How to Drive Safely & Comfortably On Long Holiday Trips

Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart
Drive Test talking to you today about holiday driving and road trips to visit
family and other destinations. And how to get there safely. We have 9 tips for you
today. Stick around, we’ll be right back with that information. [INTRO & UPBEAT MUSIC] Hi there smart drivers. Welcome back. Rick
with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about holiday driving and long
trips for visiting family during Easter and those types of things. and I’m just…
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so yes getting going here with holiday driving in those types of things I have
some tips and ideas for you in terms of holiday driving with Easter coming up
next weekend and here in Canada we have another holiday in on the long weekend
and you do there as well in the States so yes I have a couple of marks face
from jujitsu this week and Byron his here from Texas Tommy’s here from Oshawa
brothers is here from Chicago so if you’re just tuning in let us know where
you’re tuning in from in the world and what class of license you’re going for
Corey is here bricks for wheels he is tuning in from Winnipeg and we’re I’m
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Denmark excellent hello from Denmark Cody’s here
Byron is tuning in from Glen Cove on Long Island there
and it’s called Long Island for a reason as I found it when I was driving truck
down there and ESI’s here hi there Jonathan is tuning in from New York City
Michael is from Jackson Michigan and awesome that’s great so lots of
people tuning in here and we’re getting going here with the prologue and if you
have any questions at all free feet feel free to ask ask questions
we’ll do the best we can to answer them Jonathan’s really good at answering
questions and I do appreciate his input and helping other smart drivers get
going Gabe is tuning in from Virginia Coady says I look great all the time
even though it might my face is a little bit you know it’s I’m beginning to feel
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good and Brandon is tuning in from Louisiana and getting class eight
license that’s good that’s really great and Brandon is class eight in Louisiana
is that tractor trader license there that you’re working on so terrific
excellent and I was just trying to think if I had any comments this week that’s
that stood out for me that I wanted to talk about I’m sure
something will come up and we’ll talk about that so what we got going here is
the PowerPoint presentation so we’re just going to bounce over to the
PowerPoint presentation here we going with that and then we’ll come back to
questions and answers for anybody who has questions and answers we’ll come
back and and answer all of your questions not only about road trips how
to drive on the highway how to use cruise control a but we’ll also answer
any questions you have about passing a road trip to road-test and those types
things after border crossing I’m sorry Byron is that a question or is that an
institution or what is that that you’re after border crossing nothing sure what
that is anyway we’ll get that going and we’ll just slide over here to the
PowerPoint presentation and we’ll do that for the people here okay
so road trips and holiday driving that’s what we’re talking about today we’re
talking about long trips that you may have gone on
or you may not have gone on before but if you you know it’s fairly new it’s
your first or second trip it’s the trip that you do annually I do suggest that
you do a bit of planning before you go if you’re kind of a veteran at your road
trip to you every year we used to drive up from Vancouver Island to Vernon
British Columbia which is about five or six hours and of course we stopped at
the halfway mark so we did about two hours and that’s usually what I
recommend for people who are driving long distances every two hours you want
to get out and go to the toilet you know walk around a little bit get some blood
flowing through your body and those types of things because you do want to
take a break and especially if you have kids or you have pets you definitely
want to get them out of the vehicle and let them getting a bit of exercise on
those longer road trips all right so I am Rick Auguste if you’re new to smart
drive test or you’re watching on the replay and you just found us here on
YouTube or other places I was a truck driver through than most of the 1990s I
became a licensed commercial driving instructor in 1998 in a bid to try and
get off the highway because I was an over-the-road truck driver and so I did
that in 2000 and went back to university finished my undergraduate degree got
accepted to the University of Melbourne in a ph.d program and completed my PhD
in legal history in 2006 for those that you may or may not know legal history to
study policing courts and prisons and my expertise in policing oddly enough as it
relates to traffic I just kept going deeper and deeper into the question of
do people follow road rules because they fear them or because they respect them
and that was really the question drove my research while I was doing my
dissertation and while I was in Australia and at the University of
Melbourne driving doing my going to university rather I was drove for
greyhound for a year and as well I drove part-time for one of the regional bus
lines there as well so I have bus experience as well alright so tip number
one in terms of long trips make sure you do pre checks on your vehicle check all
the fluids under the hood you know check the oil check the transmission fluid
most of you’re going to be driving automatics here in North America if
you’re in other parts of the world driving standard transmission so you’re
not going to be checking the oil the transmission fluid but you do want to do
that check the brake fluid if you’ve got a hydraulic clutch you want to check the
fluid in the clutch and the power steering reservoir and make sure all the
fluids are topped up under the in the engine compartment as well make sure you
don’t have any cracked or broken hoses check the tire pressure make sure that
you have the tire pressure according to the vehicle manufacturer you can find
that in the owner’s manual and if you’re not sure about that call one of the tire
shops or just pop around to the tire shop and get them to check the tire
pressure for you now if you’re in the northern hemisphere right now no other
tire shops are gonna be pretty busy as they’re swapping out winter tires for
all season or summer tires as well check the wiper blades and if you’re in doubt
in anything working smoothly on your vehicle take it to a mechanic and get
them to do a pre-trip inspection for example if you feel that the brakes have
been going a long time you definitely want to take it into a mechanic and have
them look at the brakes before you take off and just on that note I did have a
question from one of the smart drivers there a couple of weeks ago they were
talking about their tires and they’re going on a long trip in June down from
Ontario to Minnesota and there is a life span on your tires once they start
getting to seven or eight years you want to think about replacing those Tigers
and that was the question that smart driver had was the tires were reaching
their lifetime on the vehicle they were getting up six years and he asked me
about that and if you watched the interview Coryell put up the video on
the interview with Gary at tire land there and he says that it’s about eight
years with the tires are eight years old on your vehicle you definitely want to
get them replaced because that’s a lifetime out the tires the next thing
you want to do if you’re unfamiliar with where you’re going is navigation you
want to do a little bit of work on this one of the things that I was doing with
my kids on the last trip when we drove down to Seattle on March break was I was
getting him to look at the mile markers and figuring out how far we had to go so
I was it was kind of a little bit on my part getting him to do some math as well
if you have any confusion or not clear about something get some help and when I
say get some help always consult two or three
sources when you’re navigating don’t just rely on your phone just don’t type
the address into your phone and then you know expect it to give you the right
directions because that’s not always going to work your phone isn’t always
accurate so make sure you look at your phone make sure you look at Google Maps
and you plan your routes out and the other thing if you’re driving on
interstates or freeways know that there’s gonna be mile markers and if you
know the exact mile marker number that you’re going to get off the interstate
it’s going to be a lot easier for you now in most states and provinces the
mile markers line up with the exits now there are a couple of states in the u.s.
