Historic Places Trust warns against taking from sacred sites

The Historic Places Trust says
this is the time of year when holiday-makers dig and
snoop around sacred sites. Therefore they
have issued a message. Joe Glen has this report. The Historic Places Trust’s
message is clear to those who do not respect the
sacred treasures of others, regardless of who. Dr Rick McGovern-Wilson of
the Historic Places Trust says in older times many people would
take from sacred Maori sites. They would then sell
them on to the museums. However, today when such
artefacts are discovered you must first contact police and then contact the
Historic Places Trust. According to Te Kenehi Taylor
of the Historic Places Trust, there are those ignorant of what
they take from these sacred sites, but some are stealing. We have government authority. If people wish to excavate a sacred
site they must come and see us. The final word from the Historic
Places Trust is to those who take from these sites,
you are breaking the law. Joe Glen, Te Karere.

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