How to Become a Travel Agent of Bedsonline in 2019 – For Travel Agency | Why Bedsonline

hi everyone welcome back to my channel
in today’s video we will learn on how to become a travel agent of beds online so
let’s take a closer look on Bedson- lines history so well they have already
served the travel trade in water walls they get over 40 years of experience and
here is some of the reasons why you should work with beds online so they get
the most powerful and user-friendly booking platform or travel agents
product portfolio that provides you with everything your customers are looking
for and a lot more so later we will learn on what are the reasons why you
should work with beds online in detail okay so we have here and there why beds
on lines tab we have here six reasons yeah one two three four five six reasons
why you should work with back some time so let’s starts with their product
portfolio so beds online has over one hundred seventy thousand plus details in
over five thousand destinations and that’s across 185 countries including
Americas Europe and Middle East Asia and Pacific and of course they’re planning
to add more in the coming years okay so it beds online it is guaranteed
availability and that’s online also offers exclusive discounts and offers
through their travel agents and I’ve tried that
and my client is very grateful and here’s one or some of their partners
need their hotel partners so beds online is considered as a one-stop-shop for
trouble so they offer tivities or experiences transfers for rentals and a
lot more okay so the activities they’re offering more than 18-thousand
activities and 700 plus destinations 885 countries so here’s their partners or
sightseeing tours so they get like : city sightseeing and a lot more they
also offer hassle free transfers car rental and yeah so supercharge your
business with best online cross selling tool okay so let’s move to the other
reasons why you should work with beds online as online has this unrivaled
travel agent looking platform they’re being loved by more than 60,000 plus
travel agents including me yeah I love their system their system has the
smartest of research tools and yes it’s the smartest and it does have a
lot of builders when you try to specifically look for something
yeah later in this presentation I will try to do a quick tour on the system
okay air system offers quick search refinement with extensive filters for
example you’re looking for the cheapest hotel so that would allow you to do it
okay next reason is the company offers 24/7 Asian and customer support which is
very important in a business because we can really deny that most of the time
they would be like changes modifications of the booking details then at this
moment this kind of situation we would need the customer support team to assist
right we need to get contact with them check with them if there is anything
else that we can do right so yes that’s online offers a customer support team
so next is exclusive travel agent benefits so yeah most hotels I’ve
encountered this for hotels on me so versus the website weight beds online
is like 50% cheaper so that’s our edge right so of course your client would
look through odds rather than looking through the website the hotel’s website
and yeah this content to help you sell better that’s the free pictures or
photos in the system where you can download and you can use it for your
marketing strategy it’s very helpful for me most of the photos that I’ve posted
on my website they’re all from Rights online okay the next is flexible payment
terms under words so this is the best thing why best online has two options
for you to settle your your payment okay so you can either transfer it to your
bank so they’re there they will give you like a bank account where you can set a
little payment or you can use their credit cards disability it’s very
convenient and yeah has a great is what I think about it
pretty good for a business hassle-free you can look that easy last but not least is bets online
account management team this is the best thing because someone will constantly
get contact with you whenever you have issues with your cooking and so on its
core ok so let’s try to navigate what’s inside the resources tab ok so this is
pretty much anything that a travel agent needs so say for example your client is
looking for a destination like trying to decide for it perfect destination on a
holidays so there is the Travel Guide here that you can download and pretty
useful when you’re trying to level up your marketing tools like your marketing
strategist’ so your posts so they also got here some template that you can use
and some ebooks free for downloads yeah pretty useful for travel agents ok
all right so yeah let’s start creating your travel agency account right now
this is just pretty much most of the very basic details ok first name your
last name your you know address of course what is your role if you’re the
owner okay just hit continue so your company name for company name make sure that it is
the legal company name that you registered like the company name that
you have on your DTI document because later on they would ask for a copy ok
and then your phone number where they can get in contact with you your address
zip code and so on ok so your address zip code and the city you’re in and it contain okay the legal name your
company name so yeah just follow whatever your documentation fiscal
number is your ten are your tax identification number
it’s what I used same goes with your yeah registration
number for license it’s just the same same yeah just copied it okay and then
once you finalize everything right here just click on the join that’s online and
you should be good and based on my registration timeline it took me I guess
it’s just seven to eight business days turnaround time for them to have your
registration or your application approved okay so yeah this is the first
message that you’ll be getting thank you for your interest and then you just need
to you know answer a survey that that’s a must is part of the requirements and
then here is the list of the requirements that you need to I get back
or you need to reply to the Account Manager that would assist you depending
on the country in your city okay and then you’ll be getting your username
your password after everything had been reviewed it’s pretty much it that’s how
your bets and line account will be created

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