New York for one that the exit numbers do not line up with the mile markers so
know that when you’re planning your trip and you’re getting the exit numbers
because the exit numbers can also be defensive driving so for example if
you’re getting off at 290 and yet are at 280 you know that you have 10 miles to
get down the road and once you get to 289 you know you got a mile you got to
get over to the right you’re gonna get off and you start getting getting
prepared to do that so it can be defensive driving as well and be a lot
safer for you when you know exactly which mile marker you’re going to be
getting off the freeway up playing your brakes every couple of hours have
activities for children get them involved in the navigation as well you
know let them look at your phone the map and those types of things and if you do
get lost stop to look for directions look at the
directions in your phone don’t be trying to do it while you’re driving and you
know you might even have to get in go into a gas station or a convenience
store or something along the way and ask people for directions that’s something
that you can still do if you’re on long trips make sure that you have activities
for the kids audio books you can go to the library and get audio books as a
book it accompanies that with a CD and you can put that in the CD player
lots of you’re gonna have iPods now that you’re going to be able to put in the
car and those types of things and all of that helps to keep the kids entertained
I have other activities and I know you can google that and there’s lots of
activities here you can have in the car for the kids to do make sure you have
drinks and snacks and those types of things available and as well make sure
you have lots of baby wipes and paper towels and those types of things because
if you have younger children such as in the image here they are gonna make a bet
ms:i know two years ago when I went down to the United States of my kids that
came back and it just a litter bin on the backs and the
floor in the backseat so know of that as well number four preparation foods
drinks where pets gonna be in the vehicle because a lot of you are going
to be traveling with pets are they are they traveling in a cage are they just
roaming around the cabin inside the vehicle and those types of things and I
do suggest that you do have them in cage just makes me uh pets more comfortable
when they’re in the vehicle is supposed to have him on your lap and they’re
distracting you and those types of things
okay assign roles who’s going to be doing the driving at what point the
passenger is going to be navigating and saying you know at mile marker 588
you’re gonna be getting off the exit here you’re gonna make a right and
you’re gonna make a left it just makes everything a lot easier to people are
working together children looking for landmarks and looking for mile markers
they just said that’s a really good activity to keep your children engaged
and what’s going on and those types of things as well you know get them
involved in where your brakes are going to be in playgrounds and those types of
things have pillows and blankets in the in the vehicles for people that are
going to get you know the kids and passengers are going to get cold and as
well if you are on prescription medications know the effects that
prescription medications are going to have on your driving tip number five if
you’re on highways and freeways other places know how to learn how to use
cruise control it’s going to reduce distracted driving because now you don’t
have to monitor your speed and it’s not going to creep up on you and you’re not
going to get pulled over by police so do learn how to use cruise control
reduces distracted driving it reduces fatigue and it increases fuel economy in
your vehicle so have a look at this video here and Cory I’ll put that up for
you on cruise control and you can learn how to use that and learn how to drive
your car with cruise control all of it makes it so much easier finally if you
are driving at night on the holidays know that drowsy drivers rest in pieces
and sometimes for those of us particularly men we can our ego can kind
of get in the way and we’re going to we’re gonna drive there in two hours and
14 minutes and 72 seconds and we’re not gonna stop the kids are gonna pee in
bottles and we’re gonna break our record from last year type thing know if you’re
tired and it’s night driving and you’re fatigued
you’ve been at work all day and you’re trying to make it there for Saturday
morning or whatnot you know pull over get some sleep even 20 minutes in a rest
area in the driver seat is going to help you to not be you know to not crash or
fall asleep at the wheel so no that is well eating is going to help you stay
awake as well talking to somebody else while you’re driving at night is also
going to help you to stay awake and there’s a video here on the channel
manatee management Coryell put that up for you and that’ll give you some more
ideas and tips about driving at night and staying safe all right
brakes plan your brakes every couple of hours and there’s a reason that we need
to plan breaks every couple of hours most towns and cities now are two hours
away and that’s as far as we can go without being fatigued and starting to
get irritable and those types of things as well kids and pets are going to need
places to stop places to have a playground and get some exercise and get
the blood flowing those types of things as well if you stop at restaurants
McDonald’s or Burger King other fast-food chains and those types of
things know that restaurant food is gonna it’s gonna be heavy it’s gonna
make you drowsy so know that after you eat it’s probably if you can go for a
walk before you get back in the vehicle and start driving again that’s gonna be
a lot easier for you than just having a restaurant meal jumping back in the
vehicle and then continuing likewise if you just go through the drive-thru at
McDonald’s or something like that you pick up some heavy you know hamburgers
and french fries and those types of things again that’s gonna make you
drowsy so know the effect that food is going to have on you when you’re driving
all right okay there we go comfort and clothing and you know packing the
vehicle because sometimes it is going to be packed to the rafters so you’re gonna
have to be have visibility we’re using your wing mirrors and those types of
things take off bulky clothing after five
