How to Be Your Own Travel Agent

How to Be Your Own Travel Agent. You’ll get to wherever you want to go while
saving big bucks if you learn these tricks of travel trade. You will need Flexible schedule and internet
access. Step 1. Avoid the peak season of your destination,
when the rates are highest. Step 2. Fly midweek for the best rates. Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays are
cheaper for domestic flights and Mondays through Thursdays are the best days for international
travel. Step 3. Compare prices on the airline’s website as
well as with booking aggregators. They take results from several booking sites
for flights, and usually hotels and car rentals as well. Be aware that not all airlines are represented
on these sites. Step 4. Look into all-purpose travel sites, where
you can book your hotel, flight and car all at once. This often adds additional savings. Step 5. Sign up for instant alerts. Certain travel sites allow you to automatically
receive e-mails when a fare dips below the price you’ve set or notify you of special
fares. Step 6. Price transportation from the airport to your
hotel if airport transfers aren’t included in your vacation package. Get walking and driving directions in advance
and look for events or tours. Store all your travel information in one place,
whether it’s in a file folder or online. Step 7. Book your tickets or hotel as soon as you
find a deal you’re satisfied with. Good deals go quickly. Did you know According to _Forbes_ magazine,
the most visited tourist destination in America in 2010 was Times Square, New York, followed
by the Las Vegas Strip.

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