How to Be a Successful Travel Agent From Home – 6 Tips 4 BIG “Results”

How to Be a Successful Travel agent From Home all right what’s up everybody how y’all
doing today and everything is good back with majestic travel so my reporter here
so today we’re gonna talk about six tips that can help you become a successful
travel agent especially from home okay so let’s get into it we’ll be right back alright guys welcome back so let’s dive
into these six tips they can help you be a successful travel agent from home so
if you’re looking to become a travel agent kudos to you we’re glad that you
landed on this video but we’re gonna share some tips that can really point
you in the right direction so let’s get into alright these six tips can help you
become a travel agent from home a successful travel agent and show you
some things that you need so number one go ahead and create a one-page business
plan okay so you can develop a one-page business plan and include the following
so go ahead and create this one-page plan get you a piece of paper that’s
write all this down and include the following joining a travel host agency
okay host travel agency it’s going to be your best option for getting started as
a travel agent you don’t want to waste a lot of time try and do everything on
your own guys I really recommend starting here host travel agency do to
everything is a one-stop shop you have How to Be a Successful Travel agent From Home everything you need all up under one
umbrella you have your training you have your
your website your booking engine you have your huge database of suppliers you
have ongoing support you have tools marketing tools no thing everything you
need to run a successful home-based travel business you have that option and
you don’t have to worry about trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together
trying to figure out which training to take to become certified not a good
stuff everything is included upon the one-stop shop you have everything you
need now the good thing about I host travel agency is you do not have to wait
to become a certified tribe aids okay you can share that certification through
the host agency that’s already established and become certified
immediately after you enroll so let’s say if you enrolled today you can book
travel today right away so you can make money today okay so I just
want to let you know that guy’s hopes How to Be a Successful Travel agent From Home travel agency is good for new beginners
okay get the proper training and that goes back into the first tip okay proper
training there’s step-by-step training to get you
going in the right direction how to book with suppliers how to first register
with the suppliers how to book through supplier websites how to book on your
own booking engine so that’s proper training that you can plug into inside
of the host travel agency now you’re gonna have a lot of ongoing training but
you can earn while you learn you can make money while you learn you’re not
gonna be a pro overnight but you know you always have ongoing training you’ll
be forever learning so don’t let that stop you don’t let the overwhelm of all
the training stop you take a little bit pieces of it at a time and grow your
business earn while you learn okay plus you know whether you or your sponsor is
like a few kids tired today meaning your meat will sponsor you all and we have
other training that we have set up for you especially if you serious about team
building building a trap a-team we show you some marketing tips and strategies
that we use to leverage it in an end bit of travel agent team using the Internet
okay choose a niche or specialization my favorite and this goes back to all the
training now there’s a lot of training involved here guys
there’s training on Disney cruises Disney vacation packages Royal Caribbean
all the supplies have different trainings you got you got you got
vacation Express you got backs you got go-go vacations you got I can’t even
think of the other but it’s so many of them but you have a lot of training that
you can absorb and so many areas of opportunity within the travel nations
you can specialize in but don’t let it overwhelm overwhelm you you don’t have
to learn everything about the travel industry you can specialize
something that you’re passionate about okay break it down you’re passionate
about travel but break it down what types of specifics of travel are you do
you want to specialize in just cruises specialize and being a cruise agent you
want to specialize in Disney specialize and being a Disney ancient you don’t
have to do all of it be a jack-of-all-trades and dominate the
whole entire travel industry but just specialize in little niches that you
learn as you grow so you earn what you learn you right now you the first couple
of weeks you may learn everything about this guess what you specialize that for
now and once you leverage that you can
incorporate another I miss you want to specialize in within the travel mix you
could specialize and be like I said the cruise industry okay or just the
vacation package or honeymoon it’s so many things you can do guys but I
recommend some narrowing it down and specialize in one specific area okay
focal so marketing now you’re gonna need leads guys you’re gonna need leads and
leads leads marketing you need to learn how to market develop a couple of skill
sets the good thing about million make it we do have marketing training set up
for you guys once you’re enrolled that could really help you learn how to
generate your own leads because you can only do so much with traditional
marketing we’re living in a new age now where we can have a huge supply of leads
on demand okay and I’m going to show you how to generate those leverage the power
of YouTube and Facebook all the social media platforms are good ways but
primarily mean you make a use YouTube and we just now recently incorporated
Facebook as well so guys you need to focus on that and figure out okay hi I’m
gonna talk to more people after I run through my warm market okay and you need
to focus on market you need to have some tips and strategies set in place which
we can help you with okay and after you get all those leads you
need to build and develop relationships there’s ways you can leverage these
tools there are we we’ve been using to develop and build relationships now I
understand you can’t talk to How to Be a Successful Travel agent From Home each and every person however there’s
tools they can help you talk to each and every person with this with the one
single click of a button so you want to keep it in mind that you
can generate leads all day but you need to connect with those leads you need to
build it on develop relationships with those leads and this you can use this
use social media I’m not saying you gotta go out belly belly and connect
with every person you talk to however you can do the same thing on social
media that you can connect with leads using specialized tools as you can do
this in bulk tell yourself time so keep it in mind so
once you get it the generate the leads you need to build a relationship and
develop these long relationships with these leads they become customers become
team members and you be began to grow your organization so guys hope you found
value so did you find value from this video ok so make sure you click the link
below you anybody know the serious about become a travel agent and you want to
really tone it out don’t go all the way click the link below watch the free
presentation that we have for you you can show you the host agency that we
were recommend and how you can get started today and become certified today
so watch that presentation below so as you click the link we’re gonna send you
some information where you can get access to it and make sure you subscribe
to our YouTube channel ok and we’d love to hear your feedback comment do all
that good stuff so larry porter here signing off from majestic travel and
we’ll see you in the next video peace and happy traveling How to Be a Successful Travel agent From Home

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