minutes in the vehicle the vehicle is going to warm up and it’s going to be
it’s going to be comfortable you’re going to be able to use the creature
comforts in the vehicle so take off bulky clothes don’t wear jacket
where you’re you know just wear your shirt and those types of things have
emergency clothes in the vehicle though if you do get stranded or the vehicle
breaks down or whatnot especially here this time of year in the
mountains it can be fairly cold and those types of things if you need back
supports and whatnot to be able to drive for long distances make sure you have
those in the vehicle as well and any other accessories or any other aids that
you’re going to need make sure you have all of that in the vehicle have
accessibility to CDs have accessibility to medication and sunglasses and
prescription glasses as well if you need all of those things for driving make
sure you have access to all of that stuff as well and the kids to make sure
that they have access to games and activities and whatnot and they can see
out the windows and whatnot I know a lot of people will just get these video
players for their kids and the but I don’t really agree with those a lot I
mean it’s okay once in a while if they’re watching movies but I mean my
kids don’t have those in the vehicle I find they do just fine especially if you
keep them engaged in terms of looking for mile markers and looking for
landmarks and whatnot so and the last tip here number nine I believe it is
emergency stops and breakdowns if you do break down an interstate or highway try
not to pull over on the side of the road unless it is absolutely necessary
especially when you’ve got little kids try and keep them in the vehicle so
they’re not near oncoming traffic and those types of things if you can make it
up to an off-ramp or another place that you can get off the roadway where it’s
safer and you’re not just you know right beside whizzing traffic you’re gonna be
a lot safer I have had vehicles break down and those types of things numerous
times and have been on the side of the roadway and let me tell you it’s really
not a safe place at all and not a place you want to be hanging out make sure
this is another tip here make sure that you have a charging cord in the vehicle
so that your cell phones charge because if you do break down you want to be able
to call somebody for help and assistance call a tow truck
here in Canada you want to call it you want to think about you know joining one
of the automobile associations in the United States it’s going to be the
triple-a the Automobile Association of America
and signing up for their one of their programs they’re inexpensive they’re
usually less than $100 a year and we’ll tell you a couple hundred miles to
the nearest mechanic shop and those types of things I know recently had a
brand new Subaru that broke down I’d only had about 40,000 kilometers on it
these new vehicles won’t run if the battery runs down to a certain voltage
and that’s basically what happened that the batteries were really inexpensive in
these vehicles the battery died and the vehicle died and we had to have it towed
so even though that even newer vehicles are going to sometimes leave you
stranded on the side of the road and if you’re running in the winter time you
want to have a winter survival kit in the vehicle as well so think about all
of those things and have a great trip be safe and be comfortable and you know do
the best you can there to get there without incident so we’ll just head back
over here and we’ll answer any questions that you
have about long trips and passing road tests and those types of things all
right yes and Chris reminds people here that don’t forget about the sugar crash
or crashing caffeine crash – and that’s an excellent point that if you’re trying
to drive at night and you have you’re drinking a lot of caffeine or you’re
eating a lot of chocolate bars you’re taking a lot of sugar you are gonna have
a sugar crash you we’re gonna have a caffeine cash and our caffeine crash and
I’ve had those before so know that as well about what food you’re consuming
what drinks you’re taking in and those types of things all of that is going to
have an effect on you all right I’m gonna try one more time to adjust this
goofy camera here so it’s just it’s really driving me crazy in terms of the
colors and whatnot so and we’ll try that okay 380 is about $90 to the base level
I have platinum for $120 includes four hundred kilometres of tow free maps and
travel agent services so there so that’s an excellent point so there’s a lot of
other benefits to joining these automobile Association’s besides just a
breakdown and getting towed as 380 says there it’s free maps and
travel agent services as well so you can get a lot of other services well from
these associations there’s quite a bit of there’s a benefit for you know $120
that’s that’s a that’s a good deal especially your vehicle does break down
and as I said the brand new 2017 Subaru WRX the battery went on it we had to
have the vehicle towed a couple of hours so had you had to pay for that out of
your pocket it would have been fairly expensive all right
most drivers I know avoid lots of coffee in the morning due to have to pull over
for you know what number yes and there’s something else that I would counsel you
on that’s it that’s an excellent point that Chris made there that if people if
you’re drinking taking a lot of intech you’re gonna have to stop to go to the
toilet all the time and I know that as well so when I was driving coaches for
Greyhound when I was in Australia I knew when I stopped at the rest at the rest
at the break I could only have a half a cup of coffee I knew that so because if
I had more than a half cup of coffee then I wouldn’t be able to make it to
the next break and it was rather embarrassing when you have Pat you know
bus full of passengers and you have to stop go to the toilet so that’s another
thing Chris thank you very much for the $10 for the super chat there that’s
really awesome thank you so much for that that’s incredible
okay okay okay three up aways here okay so we’ll have a look here we’ll just
head back here now that the statute of limitations is up how long have you
generally gone without a stop while you were over the roads stuck in the habit
some family road trips are ordeals from others how long have I gone was over the road
okay you want to know that I love you I’ll be honest with you the longest I
ever win driving over the road one day I drove 15 hours straight in the truck
