How to fill up UK visa form

First, we double-click on google chrome browser Write the URL click on Register an Account Enter your first name Enter your surname Select your date of birth Select your gender Select the country of nationality Select language in which you want help Enter your email address Enter your above same email address to confirm Enter your primary contact number Enter your complete address Select your country Enter your password Again enter your same password to confirm Put tick on agree to terms and conditions, and click on register button Now, open your registered e-mail id and click on verification link you receive Click on Log In button Enter your email id and password and click on Log In button Choose and click on correct apply link Click on continue button Enter the first name Enter surname Enter e-mail address Enter primary contact number Enter passport number Select date of birth Select gender Select the date of intended travel Select location and country of nationality Select Visa Issuing Office Select reason fo visit Select Visa Type Select Visa Sub type Answer the question in yes or no related to visa confirmation, and then click on create an application button Click on go to application button Enter the place of birth Click no, if you don’t have any other nationality Enter the place of issue of passport Enter the issuing authority Enter the date of issue and expiry of passport Select the current location click yes, if you are a national of country and if its your first passport Click no, if you are travelling alone For how many days you intend to stay in UK? Enter the main address and contact details of a person or hotel in UK includig the postal code Click on next section button Enter the permanent residential address including the country name and then the primary contact number From how long you lived here? Click yes, if your preferred contact details are same as above Answer some of the basic questions relatedto your travel and criminal history Enter the language you can be interviewed Click on next section button Select your marital status Select your father’s nationality Enter your father’s surname Enter your father’s first name Select your father’s date of birth Enter your father’s place of birth Select the nationality of your mother Enter your mother’s surname Enter your mother’s first name Select your mother’s date of birth Enter your mother’s place of birth Click no, if you don’t have any dependent childen Click no, if no children is travelling with you Click on next section button Click no, if you never worked for any organisation Select your current working status Enter the name of institute you are studying at Enter the name of course you are studying Click no, if you don’t have any savings or income Read carefully and enter the amount in GBP related to your income and expenditure Click no, if you are paying yourself Click on next section button Enter details you plan to do in UK Click no, if you have no family or friends in UK Click on next section button Click no, if you never received medical treatment in UK Click on next section button Enter NO, if no other additional information is left Click on conirm application button Click on Submit an application button and then pay the required fees amount


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