How to Add Interactive Travel Maps in WordPress

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Today I’ll show you how to add an interactive travel map in WordPress. First, install and activate the Nomad World
Map plugin. then go to the nomad map to configure. From here, you can add locations that you’ve
visited or plan to visit. You can also play with the location position
and travel dates. After adding everything, click save button to add it to the map. When you have a few locations on the map,
you’ll see a line from location to location. you can adjust that by rearranging the locations down here by dragging them up or down. You can also create different maps on different
pages under manage maps here. Next, we can add any of the maps to a post
or page with shortcodes. If you want to manage which map to display, just look for the map
id and add that to the shortcode. Now you can share all your travel locations
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