How to Build Your Email List for Travel Agents

Hello Travel Expert! In this video I want
to talk to you about your IFO which is your irresistible free offer. That is the
thing that you’ve got on your website that entices ideal prospective clients
to enter their email address so that they can take advantage of this free
thing that you’re promising them and also get on your enews letter list so
that you can build a know like and trust relationship with them over time nurture
the relationship and eventually convert them into a high quality paying client.
We’ve got a variety of pre-made IFOs for you and we came up with pre-made
ones because doing a custom IFO gets expensive and we understand that it’s
not inside the budgets of all travel agents so we wanted to have a really
affordable option available for you now. The IFOs are available on this page.
You can scroll down the page and see the different options that we have available.
When you purchase your IFO you get a certain amount of customizations
included in it so we will customize it with your photo, your contact information,
will have it linked to your website, if you have a logo we can add that, those
kinds of customizations once you go through the basic set of customizations
that are included in your IFO will deliver it to you so it’s all ready to
go you can just plug it into your website. Once you do that if you decide
you want some additional customization maybe you want to switch out a couple of
the photographs for different stock photos that you found online and
purchased because you feel like these other stock photos will resonate with
your ideal client a little more maybe there’s a tip that you want to switch
out with a different tip or you want to reword it or you want to add some some
additional copy to it you certainly can do that and we will be happy to take
care of that for you you at twenty percent off our standard
rate. Once you purchase your IFO package, your pre-made IFO you then
qualify for our preferred client rate which is twenty percent off of our
standard rate also instead of charging you by the hour we charge by the minute
because we find that if you do want additional customizations usually it’s
less than an hour’s worth maybe you just want to switch out a few photos and a
little bit of text we can do that very quickly so we just charge you by the
minute for the number of minutes that it actually takes us to do that for you we
also send you the file so if you want to update it yourself or have someone else
a friend or family member update it for you you certainly can do that as well
once you purchase the IFO package we give you access to all of the different
IFOS in their entirety so that you can review each one and then decide which
one you want to you so then you choose the one you want and then in fill out a
form letting us know how to customize it for you we customize it we send it to
you you know ready to go file and then if there’s any additional customizations
you want done you can just email back your project manager the list of
additional customizations like maybe changing some tags some images things
like that and then they will email you a quote on exactly how many minutes that’s
going to take us to make those changes and if you’re okay with the quote then
you can improve it and we will do the work and then we’ll bill you for the
work once it’s completed so that is how the process works now once you purchase.
If it’s your first purchase from us you’re going to get an email within
about 15 minutes with login credentials to what we call the MTE Vault. Marketing
for travel expert vault. When you log into the vault anything you buy from us
will be lit up in color and you click on it
then it will deliver to you that thing that you purchased so in the case of the
IFO package if this is the very first thing that you’re buying from us you’ll
get those login credentials to the vault within 15 minutes of making your
purchase you log in you’ll see in a bright color there it’s going to be lit
up ifo package you’re going to click on that and that’s going to take you to a
page that gives you all of the different IFOS so that you can open them up read
them in their entirety access to a little form that you fill out telling us
what you want customized and then some additional details that will make the
process really smooth and fast and then going forward anything that you purchase
from us when you each time you go and log back into the vault those things are
all going to be lit up in color so it keeps everything organized and helps you
quickly and easily access the things that you’ve purchased. If you’ve got any
questions please let us know we look forward to working with you

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