Holiday Card Series 2016 – Day 1

(fun music) – [Instructor] Hi,
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day one of the
Holiday Card Series for 2016. I’m so excited to get the
Holiday Card Series started. This is my eighth year doing
the Holiday Card Series and for those of you who
are unfamiliar with it, it is when I create
25 holiday card videos and I share them here at
YouTube and at my blog. It’s one of my most
favorite times of the year and judging from the
amount of questions I received in my email inbox, you guys have been eagerly
awaiting for it too. So I’m starting out
with a Dashing stamp set from The Greeting Farm and I’ve prepped a card base
here out of some bristol paper. This is cut to nine inches
wide by seven inches tall and then I scored it at
three and a half inches so that the finished folded card would be three and a half
inches tall by nine inches wide. I will cut it down eventually but for now, this is the
size I’m working with. I then took three
of the reindeer from that Dashing stamp set and placed them on the card
inside my MISTI stamping tool. I swing down the door and
picked up those stamps and now I’m going
to be inking them up with some Onyx
Black VersaFine ink. This is a waterproof ink and I’m going to
eventually be using some ZIG Clean Color Real
Brush markers on my card so that’s why I’m using both
this particular type of ink and this particular card stock. Bristol paper works wonderfully with the particular type
of markers I’m using today and so that is why I’m
using this card stock. So while I’ve got my
stamps on my stamp press, I went ahead and stamped
them a second time on to some masking paper and I just used some
generic black ink. This is just some black
ink from Simon Says Stamp. For the masking, because in the past when
I’ve used some pigment inks like I did for the
rest of the card, when I stamp on masking
paper, I’m too impatient. I don’t wanna wait for it to dry and then when I cut them
out, I get ink on my fingers so I used a fast drying
ink on the masking paper so that I was able to trim
those masks out right away and then adhere them
down onto my card. These masks are going
to protect the reindeer while I do some ink blending. I’ve also got a strip
of masking paper and I just drew kind
of a wonky sloped line and then cut that out. That’s going to
create the ground and now I’ve got some
dies from Penny Black. These are some really
beautiful snowflake dies. I am obsessed with
snowflake dies. I have so many in my stash and I can’t seem to
stop buying them. I have a million and
one snowflake stamps. In fact, I designed snowflakes
for Simon Says Stamp. They will be coming
out next week. Sneak peek for ya or a
little hint for you anyway. So now I’ve just got a
little more card stock that I put underneath
that Post-it tape just so that if I blend past that Post-it
tape edge, it’s okay. So I’m starting out with
Peacock Feathers Distress Ink and I’m bringing that
down from the fold and I want it to be
very faint and light once it touches that
kind of snow bank that I’ve created at the
bottom with the masking paper. I don’t want it to be
super intense down there. In fact, it could almost blend
right in to white if needed. So now I’m using
some Chipped Sapphire and this is going to intensify
that Peacock Feathers and then I’ll eventually
add some black soot as well. It’s interesting. I don’t think I’ve
ever done ink blending on top of bristol paper before and it takes distress ink
a little bit differently than something I use more
often like Neenah Solar White. It almost has more
of a faded look. It doesn’t want to absorb
the color right away so it was really hard to
get some intense colors or not hard but just it
took a little more time than I was used to. So now I’m peeling
off all of my masking including that Post-it tape and I’ll peel off
those snowflakes one
at a time as well. When I was peeling
off the snowflakes, they started to look a little
bit too stark white to me and I thought they might
be really distracting so I actually
decided to go ahead and blend on a little bit more of that Peacock
Feathers Distress Ink just to soften those snowflakes and help them blend
in a little bit more. By no means are they going
to be hidden or very subtle. They’re still going
to be very bright but I thought it would be best to blend on a little bit of
that color over the snowflakes and I did put another
strip of Post-it tape down to protect the back
of my card for that. So now I’m gonna go ahead
and take those masks off these reindeer and
every time I remove masks, I’ve said this in the past,
it’s like Christmas day. You just don’t even realize
how awesome your design is until you peel off those masks and you see the white
area underneath. I think it’s one of the most
fun parts of paper crafting because you can’t really
tell what you’re doing until that point. So now I’m gonna
do some coloring with some ZIG Clean
Color Real Brush markers and I used two different
colors on the reindeer. I used Oatmeal and
I also used Brown and the Brown was a
little bit too reddish so the Oatmeal kind
of toned that down and then the Oatmeal
was a little too green and the Brown kind of
warmed it up a little bit. So these two colors
together worked really well to get a nice
color for the deer. I think actually deer are a
little more brown than this. They’re not quite as red but it still worked
out phenomenally. So I’m just painting that on
and I’m using a paper towel to pick up any of the areas that start to look a
little bit too dark. I also used Wine Red
for the red color on the Santa hat and
also on the sweater and then I used Dark Brown to intensify and shade
all of those red areas. For the cheeks on
all of the reindeer, I used a little bit
of Light Carmine and that’s just going to give it a little bit of a
rosiness to their cheeks and then for that
scarf in the center, I started out with Olive Green and kind of put that color in and then I brought in some of
the color Green and that just, it’s a little bit more
of a blue toned green so it intensifies it and
it looks really nice. So now I’m using some light gray to put a little bit of
shading on the white areas and I’m also using that color underneath the
reindeer for a shadow. In fact, I don’t think
this is light gray. I think this is
actually warm gray. I’m not entirely
sure on the color but all of the colors I’ve
used for my coloring today are included in the 48 pack of ZIG Clean Color
Real Brush markers. So I wanted to add some
really cutesy details to these reindeer so I
took a white Gelly Roll pen and added some little sort
of freckle dots on the cheeks and also some spots
on their backs. So I’m going to be heat
embossing my sentiment today so I’m testing the area to
see if it’s completely dry. It’s not quite dry so I’m
gonna hit it with my heat tool just to speed up
the drying process and then I’ll go ahead
and test it one more time and it looks like it’s
much better this time round so now I’m going to
stamp my sentiment. This sentiment stamp
is actually from a stamp set from Docrafts and I’ll have that linked down
in the supply section below. I always have all of my supplies linked in the video description and also in the supplies
over at my blog. So if you ever have a question about any supplies
that I used on cards, you can check those out and there are even
links to online stores. So I stamped that
in VersaMark ink and now I’m sprinkling
on some Hero Arts white embossing powder. This is a really great
white embossing powder. It’s fantastic for sentiments that need to be crisp and sharp and I realized that some
of the white type or text still wasn’t coming through
quite as much as I wanted so I took a light gray and this color
really is light gray and I added a little
shadow underneath and to the side of
each of these letters just to emphasize that
greeting a little bit. So I trimmed off the card so it’s actually
seven inches wide by three and a half tall. This should fit
inside of a standard five by seven envelope and then I took some clear Wink of Stella glitter brush pen and added that to the green
and red areas on the reindeer. So that finishes
the card for today. I hope you guys enjoyed day
one of the holiday card series. I can’t wait to show
you all of the fun, amazing holiday card ideas
I have in store for you. Please stay tuned. I am going to try
to keep to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule
for all of these holiday cards so I hope you will join me
throughout this entire process. Thanks for watching today and I’ll catch you
guys in the next video. (fun music)

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