Hidden Tokyo Food Tour in Jiyugaoka

sponsored by Skillshare in this video I’m gonna show you my top spots in jus gaga we’re here where do you go go today I promise you guys I’ll do this video we’re finally here wow it’s getting hot today I feel like it’s maybe 136 degrees right now 37 it is a super hot I’m sweating I’m gonna try to do this one quickly thing isn’t jus dumped in itself is it not a very big station they have a lot of little back streets it’s kind of almost like a spiderweb of streets so you can find yourself like getting lost so it’s a perfect place to discover some cool new shops so what I recommend is to definitely come here come with an open mind if you’re just kind of like meander into the different streets you’ll definitely find something really awesome here that’s said before I continue if you want to help spread the channel then check out my Tokyo merch and if you want to see what I’m doing on the daily and check out my Instagram account alright let’s do this and guess who’s with me today Duke okhla is only a quick twelve minute train ride friendship booyah station so it makes for a perfect kid in Tokyo food spot adventure it’s known for its high-end restaurants and endless sweet shops and bakeries alright we’re hitting up milk land all the way from Hokkaido and now Tokyo number one milk land everyone get your milk money out cuz we’re starting today’s video at milk land just look for the two-story bovine creature in the front it’s Oh Kaito Prefecture Zen tennis shop which sells Hokkaido specialties such as milk cheese and well more cheese they have a cafe space on the second floor where you can graze on al-qaida’s delights [Music] we play here I see down on the Carbonero rice with a carbonara sauce that uses hokkaido x’ silky silk milk a healthy serving of hokkaido cheese melted all over that okey b rice a mixture of rice and corn all topped off with a raw egg yolk on this thing is a so cheesy Wow we can smell the bacon and then I’m just a powder layer you can see right there it has some cheese just dripping of loveliness and some bursting with flavors I’m almost out of that clam chowder consistency a runny creamy virgin boat it is a little bit sweet and what’s nice is the little hints of corn in here man it’s like surprise after surprise and I’m loving these bacon chunks as well and the cheese isn’t too heavy but you get a little bit of like that but earnest and have some pepper in there it has some corn and this is a MicroStation she has the risotto wow you’re looking for a cheese infuser prices then that is it that is a so thick and creamy but I also like how it has the peppers in there it’s not like a spicy pepper but it’s the the bell peppers in there and it gives it a nice kind of refreshing taste to it number two host Iizuka someone call the police cuz this spot just killed it fish shop specializes in a Kudo gay Wagyu while this is their butcher shop they also have young kanika restaurants and steak houses find them and she pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck there you go can’t deny the Kroger Wagyu mangie cuts it with a han tjuku half cooked egg inside my mouth is already watering so you guys know I love fried food I just like I couldn’t do this video without doing something fried because everything just seems so this and healthy and I just wanted to kind of fry it up a little bit you know saying I roll a little bit on the fry side but check this out let me break this up and write the guys on camera look that loveliness you see the hon Angie gutentag Oh which means it’s like been half a cooked egg just on the outside you can see the core dog a Wagyu beef that and then you can see that the nice little pieces of onion all surrounded by how lovely crunchy shell it’s like a helmet it just wouldn’t want to crack your dome like this egg and see the meat is nice and tender that has a nice sweetness to it the egg is perfectly cooked like the center yolk part it’s not too runny but it also has a little bit like my slight thickness to it and it also has like some flavor to it it’s been believed it’s been marinated um so it’s a little bit savory I have the food all over my face again you guys don’t care you guys still love me the same right or we continue I wanted to give a quick shout out to our sponsors Skillshare I thank you so much for sponsoring this video without sponsors like them I wouldn’t be able to make these videos for you guys if you guys don’t know already Skillshare is an online learning community for creators they have more than 25,000 classes in design and business and more and one of the things that could be really helpful to people who want to make movies just like me is their film and video section there’s an entire library of film courses to learn from but one of the courses that I think is pretty cool is a low-budget filmmaking tips and tricks for an indie look especially for beginners as I think it’s important to develop your own style for your videos it’s a fun class it will even show you some in camera effects that you can do on any camera even your iPhone and now skills Tara is giving away a free two