How To Be An Online Travel Agent – The Biggest Secrets Travel Agencies Don’t Want You To Know

How To Be An Online Travel Agent what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and I want to talk to you today about how to be an
online travel agent and a couple of tips and things you may need okay so to start
things off I’m gonna keep this video very brief so make sure you stay to the
in this video because I’m a review to you a presentation they can show you how
to become my online travel agent starting today so right quick you gonna
need a booking website okay this is not just any type of website need to have a
booking engine website okay such as like all the booking engines that you see
online like Expedia TripAdvisor and things of that nature you’re gonna have
to have you have to have your own booking engine website that’s tied to
you so when people book through your website you get Commission’s okay so you
need to have this in place guys and if you don’t know how to get all this set
up perfectly fine don’t worry about it i’ma point you in the right direction at
the end of this video okay so so make sure you have that okay and number two
you want to brand yourself online okay you want to brand yourself online as the
expert in travel now I know what you How To Be An Online Travel Agent think you like what I don’t know
anything about travel well that’s okay you have tons of training at your
fingertips and I’m really you what you can get access to these resources and
training at the end of this video okay so you have tons of training that you
can get value from and that you can share back to the marketplace okay you
can do it through YouTube Facebook and share value and give value don’t just
always think about the sale give value as a travel agent show people that you
have knowledge in the travel industry and you
can get this information very very easily you can watch a quick video take
some tips that you got from the video and reshare it back out to the
marketplace okay so that’s how you that’s two tips I want to share with you
today okay have a booking engine website okay and give value and become a
knowledgeable expert in the travel industry okay now if everything I say to
you right now is totally new to you that’s perfectly fine I want to share
with you a presentation that can help you get started as an online travel
agent by partnering with a host agency okay everything you need from the tools
the resources the training everything that you need to bring yourself online
to be a expert in the Trump industry and to become certified immediately and do
it very very quickly will be at your fingertips okay click this link below
this video I want you to watch this presentation and then I’ll show you the
tech and how I got started as a travel agent and how you can do the same thing
starting today so you don’t have to wait to get certified you can partner with a
host agency to become certified today and start branding yourself online
immediately okay all the tools the training the resources everything you
need support guidance everything is it there is in the back office at your
fingertips okay so watch this free presentation tell me what you think have
any questions please feel free to leave a comment and me and you me to answer
your questions alright see that free presentation by
clicking the link below and I will see you on the next video alright happy
marketing be blessed How To Be An Online Travel Agent

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