wheels so I’m sitting right here I can
actually control it using the arrow keys on any on any google chrome browser and
i can rotate this, I can completely actually across the world and
be using this as if I was sitting right there. So basically that is the
technology showcase you can actually go on to our website the gvsu technology
showcase and we can go in here and learn more about us such as the about the
showcase what we do in here and also the hours are on here. You can also go on to
our tech page to view everything else that is on display

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