month unlimited access trial to my subscribers who click in the link in the description box and after that it’s only ten dollars and f initely recommend it but lets go check something out number three calm grape it’s located right by the train track in the train taeju Kalka shopping area calm crepe is a Toyama born crepe shop known for its amazing creme brulee crepe and now they’ve got a perfect summer surprise because what’s colder than cold ice cold it is a hot one there’s my girl so check this out before we got the regular creme brulee concrete but today’s it’s so hot outside I’ve decided to go with the ice cream version look at that so this is the caramel version as you guys hate me saying it is a flame-broiled on the top we’re also known as brulee transformer let’s take that burst busy [Music] oh that is amazing that’s easier than two little kids exchanging friendship bracelets in taste the caramel I love the fact that you have this brulee on the top it just gives it a nice flavor with a rich ice cream below it even has some like chocolate chunks in there it’s almost like an Oreo cookie pre-made super which I thought it would be more like ice cream ice cream but it should have like a creamy whipped cream kind of flavor so the original one is like really really creamy whereas this is like it’s frozen so it’s kind of nice it’s almost like a Ice Cream Sandwich mmm and do another one of these number four what abiy humble this is the shops unique Toro Toro whadda be mochi Toro Toro is onomatopoeia for its melted like texture water be mochi is a Bracken search dumpling covered with a soybean flour called pinnacle the combination of the two is like an oasis in the Sahara Desert all right I’m reloaded check it out we have some water be mochi look at that jiggle it reminds me of a whale doing a belly dance but has some consistency to it but you can see it just like fell apart just right there because it is so fluid I’m so hot gonna take this bye Wow that is life-changing like único gives you kind of like that and dry almost like saltine cracker cut a vibe and then you bite into the mochi it’s just like a balloon popping in your mouth it’s just a straight fluid mmm that want to be emojis like guys what is my neck right now don’t know how hot it is I am a fake what up in with your fan so I wanted to go here as you hold it miss chopstick it doesn’t seem like it’s that soft huh nothing new picture oh yeah it’s good in a different way it’s so different from like other water payments I’ve ever had and they’ve had a lot of products moji it has less texture but it’s more watery muttering I think the key inside we even though we order plain you see it’s kind of like red bean paste colors with like this like a skinny insightful and I just couldn’t resist I’m reloaded but this is a Kudo mummy cheesecake meaning that it has black beans on the inside you can see the black bean right there let me take a bite of this wow that is so creamy you almost don’t taste the cake at all it’s just cream mm-hmm you have one bite and continues want to have more and Michael just wants me to feed her right now that is really really delicious and the cheesecake right there it’s really moist and almost victim but fluffy at the same time almost like a pudding cheesecake and number five Yokohama ramen toad IVA so we’re gonna finish strong with a hearty bowl of that good good cry boo is what Japanese call EA ke ramen which means that type of Yokohama ramen that has a heavy pork based show you soup with thick straight noodles and simple satisfying toppings it’s one of those ramens that will book out an entire hotel in your stomach so don’t expect any other guests this is the spicy Negi onion ramen with an extra chopping I also love about the shop as you can customize the amount of oil the thickness of the broth and the firmness of the noodles oh and they also have a smaller portion Bowl caught the ladies ramen perfect for those who can’t eat as much but so let’s take our first [Music] I’ve got it just the way I like it the super really thick medium oiliness law and it’s delicious on the soup itself just rich you like definitely tastes like a poor crop and that umami speaking like tummy from Street Fighter I really love their Chaucer here these thick tender luscious slices are perfectly matched for the rich and full-bodied soup I’m talking about you don’t need to go like the fanciest ramen spots you can find a place just like this and it delivers of quality bowl of ramen that’s one thing I love about Japan find like these these places that are not like that are inexpensive I mean this bowl of ramen probably in this stage will cost you 20 or 30 bucks sure all right that concludes my top spots like this video helped me out and hit that like button if you want to help snorts channel then definitely check out the Tokyo merch look at that it’s a pink version it’s a new version so definitely check it out and if you want to see more Tokioka it’s or just japan guides in general then hit that subscribe button and the bell bun and I’ll catch you guys in the next one


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