How Do Travel Agents Make Money

If you’re just starting out as a travel
agent or thinking about becoming a travel agent, you might be wondering how
do travel agents make money? There are two primary ways that travel agents get
paid. Number one – Booking Commission. They get commissions from suppliers on the
trips they book. Number two – Planning fees. They get a planning fee from clients
they work with. Many travel agents get paid by both of these means they charge
their clients a planning fee and they get Commission’s
on the trips that they book. That’s the basics of how travel agents make money
but even more important than that there are low paid travel agents and high paid
travel agents. In this video I’m going to share with you the difference between
the two and here’s the best part, it’s actually less work to be a higher paid
travel agent. Yes you get paid more and you work less, pretty cool right? I’m
going to share with you how to become a high paid travel agent with plenty of
time off for your vacations and fam trips. In order to be a high paid travel
agent you need to have a tight well defined niche and know exactly who is your ideal client. A big hint here, it is not everyone. Low paid travel agents are not
nearly specific enough about who their ideal clients are and the types of trips
that they plan and book. There’s a cheesy old adage that says the riches are in
the niches and it’s absolutely true. I know it seems counterintuitive to narrow
your market however, you will work fewer hours you will love your work more your
job will be easier and you’ll make a lot more money. Think about doctors. General practitioners are among the lowest paid doctors. Specialists are the highest paid.
Why is that? Because they are specialists. People value specialists more than
generalist. People pay more to work with specialists and as a specialist your job
is easier if you’re only booking a specific set of destinations and working
with a specific type of client. You don’t have to know everything
about everything you just need to be educated and savvy about one set of
destinations and one specific type of client. You’ll deliver better service for
your clients. Doing your job will be easier more fun and you’ll be a higher
paid travel agent after you narrow your niche and identify your ideal client
avatar. You’ll find that people are much more willing to pay a planning fee
because again people value specialists and getting new clients is easier to
your ideal client so one that are spending a significant amount of money
on your trip they are the ones seeking out specialists so when you become a
specialist they are more likely to seek you out and hire you. Below this video
you can download a guide that walks you through a basic process for narrowing
your niche and identifying your ideal client avatar. Inside the travel expert
marketing academy we show you how to get so specific that your clients actually
think you’re living inside their head which is the key to effortless selling.
You now know how travel agents make money and what the primary difference is
between low paid agents and high paid agents. Now I’d love to hear from you are
you currently charging planning fees or thinking about it? Please share in the
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