yeah so it’s pretty crazy I’ve got some pretty I wasn’t the best truck driver in
the world and that was a long time ago and I was young and we were making money
by the hour so and I wouldn’t recommend that to anybody so yeah and that’s
probably why I got off the road because I’m a Type A personality I’m one of
those people that it’s I’m gonna do it and I’m gonna get it done now and
unfortunately it wasn’t the best wasn’t best in the world for me and it wasn’t
safe for other people either so there you go Chris eight years I get two to
three years at most due to plug sidewall damage oh okay
Chris do you run into the curbs a lot with your tires yeah cheap tires yeah
Jonathan when talking about tires that’s one of the things that I would really
advocate for you is don’t cheap out on tires if you’re buying tires for your
vehicle buy some tires that are really good quality tires and you know because
a really good quality Tigers are going to improve your ride and make driving
your vehicle much more comfortable as well it’s less likely you’re gonna have
to go into the shop all the time you’re gonna get a lot a lot better mileage on
your vehicle I have taught high-end michelin’s on mine I really prefer
Michelin’s I’m not giving a plug for Michelin Michelin’s not paying me in
terms of saying this or not I usually get a hundred thousand kilometers out of
a set of tires on good quality tires that’s about sixty thousand miles for
those of you there in the States so that’s one of the things that I would
really recommend this is you buy high quality tires because if you buy cheap
tires I do have inexpensive winter tires that I put on my vehicle and I’m loathe
to put them on because it’s like driving on square blocks it’s it’s such a rough
ride and I just don’t like them they don’t handle well they don’t corner well
I mean yes they’re good in the snow because there’s
studied but they’re not nearly as good as the Michelin tires okay Michael
construction season is right around the corner too we start next week on a busy
freeway I think you’ve been on i-94 yes I have been on most of the interstates
in the u.s. I 94 yes I’ve been on it and yes you’re gonna be dealing with
construction even when I was down two weeks ago into Seattle Construction
season had already started so know that that’s coming as well for those of you
driving around ok all right let’s see what else we got ok blessed my uncle
checked my car and he said I need a new fuel pump did anyone ever purchased car
parts from Amazon it’s cheap and comments have good and bad would you
purchase it from there or not need your input ok
that’s always a tough one I don’t know what other people’s experiences with
purchasing auto parts online I’ve heard good things about people blessed
sometimes it might be just as inexpensive to go to one of the local
auto parts shops there where you live because if you go to the auto parts shop
and it’s not the right one because this does happen and I’ve had this happen
with me where I’ve gone to auto parts shops and they’ve given me the wrong
parts for whatever reason so if you buy a fuel pump off Amazon it’s gonna take
you a while to send it back if it’s not the right one and the other thing is if
you tear the car all apart and you go to put it on it’s not the right one that
can happen as well so that that would be my only note of caution in terms of
purchasing parts online you want to know it is in fact the part that you’re
looking for in the part that you’re going to rebe replace because you don’t
want to get the vehicle apart figure that it’s the wrong part and then you’re
stuck for two weeks without a vehicle whereas if you go to a local parts shop
it’s the wrong part you can just go to back to the parts shop and you can say
hey this is the wrong part for my vehicle and they’ll replace it right
away and you go back and you can carry on with fixing your vehicle that’s my
only note of caution in terms of buying parts online ok that you could
potentially you could be down for a lot longer than what you
unfortunately want to be yep and Chris there as he said it depends on how well
you know your vehicle okay all right there we go Stacy hi there how are ya
excellent thanks for coming in and 380 the brand name tires really pay off
after the second set you have to buy of the other brand yes I had a set of tires
I’m not gonna tell you what kind of brand they were it was partly my own
fault because I didn’t get a wheel alignment and here is one of the key
points about buying new tires if you buy new tires for your vehicle make sure
that you pay for a wheel alignment when you get new tires put on your vehicle
because if the vehicles out of alignment the tires are gonna prematurely wear
even if you do rotate them on a regular basis so spend the hundred dollars and
get a wheel alignment with new tires that way you know that your tires are
going to last and it’s going to be part of your guarantee when you buy new tires
and watch the video with Gary here that there are certain stipulations and
conditions to having the warranty on these new tires because some of these
new tires are guaranteed for 120,000 kilometres for 80,000 miles but you have
to rotate the tires every 10,000 kilometers which is six thousand miles
and you have to have a wheel alignment on your vehicle every thirty thousand
kilometers which is every twenty thousand miles if you don’t do that the
warranty is void as well in terms of the warrant warranty on the tires know that
the warranty is going to be prorated if the tires wear out prematurely say that
you got a hundred twenty thousand kilometer you got for sake of ease let’s
say you got a hundred thousand kilometer warranty which is sixty thousand miles
the tires dump off at fifty thousand kilometers so that’s half of the half of
the life of the tires they’re only going to give you 50% towards new tires
they’re not gonna give you brand new tires they’re only gonna get fifty
percent so no that’s how the warranties work on new tires okay
Umar hello how are you haha excellent we’re glad that you
joined us here while we’re live Stacey I should be getting my band back this week
and get back to learning I’m going to focus on what you told me about one eye
blindness excellent that’s really great Stacey we’re really happy to hear that
you’re gonna be getting your van back and getting going here
81 what advice would you give me I’m going for g2 next month
