Ha Giang terrace rice fields

rice does the rice tastes better when
it’s freshly harvest like right away or does it not matter…Er… No matter……Yeah… And now here, Give me a fews seconds this here is our tour guide. hi guys My name is Asu , I am tour guide in Hanoi at the north of vietnam He is the best tour guide in Hanoi and northern Vietnam I am from h’mong minority tour guide, and I work for ethnic travel,… Yeah,, So Now we are staying at Thong Tha Village in Ha Giang City So, tonight, We are going to stay at the Tay minority’s homestay And now, At the first we have to go to
the waterfall first and then we walk for one hour and half going to the homestay, And tomorrow we go to Ha Giang And I will take you to go to the love market for tomorrow,
After tomorrow, It’s amazing mountains , Rocky mountains Also say Rocky Kingdom…. erh…. It is one of last h’mong kingdom for 100 years ago. woah… that is all. Thank you very much! you you because in June this nominee Tories so I
would have failed in there so I need to work hard
Royale because now he had a tortoise edit yeah it’s a day I went to work very
late for custom day off and I’ll try to go back home to see my pattern and I
spend my time to lady in my own town I love writing down yeah I don’t I just
take a box under my station take my own town
my dog is so beautiful like him like this place yeah a lot of mountain a very
high mountain it the attitude it is nearly 1500 to 2000 meter industry it
1500 unprofessional it does dictates and a
lot of people they have different idea I don’t like punching I don’t I tried
this chicken but you know you I don’t like pawn I stay so people it’s just
like I don’t like anime suit I want to listen to this – we don’t have western
food you get man it’s not coming yeah yeah so it’s
sometimes I just say really don’t know let’s improve we only had listen foot is
right it is if you are going to obey and I think it’s true it is 14 people yes to
each other


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