Holiday Extras Travel Guides | Channel Trailer 🏖

We’re Jake and India, and this is Holiday
Extras Travel Guides. On this channel, we take you with us all over
the globe, to some of the world’s most beautiful and intriguing destinations, breaking down
each step of the journey. Money, food, travel research – well we’ve done it all so you
don’t have to, and when it’s your turn to take the adventure, you’ll be ready for
a totally stress-free trip. In our opinion, the most wonderful thing about
travel is discovery, and we’re always learning, always discovering. If you think we’ve missed
something, we want to here about it. Our guides are a conversation, not a lecture. Share your
videos with us, and tell us about your experiences. From local cuisine to walking tours, our focus
is always authenticity, to get to the heart of where we visit. We do our very best to
consider the local environment, sharing tips on how to travel sustainably and support local
providers. We’ve had some amazing trips this year,
like New York, Alicante, Budapest, Berlin and we’ve got some amazing locations on
the horizon too. So don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t
miss a thing. See you soon. See you soon!

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