make sure 81 that you know your slow speed maneuvers if you can do your slow
speed maneuvers do well and you can do those with precision that is going to
improve your overall driving and know that even though the slow speed
maneuvers parallel parking three-point turn two-point reverse turn and reverse
stall parking which are probably going to be the ones that you’re gonna have to
do even though even though those are only about 1/8 of the overall test
they’re gonna give you the most grief and if you’re good at those they’re
going to improve your overall driving so make sure you practice those slow speed
maneuvers for the purposes of doing your g2 test Stacey what old tires that look
new but are actually very old how long is the good life expectancy if they are
only but used okay so you don’t want to get over eight years on a set of tire
Stacey once they start getting around eight years they start running to the
end of their life okay and I have a look at the video with Gary
there and he’ll help you out okay Jaden hey Jaden from Florida
I hate Rick I also forgot to mention when my school refused to take me on the
Universal Studios trip I went to Zoomers instead what what is is Zoomers a
restaurant chain there in Florida I’m not familiar with it okay Cody is it
okay to left foot break after you get your license in an automatic vehicle if
you are comfortable doing so Cody I don’t counsel you to do left foot
breaking it just the it’s not something that I am comfortable with and I know
that some people do it if if you’re okay with it and you’re not gonna get
confused with your two pedals then yeah go ahead and do it but my counsel would
be no learn to you use just your right foot for the break
and fuel and that way you’re not gonna mix the two things up okay
all right so Zoomers is an amusement park is Jaden just told us here okay
Jaden also next Friday when I go back to the DMV I’m going to where my customers
and they say call my name don’t know that the shirt I’m wearing was my name
there you go that’s funny Frederick I have my first long drive from Oh dance
to Berlin with my friend at the end of May and my 2004 hatchback a six and a
half hour drive a bit excited about driving in Berlin in a big city for the
day that’s gonna be very exciting Fredrik Fredrik driving the six and a
half hour drive and driving in Berlin that’s going to be very exciting so make
sure you do those tips also Korey I’ll put the video up here on route planning
and navigation and how to look at that and that way you can route plan your
route through Europe before you head down to Berlin and it’s gonna be less
likely that you’re gonna get lost in Berlin especially if you’ve got a friend
with you who can navigate that’s gonna make it a lot easier because there’s two
of you looking for landmarks and those types of things it’s a bit tougher when
you’re by yourself and you’re trying to navigate as well I mean it’s a lot
easier now that we have GPS and we have our phones and those types of things but
you still excuse-me want to have sort of a sense of where you’re going and what
you’re doing and those types of things don’t just rely solely on your phone okay so jonathan is also an advocate of
the right foot for for throttle and brake and I’m an advocate for that as
well okay especially if you’re gonna drive
manual transmission it’s gonna be a lot easier for you to
move from automatic to driving manual transmission because you’re gonna use
your left foot on the clutch and you’re not going to be able to move your left
foot from the clutch to the brake so it’s gonna make driving that transition
from automatic to manual and I know that some people will say oh I’m never gonna
drive manual because that’s so you know it’s such a Neanderthal thing to do when
did somebody say that one of the smart drivers the other day said that it was
medieval I think was what they said about manual transmissions let me just
fill you in on the world of cars and those types of things
here in North America we have about 80 20 so 80 percent of the vehicles are
automatic transmissions and 15 percent of the vehicles are manual transmissions
however the rest of the world is the opposite if you go to Europe or you go
anywhere else in the world you can be guaranteed that it’s gonna be about 80
85 percent manual transmissions and only about 15 or 20 percent are going to be
automatic transmission so if you travel to other places in the world and you
can’t drive a manual transmission but you want to rent a car you’re going to
be hard pressed because you’re gonna have to learn how to drive a manual
transmission pretty quickly because you’re going to be hard-pressed to find
a vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission in other parts of the world
okay left or right foot on the fly may reduce
your reaction time I’m not sure about that it’s pretty quick and also if
you’re managing space around your vehicle well which you should be in
terms of defensive driving because again I come back to the point that space
management is the fundamentals of defensive driving and if you’re managing
space around your vehicle well you’re not gonna have to react as much and as
well it’s also faster to steer out of an emergency situation than it is to brake
so you’re probably not gonna be able to do that as so much okay
bless it I need to get new tires I was going to mention about what’s a good
brand but you just answered it thank you oh you’re most welcome blessed yeah I’m
partial to MIT to Michelin tires I really like the Michelin Defenders I
have them on my CRV and it just the ride is really nice they’re good quality
tires they wear well get them rotated every 10,000 kilometers every 6,000
miles and they’re just the really nice tires okay Justin what is the suggestion
if we need to take a stop on the highway stopping on the shoulder good option or
should I exit merging on live lanes again from shoulder can be challenging
Thank You Justin definitely definitely do not do not stop on the side of the
road go into a rest area get off at an exit go into a fuel station go into a
restaurant someplace like that if you’re I’m not sure where you are in the world
but if you’re in the US there’s lots of rest areas and those types of things
along the interstates and freeways go in there do not stop on the side of the
road just it’s too dangerous and you could get rear-ended and those types of
things so definitely go into arrest during those types of things and again
Justin this is another part of your navigation and route planning before you
