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Home Based Travel Agent Host Agencies what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once a again and welcome to the day’s video so today I want to talk
about the best travel agency to work for from home and through my experience of
working with anatella travel I want to say hands down this is the best
opportunity the best resource for new travel agents people that’s looking to
get into it old travel agents whatever their your status may be so especially
if you’re new to the travel agency and you don’t know where to go what
direction to get pointed in guess what and tell the travel has you covered so
don’t be like most people who book trips for their family and friends and they
don’t receive a commission because they’re not a travel agent why not get
money don’t leave money on the table yeah you’re doing the work anyway people
are traveling anyway why not get the commission okay so okay so now that
we’ve got it out the way so let me show you why I like and tell the traveling
and some of the things they have to offer okay so I’m gonna log in right
quick so this is your back dashboard see as soon as you get started with and tell
the travel you automatically have your own personalized website so it looks
something like this Home Based Travel Agent Host Agencies so you got your picture up here you have
your slogan and this is where people can come and book travel through your site
just like any other website online but guess what
they can book it through you and it’s coded to you and you’ll get the
Commission so they can come through their new cars cruises flights hotels
even travel insurance all through your Best Travel Agencies To Work For From Home website you have special deal if they
have to offer through your website and tons of other options so guys you have
resources and tools at your fingertips that you can give away to your family
friends and clients as soon as you get started so this even though there’s a
lot of training that you can go through but good thing I like about intelligent
is that as soon as you get enrolled and getting started you have immediate
access to book travel you don’t have to wait on on certification and things of
that nature however and training to help you develop even
more but as soon as you get started your plumbing travel agency and you have
immediate access to little travel right away okay so now we went over the
website got your personalized website that you can customize you can put your
own spin on it let’s talk about education here you got tons of education
on the travel industry step-by-step how to use your website the different
certifications you can go through to get to have the best travel experience
that’s tons of step-by-step videos I’m not gonna go too much in detail for the
sake of this video I’m trying to keep it brief but I have tons of our step by
step videos to show you how to get started how to market how to look make
commissions how to do cruises everything you need is right here in the back
office Forex to get to get certified and get it become the best travel agent ever
okay so everything is at your fingertips and I like about it is everything is up
under one umbrella okay so you have training you have support you get lost
guess what your articles for knowledge Best Travel Agencies To Work For From Home base they have a help desk so guys you
are not in business by yourself you have me and you Meeka we have a private
Facebook group have other Facebook groups of guys you’re in this business
together with a family okay so guys and tell the travel is the way to go so now
we cover education let’s talk about the customer management system the CRM good
thing I like about these guys this is a customer relationship manager that you
can upload prospects you can add as many many a limited amount of people to your
database to keep organized to keep in contact and once it got in register on
your website they become your customers and they also can receive newsletters
update updates on new ways to travel deals
things of that nature so guy once somebody book through you automatic goes
in the CRM or you can manually add them beforehand they just build up a client
client database okay so one of the good things I like about it is that this is
my favorite let me let me go here this is my favorite marketing and sales tools
okay alright this is the tools that they can offer they offer your business cards
you can come in here let’s design them like you want all type of products you
can use to promote your travel business got business cards car magnets leather
here envelopes jackets t-shirts the large magnets cargo magnets all type of
things that you can do to get your travel business off the ground got client newsletters these are email
marketing newsletters that promotes hototravels and everything is tied to
you and your website so guys somebody click on website and you get the
Commission email marketing campaigns for your contact contacts in your database
in touch of a post office so for example let’s say you got clients in here you
got your got the information in your on your website they registered your CRM
and they got that guy names the guy addresses but guess what you can go in
here and select up to I think 40 or 50 contacts to send out postcards promoting
your hottest deals and offers yes it goes directly to their mailbox you can
go ahead and set this up and send out postcards to your clients so how
professional is that so guys even if you don’t know where to start guess what and
tell us I will point you in the right direction ok so this is what I like
right quick before we should this is one of my favorite the
unintelligible has often this is called the travel incentive Center this is a
good way to go to audience little credibility and authority by giving away
something for free you have tons of giveaway options you can do airfare cars
grant attraction rebates golf or spa rebate your 25 gift rebates okay here’s
my favorite free three-day two-night gran getaways for to god this goes to
tons of vacation tons of destinations you got Las Vegas you got cruise go to
Atlantic City Atlanta just Miami tons of vacation that you can give away in
exchange for people to register on your site or an exchange for people maybe do
like a giveaway for whoever add the most people to your Facebook group they get a
free your drawings you get a three-day two-night getaway this is a good way to
build rapport and build get people engaged and build up your client list
this is a good way by doing giveaways and guess how much she trips costs for
you a dollar 75 and guess what you just purchase a trip for upcoming client or
people you can just give it away to in exchange for them register on your
website so guys you want to pay a dollar 75 for a trip that you give away so guy
I recommend coming in by about five or 10 days and just give them away and
build up your authority bit up your credibility and get your client database
okay so that’s pretty much all for the sake of this video there’s tons of other
information that you can do like I said Home Based Travel Agent Host Agencies you don’t have to wait to get started
once you get started you have media access to book and sale travel there is
ongoing trend that you can take to get further education to travel industry so
guys can tell a traveler has you covered okay so if you want to learn more
information about intelligible click the link below this video
and I would love to see you on the other side if you have any questions please
leave a comment below or hit us up on once you get to other side reach out to
us guys whatever you want to do but make sure you watch the presentation on the
next phase okay so larry porter signing off and i will
see you guys on the next page remember to click that link to learn more about
the best driver agency for all right be blessed Best Travel Agencies To Work For From Home you Home Based Travel Agent Host Agencies

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