How I Pack Light For Travel (Minimalist Bag Packing Hacks)

My EXTREME Light Weight Business Travel Wardrobe
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I can fit everything I need for one week in this bag and still look good and I’m going
to share with you guys how to do it. But, before we get into that, I want to let you
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All right. So, with that out of the way, guys, let’s dive into what’s in my ultra lightweight
travel wardrobe. So, first off the bag. This is made by Carl
Friedrik, I’ve talked about them before. They’re not the sponsor of this video, I just simply
love this bag. This is a great-looking functional just well-made travel bag. If I’m going for
more than two days, I’m going to want to workout. For me, the easiest workout I can do anywhere
in the world is to go for a run. Right here, I’ve got some Asics, but I’m really
a big fan of Brooks, their Adrenaline. So, those are my usually my go-to running shoes
those are my backups. And then, I go with a simple pair of shorts and a shirt. Now,
these shorts right here they can double as swim trunks.
So, let’s talk about underwear. When I travel, I take a pair of underwear for every day I’m
traveling up to day four. If I know I’m going to be traveling for say seven days, I’ll take
four pairs and, yes, after I wear that first pair I’m just simply going to jump in the
shower with my underwear then take it off and I’m going to wash it right there and then
hang it out to dry. So, when it comes to socks. I don’t follow
the underwear rule, although if I’m traveling for more than seven days, I will actually
look for a laundry. So, I don’t usually take more than seven total pairs, but I look to
mix and match with no-show and then with ankle length socks.
So, I usually like to go for a performance sock. There’s a company I’ve worked with called
Feetures. I really like them because they look like dress socks and they come in a wide
variety of colors. But, what I really like about them is they’re designed actually to
be also athletic socks, so I can use these when I go running if I so choose. And, during
the summer during the warmer time of the year, I wear a lot of no-show socks. I find these
are very small lightweight and I love actually just the way that they look and they keep
me cool. And now, let’s talk undershirts. So, it depends
how many times I need to dress up how many times I need to wear a jacket a long-sleeve
shirt, I will take an undershirt for every time I expect I need to dress up up to about
three undershirts. I use these really lightweight ones from RibbedTee, absolutely love that
company. And these dry very quickly and, yeah, when it comes to undershirts kind of treat
it like underwear. Next up, let’s talk about trousers. And let
me start this off by saying I don’t travel with jeans anymore. I used to I liked jeans,
but I have found performance pants have really surpassed anything out there. And when it
comes down to a look, actually it’s a little bit dressier and comfort you really can’t
beat performance pants. My initial to travel trousers are going to
be a light gray and a dark charcoal gray. Why would I just go with two boring colors
like that? Because your trousers should be simply like a canvas. It allows me to wear
almost any color shirt because gray is a non-color and match it with a wide variety of jackets.
Same thing actually for my shorts. So, if I’m going to a place that’s a little bit more
tropical, yes, I will take and I will wear shorts. Gray shorts like this, again, going
to go pretty much with any shirt that I bring. Now, I will occasionally spice it up with
going with a simple khaki. Yes, I know not much of a spice up there, but I will admit
if I go for a third pair of trousers I’m traveling for a while, I’ll bring in a dark green. This
is not going to match everything in my wardrobe, again, made by Lululemon.
And my go-to shirts when I’m traveling, performance polos. Now, notice the colors here. I’ve got
a light blue, I’ve got a white, we have a dark navy. Guys, I love dark navy, but the
point is all of these are going to go with the trousers and shorts that I just showed
you, so again I focus in on the interchangeability of my wardrobe.
Gents, I’ve talked about the power of the interchangeable wardrobe before, I’ll link
to that in the description of today’s video. But, remember, if you’ve got clothing that’s
interchangeable, all of a sudden you’re able to get more outfits from less clothing.
And, what about long sleeve shirts? Of course, I always take a long-sleeve white. What I
like about this is you can dress it up, you can dress it down, I can roll the sleeves.
Made from the performance material, I’m not going to have to worry about any ironing.
Now, I will take occasionally a linen, I will take occasionally a cotton especially if I’m
going to be traveling for more than three to four days. But, the issue there is that
you’ve got to take the time to iron and press the clothing.
[0:05:06] A couple other things you’re going to see
me pack in my bag. I’m going to take some sunglasses, so when I get off the plane. And
I’m going to take a travel hat especially if I know it’s going to be hot if the sun’s
going to be on top of me. What I like about this hat is I can just fold it up and put
it right in there on the top of my bag. And, what about entertainment? I always like
to have a book with me one I can start at any point one that I don’t have to turn off
whenever the planes about to fly off. Right here, we’ve got Manvotionals is great book
by my friend, Brett McKay. And, I always have my Bluetooth headset because I’m not really
a big fan of — I love music, but I don’t actually have any music on my phone, what
I do have tons of audiobooks. I’ve talked about this before, I absolutely love Audible
always trying to get a little bit smarter. I know it’s difficult for me, but I’m working
on it. And, of course, my Dopp kit, here’s a look
inside. This is for a typical three-day trip. As you can see nothing too crazy. Oh! And
I almost forgot my comb. I could probably go with something a little bit smaller, but
I did want to stress I like to go for a wide toothed comb.
Now, what about shoes? Well, this is where you want to keep it really light. If I’m only
traveling for a few days, I’m going to go with one pair. If I’m going to be wearing
my suit more often, then I want to go for a pair that I can dress up. If it’s going
to be more of a casual trip, then I’ll go with a pair of casual loafers that are going
to be more for hot weather. Now, if I’m traveling for more than three
to four days, I will occasionally bring in another pair of shoes, something that grabs
a bit more attention something to change things up especially if I’m going to be wearing a
suit if I’m going to be dressing up a bit more.
Oh! And, I almost forgot, I wear my bulkiest clothing on the plane. So, when it comes down
to my jacket, this is something I’m going to travel with. It is not going to go into
my suitcase. I’m always going to have a pair of trousers. In this case, I’ve got dark charcoal.
As you can see the shoes, I showed you a little bit earlier with no-show socks. Right here,
I’ve got my watch I’ve got a Rolex Submariner. And then, I’ve got a long-sleeve dark — if
anyone knows me, I wear these navy shirts all the time.
So, that’s it, guys. Hopefully you enjoy this a little bit more personal a little bit
different of a video. But, I want to give you guys an insight into my lightweight travel
wardrobe. This has really been the clothing I’ve been wearing every time I travel. And,
yes, I am getting away with one single jacket. Now, if I’m going for a week, probably I’ll
throw another jacket in there. But, that’s it, guys.
And, again, if you’re in Dallas, Texas, you’re in Los Angeles, California, you’re in Mauritius,
I would love to meet you. I’m going to link to the meet-ups down in the description of
today’s video. Guys, go check it out and let me know if you can be there. I’m excited
to meet you. And, yeah, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.
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