take off know that you’re gonna need a break every couple of hours and you can
plan where you’re gonna stop especially in this day and age of Google Maps I
mean you just look at Google Maps you know it’s about a hundred miles for two
hours of driving especially along the interstates in freeways
just look for a rest area look for a restaurant look for a playground those
types of things you know public schools and whatnot you can stop at all those
areas especially if you’re traveling with kids and whatnot and you can have a
nice break you know you’re away from traffic you’re stopped someplace safe
you’re in a rest area you’re in a playground you’re at a restaurant or
whatnot so no definitely do not stop on the side of the road to have a break
okay 380 note that cellphones may lose signals and make navigation and reliable
satellite GPS navigation does not outside of typhoons yes and that is an
excellent point about cellphones and navigation devices especially here in
the mountains if you are in the Appalachian Mountains or you’re here in
the Rocky Mountains on the west coast or you’re traveling into another country as
I found out two years ago when I went into the states that you’re gonna pay
roaming charges and if you’re using data to run your GPS or run your phone for
navigation it is gonna cost you a lot of money I think my cell phone bill was
like $200 that month just for running the navigation route planning so know
that if you’re traveling into either the u.s. from Canada or you traveling into
Canada from the US that your cell phone charges are going to go through the roof
so you will want to go back to the old-school route planning and navigation
with maps and whatnot to find your way to your destination and again this comes
back to some of the benefits of the Triple A or the CAA that they will help
you with that route planning and navigation and you won’t have to pay
those exceptional charges and risk losing
satellite connection or losing your cell phone connection excellent Boston is it
okay to keep your foot on the clutch bite point area while doing slow speed
maneuvers or will that burn out the clutch no Boston you can definitely
feather the clutch through the friction point there while you’re doing slow
speed maneuvers and you’re reversing in those types things you’re not going to
burn out the clutch doing slow speed maneuvers and those safe things and you
definitely have to do that you’re definitely gonna have to feather the
clutch to control the speed to go slow enough to back up in those types things
yeah excellent question there Boston Cody where’d you go Cody Cody Cody thank
you Rick and Jonathan for your feedback but I believe left braking is much safer
because you’re always covering the brake I am quite comfortable with it it is
important to learn right foot 2 Cody I I have to say that I don’t agree with that
and I just don’t agree with it so I don’t believe it’s safer okay
Frederick there you go okay 380 standard transmissions are the best these
newfangled automatics just to argue with you and hi joy the Neanderthal comment
I’m only in my 20s excellent yeah I don’t think automatic transmissions have
made their way into the commercial industry just yet
Luther Oh what are the main things you’re tested on when taking the driving
test thank you okay excellent points so there’s four components of any road test
anywhere in the world regardless of what class of license you’re going for okay
observation communication speed management and space management so speed
management posted speed limit or the flow of traffic whichever is less okay
space management don’t get near anything that way you’re less likely to crash or
hit something and for the purpose of the road test it’s two to three second
following distance under ideal conditions so if your road conditions
deteriorate for whatever reason whether that’s whether high density pedestrian
traffic you know the roadway narrows or whatnot
you can go slower stop in traffic so you can see the tires of the vehicle in
front of you make a clear contact with the pavement at intersection stop before
the stop line the sidewalk or crosswalk line and if those two conditions don’t
exist then stop where the two roads meet for the purposes of a road test don’t
block intersections for space management observation you need to observe you need
to have a scan powder in place they’re looking far down
the road in the vehicle check your instrument panel far down the road check
your weight your inside mirror far down the road both shoulders of the
road in check your wing mirrors and then repeat that scanning pattern for the
purposes of your road test any time that you make a turn any time that you move
the vehicle sideways or you make a lane change to shoulder checks to 90 degrees
to the left or right depending on which way you’re moving the vehicle and as
well before you do a reverse you have to do a 360 degree scan looking out the
back window the whole time that you’re reversing for slow speed maneuvers and
whatnot so that’s observation and that’s what you need to do for the purposes of
passing a road test and then the last one is communication you need to
communicate effectively with other road users to pass the road test and there’s
five ways that we communicate our intentions to other road users on the
roadway first one is our lights and signals our horn hand gestures make sure
that you use all five fingers when you’re communicating with other drivers
don’t tell them everyone on a road test won’t be successful all right eye
contact if you have a pedestrian you’re not sure what he or she is doing or a
cyclist or somebody on a motorcycle make sure you get eye contact and then each
of you knows what the other person is doing and then finally the position of
your vehicle on the roadway is going to indicate your intention if a vehicle is
in the left-hand Lane left-hand turning lane rather it’s probably a good it’s
probably 90% sure that that vehicle or that driver is going to be turning left
okay so know that so again the four components of any road test any class of
license anywhere in the world speed management space management observation
and communication those are the four fundamental components of any road test
regardless of class of license regards who are you taking it in the world
alright okay Chris did you ever notice the media blast dui/dwi will be strictly
enforced on say Easter and other holidays I agree and yes they do
