How To Create And Sell High-End Programs And Packages – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 9

– Premium package secret number two, don’t sell information,
offer transformation. Don’t sell what? – [Audience] Information. – Offer what? – [Audience] Transformation. Transformation. Now, a lot of people
throw this term around. Oh yeah, I provide transformation. No you don’t. You don’t. You say you do, you don’t. Don’t sell information,
offer transformation. Actually offer transformation. Let me show you how that works. – [Narrator] The King
of High-Ticket Sales. World’s Highest-Paid Consultant. (intense instrumental music) Media Celebrity. Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx Speaker. International Best Selling Author. Dan Lok. (intense instrumental music) – Let me ask you a question. Let’s do a survey here. What type of clients do you want the most? Number one, high-end clients. Number two, and there
is no right or wrong, high-paying clients, and C, highly-committed clients. So let me ask you a question,
so let’s put up your hands, let’s do a quick survey here. How many of you want high-end clients? Put it nice and high. Just nice and high, so I can see. Okay, okay, okay, good. How many of you want high-paying clients? Good. How many of you want
highly-committed clients? Aah, smart. You’re smart. Why do you want highly-committed clients? – [Audience Member] Because they will pay you whatever you want. – They’ll pay whatever you
want, but that’s not the point. – [Audience Member] They’re loyal. – [Audience Member] No,
because they’re committed to themselves and they’re right out there tryin’ to make them and
thus, you provide for them. – Because when they are committed, they are gonna get the
results that they want. – [Audience Member] Less friction. – Less friction, yes. And when you’re selling high ticket, if you have highly-committed clients, automatically you have those two anyway. But, if they’re not committed, just because they are
high-paying or they’re high-end does that automatically make
them the highly-committed? – [Audience] No. – No, and if they’re not
committed to the process or to what you do, are
you gonna get a result? – [Audience Member] No. – No. It’s like the gym example again, someone wants to lose weight,
I want to get in shape, I wanna get a six-pack
abs, I’ve got money, I’m willing to pay, I
pay and I don’t show up. I’m not gonna get a six-pack abs. (Audience member laughs) I’m a high-paying client. I’m willing to pay. I joined a gym. I just don’t show up. – [Audience Member] That’s interesting. – I would take a
highly-committed client any day versus just high-paying or high-end. Because if you’re committed, I can help. If you’re not committed, talk is cheap. I cannot help. You have to be committed
to your own success, and that’s why sometimes people say, Oh Dan, aren’t you difficult to work with? Why you put people
through so many hurdles? If you go to, it’s a powerful exercise. You look at my questionnaire, 18 questions you got to fill out. You gotta provide two references
of your existing clients. We’re gonna call them. See what kind of results you produce. Before we even talk
about, you cannot just, I don’t want you to just
write a cheque to join. I wanna see you do good work. I wanna see you committed. If you’re committed, then
I’m committed to you. If you’re not committed, then
there’s nothing I can do. Doesn’t matter what miracle or
superpower, or what process, or what strategies, you are
gonna find a way to fuck it up, I guarantee you. You gotta find a way to take yourself out. You gotta find a way to quit. So easy to quit. It is so easy. So what I’m saying is, with your business, how committed are your clients? And why do you take on clients that are less than not very committed? Just because they pay you some money? Then that’s out of integrity. Then if they’re not committed, how are they gonna get a transformation? They will not get a transformation. My philosophy is, be more
selective, take on fewer people, but now you know they’re committed. All in, you go all in, and you give them the
transformation that they want. That’s why. And no this outside, outside of this, are the coaches, are the consultants, are the service providers,
that’s not how it works. You pay me some money, yeah whatever. You get result, you get result, meh, means you only get paid. They just want to get paid. Offer your deepest transformation. You want to have a
compelling ultimate result, something that people have a
lot of natural desire for at that particular moment in time. Is timing important? Hello? – [Audience] Yes. – Yeah, at that particular moment in time. So sometimes they want your service now, but then three months from now
they don’t want it anymore. Or, they don’t want it, or they couldn’t afford it a year before, but now they could. Have you seen that happen before? Is timing important, yes? – [Audience] Yes. – Very, very critical. You got to offer that at the right time. You got to offer at right time. The kind of offering I’m
talking about will help solve, again, an urgent problem someone is having that they would be willing
to invest a premium for. Its about offering and
doing your best work that you can be really proud of. Yes, Nathan. – [Nathan] Could I get a client. – Go to the mic, so I can
record it, appreciate it. – [Nathan] So, when I get a client. – [Dan] Hi Nathan! – Hello. (laughs) – [Audience Member] Hi Nathan. – [Dan] No, no, no, Hi Nathan! – Hi Nathan – [Audience] Hi Nathan. – So, when I get a client coming in, they always want it now, and it’s always under a
really ridiculous timeline, and we haven’t even talked
about how much it costs, or anything. How do you delay that? – [Dan] How can you delay the sale? – Their most important thing
is that it needs to be done now. – [Dan] Okay, so a couple ways
that you would handle that. Is that a good question? – [Audience] Yeah, it is. – Okay, so let’s say you
