How To Become A Personal Travel Agent – Personal Travel Agents – The Journey Begins Here…

How To Become A Personal Travel Agent what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and today I want to talk about how to be a personal
travel agent so I just want to talk to you all right quick about being a travel
agent because I know a lot of people out there already are booking trips and
vacations cruises of the etc for their family and friends here’s the thing
though I know a lot of people who doing that and they’re not getting paid for it
but why because if not a personal travel agent they’re not certified okay so guys
I want to recommend something to you all if you if you’re doing it already which
most of you are and you are kind of like the travel agent of the family why not
become one get money for it get paid for because all this work that you put in
for your family and friends you can be getting money from that okay you could
be making a lot of money from just looking your family friends so if you
serious about becoming a personal travel agent here’s what I recommend doing
I recommend partnering with a host agency okay
it’s gonna help you get started point you in the right direction on where to
go how to get started as a travel agent so you won’t be wasting a lot of time
you want to do this quickly because it’s something you’re probably already doing
anyway you’re traveling and you’re looking vacations for your friends and
family so you need to go ahead and get certified quickly and the best way to do
it quickly will be to a host agency so How To Become A Personal Travel Agent that’s what I recommend guys I’m not
gonna be on this video all day but guide time it time is short life is short so
make the best of it you know why waste times working a dead-end job when you
can be making money booking vacations for your friends and
family okay so guys build a career build a business build a travel business and
you can do so by starting online okay now with the internet even if your
friends have found it doesn’t even don’t even support you you
can steal book vacations for people that you don’t even know if I using social
media so guys there are tons of ways to get started in the industry but my
recommendations always will point you to starting with a host agency cuz it’s
gonna be your fastest way to be come certified and the quickest way to get
everything you need all up under one umbrella meaning the training the tools
the resources everything you need will be all of them are under one umbrella so
you don’t have to go around wasting a lot of time on research and doing other
stuff okay so here’s what what you need to do right now I have a presentation
for you to watch we have access to a private Facebook group where we share
information about how to get started click the link below to get plugged into
our Facebook group to watch this free How To Become A Personal Travel Agent presentation they will share with you
more information about how you can become a personal travel agent and do
all the great things that you are already doing for your friends family
and other people okay so click the link below okay click the link below this
video and I will see you on the other side if you have any questions me and
you make it would be sure be gladly to answer your questions just leave a
comment okay alright be blessed happy marketing remember to click that link
below alright How To Become A Personal Travel Agent

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