blitz during the holidays for long weekends and those types of things so
know that and that that goes hand in with drink-driving and for those of you
who are driving at night professionally and those types things know that between
midnight and 2:00 a.m. that you could potentially encounter drunk drivers
because this is the time that the bars let out or they’ve been drinking at a
friend’s party and those types of things and unfortunately they’re gonna get in
their vehicle and they’re gonna drive know that it’s not a matter of if it’s
going to happen or it’s not a matter of if it’s gonna happen it is going to
happen it’s just a matter of when so if you have any suspicions about a vehicle
that you’re following on the highway or can see or and it’s kind of weaving and
those types of things increase your following distance and just stay away
from that vehicle okay Cody I like if you liked the video guys make sure you
hit the like button and support the channel and we really appreciate that
Cody thank you so much Justin hi Rick come from Terry I usually take the 401
between Kitchener and Toronto yes and excellent so and there is a rest area
there’s a couple of rest areas they’re actually Justin on the way in the other
place Justin I traveled that road a lot and go out when I was living in Ontario
there the other place you can stop is in Milton there’s a good rest area there in
Milton I don’t know whether the fifth wheel is the fifth wheel truck stop is
still there or not but there’s also some restaurants and whatnot
and most of the exit Justin you can just get off the 401 and go into a restaurant
and whatnot but I know that between Kitchener and Toronto I think there’s
two maybe three rest areas so there are places that you can get off there all
right okay so down here epic watching from Mead for New York and for
long-distance driving try to bring in a tire pump and battery jump-started just
in case when it’s needed in an emergency situation with a kit with flares help –
they don’t advocate flares anymore epic in terms of a survival kit they have
triangles or other reflective clothing safety vests and whatnot the reason they
don’t advocate flares is because it doesn’t mix well with flammable fluids
you know gasoline and diesel fuel and those types of things so they don’t
advocate those anymore but a tire pump is definitely one thing that you can use
definitely battery cables is really good because I mean I know that most of the
motive most of the vehicles in this day and age if you accidentally leave the
lights on they beep and buzz and those tapes things or the lights are automatic
that they’ll just turn off by themselves but every now and again you do leave the
lights on I know on my vehicle I do and I have to give it a boost so you might
want to think about having a set of jumper cables in your vehicle just as
part of your survival kit okay Frederic here in Europe the EU
Commission has decided last year that phone companies within EU countries must
not charge more for data and roaming as an EU status as long as you travel
within to you that is excellent information Thank You Fredrik in terms
of roaming charges for cell phones there in Europe so that you’re not going to
get charged when you move from country to country because it’s a lot easier to
move from country to country in Europe as opposed to here in Canada in the US
so that’s really good information that the government has actually regulated
the cell phone companies there in Europe and you’re not charged incredible
amounts of money for navigation when you’re using your phone and whatnot
ok 380 is if there is an obviously intoxicated driver if save contact
Highway Patrol and provincial yes and that’s the other thing that you can do
if you’re pretty sure that the person is intoxicated or driving erratically for
whatever reason yes contact police and report them if
you can do that safely without you know having just you know don’t use your
phone while you’re driving is what I’m trying to say Stacey if so what do you
recommend for anxiety reduction Stacey what I would recommend is have a look at
the video on reducing fear and anxiety and learning how to drive and as well
make sure that you expose yourself to driving in kind of increments so in
small steps so you have learning objectives so you know do your slow
speed maneuvers drive in areas where you have low traffic density there isn’t a
lot of traffic and whatnot and that way you’re going to be more comfortable with
the vehicle make sure you work in the parking lot Korey put the video up here
I think on learn to drive and that gives you some exercises to do in the parking
lot with cones and those types of things and definitely definitely do not go out
into heavy traffic on your first 2 or 3 goes at it make
sure that you’re very comfortable with working the primary controls of the
vehicle the steering wheel the throttle and the brake before you get out into
heavy density traffic and those types things don’t do that okay
get used to the vehicle get used to driving the vehicle on roads where there
isn’t much traffic get used to doing your slow speed maneuvers and those
types things and all of that will make the transition into traffic a lot easier
all right 380 personal opinion flares are still by
far the most effective of course don’t pull them downhill of your fuel spill
but there’s nothing like them yet yes no they are quite good I would argue that
they’re I would agree with you 380 that they’re a lot better than triangles for
sure I think the last time when I was driving down to Victoria somebody was
out on the side of the road they didn’t even have triangles and I was like oh my
god that’s very unsafe okay Jaden I went to my mom’s friend’s house I saw the do
not put sign in the middle of the left turn lane I mean seriously who does they
yes some people do some things that are questionable Jaden for sure okay 380
pushing brands for a moment Dewalt makes a great air compressor a battery jumper
cat makes a great jump just jump pack yes and some of these jump packs are
really good I’m duly impressed with these and I’m going to do an interview
with one of the tow truck drivers here he was a former student of mine and they
have a jump pack and I believe it might be a cat jump pack and they’re really
exceptionally their exceptional they’re really good just keep the thing plugged
in it’s charged up you take it out of your car and hook it up and boom where
you go so yes there you go so a couple of things that you can