have clients who come in and they say, yes, I want to
buy, but I want this right now. You have two options. If you can actually deliver, like you have the room to take them on, then you just say, you
know what, you know, maybe I could squeeze you in. I could make this happen now. But, I’m gonna charge
you a premium for it. Just like FedEx. You wanna week delivery, it’s this much. If you want overnight, it’s this much. Are you willing to pay for that extra? For that extra fast
delivery, fast turnaround. No, no, no, actually it’s not that urgent. Okay, then I’ll charge
you the regular price. That’s one way to do it. Then you can see how
committed they actually are about the time, right? You were surprised, well I’m
gonna charge you 20% extra. Oh well then, it’s not that urgent. I guess it’s not that urgent. Right? You can charge that, or you actually cannot
take them on, you just, you’re fully booked, you’re
busy, and they just say no, no, you’re gonna
take this on right now. Now, this is the moment for posture. What is it? – [Audience] Posture. – You gotta establish boundaries, terms of agreement. That’s why I said, when you
take on any type of client, you have to have a clear
communication of expectation. Here’s how I do business. Here’s how I work with clients. Here’s how I do business. Here’s how I work with clients. Just show them that. I don’t work in tight deadline. If you do, 20%, 30%, 50%, 100% extra. My turnaround time is 30 days. You comfortable with that? That’s how I work. And I’m expensive. If you want cheap work, go to Fiverr. I’m not your guy. I’m just not your guy. When you come from that place, you earn the respect from the
client, because you’re not, ooh yeah, okay, I’ll do it. Yeah fine, you know, I’ll do it. – [Audience Member] Should
I actually tell them to go to Fiverr? No, if you have to get it done
(audience laughing) and you’re not willing to pay
my price, I’m not your guy. So, I’m talking about
the rules of engagement. Write this down. Rules of engagement. What are your rules of engagement? How do they engage you? How do you do business? Do you have down their website? Is it clear, who you’re not for? Well let me give a big tip. If you don’t want people
who are desperate, who are needy, would it be a good idea to
just put that on your website? Just say, you know what? I don’t work with desperate people. I don’t work with anyone less than this. Like Emily, if you think
about selling a home, you know what, if your home
is less than half a million, I’m not your person. I only sell this amount, a million and up, two million and up, five million, and up. That’s the category I work in. A ton of other realtors are
gonna sell you half a million, condo, whatever, go with them. In fact, I have some friends, more than happy to refer to them. I don’t do that. Do you see the difference? Now your client can see, oh, that’s what you do and
that’s what you don’t do. What you do and what you don’t do. And the problem is that
most of us do not have that. We do everything. What you won’t tolerate. What you won’t tolerate. What you won’t tolerate. No different then in the
beginning of this VG. Desmond comes up, he said
about what’s the rule? That’s rules of engagement. Dress code, that’s rules of engagement. You come to my meeting,
you dress in business. You go to the club, dress code. You know that, right? – [Audience Member] Yep. – Yeah, no cell phone,
you know that right? Now, here’s the thing,
what if I don’t tell you, you need to dress in business, and that you cannot use your
phone outside of this room, and you use it and I give you shit. That I’m the bad guy. ‘Cause I have not communicated
the rules of engagement. But if I keep hammering again,
again, this is what it is, this is what it is, this is what it is. Now, how many of been to
VG more than two times now? More than three times? Desmond Susted every single time. At every single meeting,
because there’s new people who don’t know the rules. For the people who have
been here multiple times, it’s a reminder, a what? – [Audience] A reminder. – A reminder. So, your rules of engagement. Now, I know for me, example,
teaching high-ticket selling pushes me to up-level my business. It gives me that incentive to and that extra nudge to
continually be committed to my own craft and
mastering at what I do. Now, here’s the thing. If I teach ya high-ticket,
how to do high-ticket sales, and I say to you, “You know what? “My program is very affordable, $29.95. (audience laughs) And you’re gonna learn some amazing stuff. I’m gonna teach you how
to do high-ticket selling. And, even $29.95, you can
do three easy payments. (audience laughs) You see what I’m talking about? That’s a disconnect. That’s incongruent. You have to be congruent with what you do. I also know that in order for me to be ultiman service to
people, ultimate service, I need to be their coach or
mentor for a period of time, which allows me to truly bring everything I have to offer to their client. And that’s what I’ve learned. I don’t want to do quick fixes. And that’s sometimes the problem. They’ll come to you and they’re desperate, they want a quick fix. I don’t want to touch that. Because that’s not commitment. That’s just desperation. Make sense? You’ve been watching my
videos for some time now, and you might be wondering, Dan how do I go to the next level, or how could I be mentored by you? Here’s what I want you to do. My very first assignment
to see if you qualify. I want you to go to to download a copy of my book. You can’t even do that,
I cannot be your mentor. The second step is, after
you download my book, I want you to read it. And you also get an invitation to register for one of
my upcoming webinars. I want you to register and
show up for the webinar. Doing the webinar, I go
through all the details of how you can possibly be mentored by me. Go there right now, (high energy instrumental music)


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