Holiday Science: The Grinch’s Heart

Old-time radio announcer: From Johns Hopkins
University, it’s holiday science! Putting your favorite seasonal stories under
the microscope. I’m Dr. David Kass and I’m a cardiologist
at Johns Hopkins. I’ve never diagnosed a storybook character
before but… [boing!] Ah, the Grinch. [heartbeat thumps]
He had a very small heart. Some say two sizes too small. It got big awfully fast. TV voice: It grew three sizes that day. That’s not common. We don’t see that very often. We see lots of heart failure patients. Heart failure patients often have very large
hearts. They’re weak. You’re going to feel pretty lousy. You’re going to be short of breath. You’re not going to be handing out lots of
presents and you know being cheerful. So that part didn’t really fit so much. [jingle bells]
You could have like suddenly a rupture of a valve
but even if he had that even if this valve suddenly popped and the
heart gets very big you don’t feel good when that happens. [jingle bells]
A python — these are large snakes– their hearts which are normally small get really large. and they get really large to help them digest
food, a rather big meal. I think we’re on to something. The Grinch he’s a snakey like guy. I actually think he’s a python. That would be my guess. Announcer: It’s holiday science from Johns
Hopkins University.

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