Hidden History: Gip’s Place

IT’S NOT EVERYDAY YOU GET TO MEET A LIVING LEGEND. ALABAMA’S HIDDEN HISTORY TAKES US TO BESSEMER, ALABAMA WHERE HENRY GIPSON HAS BEEN INVITING PEOPLE TO JOIN HIM AT HIS HOME ON SATURDAY’S SINCE 1952. PHOTOJOURNALIST SCOTT MACDOWELL TAKES A LOOK INSIDE GIP’S “JUKE JOINT”. (NATS: I tell em once you come down the hill and you see all them lights it just makes it.) Dianne Guyton (Gip’s Manager) Something that just comes over you. You feel the spirit of love out here.You can’t explain it. We’re in Bessemer Alabama. A Juke joint is for people who want to come than I got.He’s 98 and he still goes.I’ve been booking

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