consider if you want to have an emergency kit in your vehicle and just
on that note for a moment of these air compressors the other thing about
putting quality tires on your vehicle is you have much less chance of getting
punctures and getting tire damage and having vehicles lose having air
having tires losing air pressure and those types of things I just find that
with good quality tires all of that is almost redundant it’s just something
that you don’t have to deal with now now that I’ve said all that of course I’m
gonna go down here in a couple of weeks and I’m gonna get a puncture in my tire
now if we had it fixed but good quality tires do reduce the chances of you
having to keep air in your tires have to deal with punctures and those types of
things whereas cheaper quality tires they’re just not going to be resistant
to screws and nails and other sharp objects on the roadways and whatnot so
you know it’s it’s cut with tires it comes back to that saying again you know
pay now or pay later because if you buy cheap tires and you’re going down the
road and those types of things and you hit a nail on the screw now you got a
flat tire now you either got to change the tire or you got to wait for triple-a
or see a show up to change the Tiger for you so you’ve wasted all that time
you’ve got to take the tire to the shop you got to get the puncture repaired you
got to put it back on your vehicle blah blah blah yadda yadda yeah it’s just one
of these things that’ll drive you mad whereas if you put good quality tires on
your vehicle it’s less likely that you’re gonna have to deal with all of
that tire changing and whatnot okay Natalie uh Italia rather I have my
driver’s test on the 30th I’m nervous any advice
yes Natalia definitely breathe look at the video on reducing fear and anxiety
and you’re gonna be fine definitely watch the playlist on final days road
tests but you’ve got a couple of weeks yet before your road test so make sure
that you’re doing your slow speed maneuvers and practicing those because
if your slow speed maneuvers they’re at a high level and you’re feeling
comfortable doing that that’s going to improve your overall driving so you’re
going to be fine okay okay 380 thanks so much thanks for your
comments and have a great day as well my friend okay Stacy thank you for the
advice in the video recommendation recommendations I will certainly follow
up on them excellent yep excellent thanks Jonathan
Sal ah do you have trailer backup videos I don’t Salah this is definitely on my
list of one of the video that I need to get done here for you but
yeah we’ll definitely get that done for you don’t have that video up yet alright
okay excellent Cody thank you for your respectful
manner Rick you’re a very good teacher it will take advice from an experienced
driver and right foot brake from now on excellent thanks so much Cody we
appreciate that and Tommy to add to Rick’s comment anxiety reduction I find
it helpful to research my routes especially if it’s new to me a route
that I’ve never driven before yes and Tommy I can tell you that from personal
experience some years ago when I first moved to Ottawa yeah I realized that
route planning and navigation if you know beforehand where you’re gonna go
that is really gonna reduce your anxiety and your tension when you’re driving
because if you’re driving to a new place that you haven’t been before it can
really ramp up your anxiety and tension when you’re driving so that’s an
excellent excellent point okay Jayden do you have any advice for me if
I pass my permit test from the DMV yes learn how to drive doing slow speed
maneuvers get the cones get those 36 inch one meter tall pylons go to the
parking lot and work at the pylon at the parking lot learning mastery of the
primary controls the steering wheel the brake and the throttle once you get
mastery of those the rest of your driving is gonna be a lot easier
from that point on okay Cody I really enjoy your content and livestreams
thanks for helping smart drivers around the world and Cody you are most welcome
and just we’re getting near the end of the hour here wrapping up I’d like to
thank all the smart drivers it was last Thursday at about 10:30 in the morning
that we passed the 100,000 subscribers which is really incredible it’s beyond
any kind of wildest belief that I’ve had in terms of the channel because I could
remember a couple of years ago actually it was about three years ago when I
first started the channel the first six months when it was kind of you know
putting videos up and it was crickets saying to a friend of mine uh you know
we were talking on skype and I remember saying to him eclairs day it was just
before the hand signal video that I put up saying to him that nobody’s ever
gonna watch this and boy was I wrong I was really really wrong and now we’ve
turned over a hundred thousand subscribers thank you for all the smart
drivers for making that possible making that goal a real reality and now the
next goal is to just keep making good content and trying to get more
information out to the smart drivers and helping people to be safe and passing
road tests and doing you know just making our roads better and making our
roads safer so thank you again for 100,000 K and that’s absolutely
tremendous so any more questions we’re just I think we’re getting near the end
of the hour here so we’re gonna wrap up here and we’ll leave it there for
tonight if you have any more questions definitely leave us a comment down in
the comment section for those of you watching on the replay let us know where
you’re tuning in from let us know what class of license you’re going for let us
know as well what road trips are going for if you’re going for any on during
Easter where in the world you are and that’s wonderful thanks so much Jonathan
for the congratulations on 100k they’re tremendous and we’re looking forward to
the plaque in the mail from YouTube that’s gonna be really great it’ll go on
the wall here behind me as well so good luck to all of the people who have a
road test coming up congratulations to all of the people who passed in the last
couple of weeks that’s really great when you pass your license it’s very exciting
so please let us know and sign up for the 100k campaign and we’ll help out as
many people as we can so remember pick the best answer not
necessarily the right answer have a great night all the best
I know


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