How I Pack My Travel Luggage / Suitcase + Beach Vacation Essentials

Hey guys. I’ll be going for a beach vacation soon so I thought I’d show you how I pack my luggage that I’ll be checking in. I initially didn’t intend for a voiceover but I changed my mind because I have legit packing tips to share and wanted this video to be helpful. I will also be pulling out beach vacation essentials along the way to make this more interesting. So here is how I pack my travel luggage. First thing is how I organise my makeup. This is a makeup bag from Muji and there’s a compartment for brushes as well. I look for sturdier types of makeup bags to keep my makeup from being squashed and from moving around too much. I’m going to be really sweaty all the time so I’ll be bringing my Make Up For Ever’s Mattifying Primer to keep the shine at bay and also to prevent my makeup from sliding off. Eyeshadow palettes are prone to shatter during travels so I prefer to hand carry them. However, if you want to check them in, an option is to bring single eyeshadows instead. They’re less likely to break and just a few basic ones are enough for a beach vacation. I also store cotton pads for makeup removal in my makeup bag to fill up the space leftover It also provides a layer of cushion for my makeup inside. I keep all my toiletries in one bag This one is from Muji as well. My toiletries includes soap, shampoo, cleansers, toothbrush etc. I’m not that particular on what kind of soap or shampoo I use on my travels. These are just travel sized ones from L’occitane. They’re handy and they’re enough to last for a week. I always get the travel size Bioderma cleansing water for trips as well. This is what I normally use to remove my makeup. I have another separate bag for Skincare products. I am bit more particular when it comes to skincare. I try not to change it up too much from my routine because my skin is already stressed from travelling. This is the Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner that I’ve transferred into a smaller spray bottle. It’s the only product that I’ve transferred because the original bottle is huge. I would also bring a couple of masks along. This one is a coconut gel mask with hydrating benefits that’s great for after a flight. And I’m also bringing a sample size clay mask from Innisfree to help clear out my clogged pores from all the sweat and dirt. I really recommend this one if you’re going somewhere hot and humid. It really deep cleanses your skin. The rest of my skincare items I just leave them as they are because I’m not keen on the product wastage from the transferring of between containers. For clothes, I like to keep them in those travel clothes organisers. And for a beach vacation, denim shorts are a definite essential. This one is from Topshop, and I pack them by folding them in half and placing them at the base of the bag and this helps to keep the structure of the bag. A beach getaway is the perfect place to bust out your off shoulder tops. This one is from The Editor’s Market. For tops and dresses, I roll them tightly to prevent wrinkles and to keep them compact. And I just place them side by side like this. It makes everything space efficient. I keep my swimwear and intimates together. I usually bring several options of swimwear. This bikini set is from Zaful. And there’s no specific way I fold them since they don’t wrinkle. I just fold them enough to fit the bag. I’m bringing a monokini as well, this one is also from Zaful. And I’m just folding everything to the center, keeping the straps in. So swimwear and bras I would put together and kinda fill the bag up. But before I close it I still have my underwear, which I put in another separate pouch that I can zip close for hygiene purposes. And I just stack the pouch on top of everything and then close the entire bag. For shoes, I like to keep them in ziplock bags. Because shoes are dirty and they’ll be sharing the same space with my makeup and skincare, so I prefer to keep them sealed and keep everything else clean. I stuff my socks in shoes so it’s easy to find them, and they help keep the shape of my shoes. I’m bringing sliders and slippers as well for the beach. This one is from Asos and it’s easy to style with most outfits. Just pop the shoes in, seal them. And you’re set! Onto packing the luggage, I generally try to put the heavier things at the bottom and the lighter things on top. So my shoes will be right at the bottom, followed by my toiletries and skincare, then my makeup and that will be the first layer. The second layer on top will be my clothes and swimwear. Then I strap everything in place and I’m good to go! And that’s basically it! Hope you guys enjoyed this video and that it was helpful in some way. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye!


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